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NoliansStorms chapter 7 . 9/12/2006


I can't truly describe the feeling going through me when I realized just who was hitting the facility. Every chapter...EVERY CHAPTER! I can't stop reading, it pulls me in so completely.

I am really enjoying the FEAR touch. The bloody hallway sparked quite a few intense memories.

I don't know what more to say. I have read real book authors who don't excite me and fil me with such anxious behavior to get to that next sentence while reading that you do.

I await the next chapter...anxiously.
Tain Shari chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
Fantastic action! Heh, I had a feeling it was SeeD he was calling in when Shiro picked up his phone. Your characterization was spot on. . I could tell who was leading each team just by their choice of words. (I particularly like: "... ready to blow crap up!" Hehe, you just gotta love that girl.)

Looking forward to some answers next chapter!
Queen000 chapter 7 . 9/11/2006

Holy shit, was that ever an action packed chapter. The instant Shiro met with the people I thought of SeeD, and when the team leader said 'whatever' i knew exactly who it was that had joined the assault! Man was that a great way to include the rest of the gang or what?

I honestly don't know what else to say, other than that fucking child needs to be exposed - I'm sorta thinking Silent Hill, what with the creepy child (I watched the movie lately - not too sure how different it is from the game since I've never played it).

Update this and Full Spectrum SeeD very soon!

ciao *waves*

Chris Ganale chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
Haha, now THAT was some awesome shit, sending in SeeD to bust down the doors and save the day. At first I thought it was some special branch of the Dragons, but then right about the time they were breaching and entering I realized that with all the GTA and FEAR shit goin' on, people would tend to forget that it was Final Fantasy, and I went "Ding! SeeD!"

And I don't know why, but the ghost chick showing up on Seifer's motorcycle and smackin' him around made me think of Nephilim from Xenosaga 1. Rofl.
Frytas-90 chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
So The Lion had made hos first appearance. Is he going to be civil to our favorite villain? Or even befriend him. Or he's going to hate Seifers guts?
Daniel Wesley Rydell chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
Only a few chapters left? I didn't even know you wrote small fanfiction. Anyway. This chapter was top notch, though I must say the girl is freaking me out, and semi reminding me of Nephilim from Xenosaga.
Iron Reaver chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
This was definitely an action-filled chapter, and what I noticed more than a few times were some cross-game quotes. I especially like the Ghost from Starcraft line Seifer used, the bringing down the thunder and reaping the whirlwind. Also, I think I noticed...something familiar with bones. If I had to compare him to any character, I'd have to say it would be Albedo of Xenosaga. Does this mean he's going to start calling Seifer Rubedo?
CaptainSkittlez chapter 7 . 9/11/2006
SeeD. Hired by an Estharian mob-boss. To save an ex-cadet turned Knight turned mobster. Can you say, 'irony'? No less, Squall to save him. Wow, that's something to rub in his face for eternity. I have to admit that I was really surprised when Shiro made that phone-call, cause I kinda thought that he would be hiring someone, but when they all walked into his bar it just cinched it for me.

'Sixteen of them, all well-armed. Excellent. Knowing their reputation, sixteen was overkill.'

I'm pretty amazed that SeeD accepted the job, but I supose as a team of mercanaries in a world of relative peace that you'll do anything for money. I'm getting pretty drawn in by this strong sense of kinda fantasy thing; Bones' lack of dying, the motorbike inncident; they're probably related in my opinion. Though now every time I think of Bones I see Deacon Frost from the first Blade movie.

Oh well, it's drawing to a close and I'm just as hooked as I was with Chimera.
CaptainSkittlez chapter 6 . 8/27/2006
Wow. That's pretty cool. I love the fact that Seifer has Hyperion back. He isn't Seifer without it. And now he's considering this job for the Hachikyuusan. I don't like Bones; he seems really evil. Sadistic and cruel, kinda like Simmons from Chimera. The kinda guy everyone hates.

I'm also really enjoying Seifer's view on stuff. It kinda remins me of Huniguns view in Sin City, the tired, angry guy that's not out of it yet. He's starting to remind me what makes Seifer the most freakin' bad-ass rival in the FF series. Oh well, this is only chapter 6. Can't wait to see all that's gonna come.

Regards, Tamarani.
Viewtiful-E chapter 6 . 8/25/2006
This was a good one, I couldn't help but grin the second you described the case holding Hyperion, I was till that point seriously wondering if Seifer’s better half was going to make a return. The fight in the bar was cool, don't know what it was from but I thought it was good one. I find it kind of funny how I think of Seifer with a gunblade as far more threatening then with any type of gun.

Though... the only thing that kept this chapter at only four out of five stars... would be the far too quick defeat of Raijin. It probably makes more sense that he was taken out so quickly and I'm sure you have your reasons but... kinda bummed me out.
NoliansStorms chapter 6 . 8/22/2006
I sense a F.E.A.R. element in this...You will be a god among men.

Matrix Reloaded, easy enough ).

Your talent at telling descriptive and enthralling action stories continues to delight me and my friends. You don't know what you started with the gunblade saga. Those of the people I linked that story to who had not played FFVI, loved the story, and have become more obsessed with the game than anyone else I know.

Ronin is no different...I await each chapter notification with extreme interest.
Kolostramin Indincranin chapter 6 . 8/22/2006
First Squall and Rinoa in Chimera, and now Seifer and Fujin here. This is the second time for this plot line...but it doesn't get any less enticing for the bad guys. Bastards.

I predict Bad Things ahead for Seifer, though I have no idea as to what they might be.

But of course this whole story is about Bad Things. Duh.

It seems you've handed out another clue. Either that puling, whining infant was Seifer, or one of a group of people like that...gho-wait. The ghost is the remains of that Sorceress.

That's about all I can think of. You build mysteries as well as you do Salvatore fight sequences. I've noted you genre shifting like that. But then, action, blood, and drama does get a little boring without the occasional mystery. Awaiting the next chapter.

Queen000 chapter 6 . 8/21/2006
I believe the fight scene might have been inspired by the first Matrix movie - where Neo and Morpheus fight in a dojo - but I could be wrong; after all, i think they fought hand-to-hand in that one, whereas here they fought with a sword and gunblade.

And I see that you are one of the many people who watch Bleach. Unfortunately, i haven't actually started watching it, but I'm told it's really quite funny.

The chapter itself was great, though I have to say good luck to the stupid people who wanna hold Fujin hostage - she can kick ass, even if she is sick. they're also gonna have the whole mofia on their asses, curtesy of Fujin's father, and with Seifer and Raijin amongst the angry people wanting to gut them for the kidnapping, it's gonna be one ugly blood fest.

Of course I wanna front row tickets.

As for the spooky girl, I take it that the italics segment before the chapter begins is about her. So she's a Sorceress huh? Let me guess - she's FIRE Sorceress. lol

Forgive me - I am a hard-core Yu-Gi-Oh fan.

At any rate, update soon - I wanna see Johnson's skin boiled!


P.O.KILLER chapter 6 . 8/21/2006
. . .cool. . . chapter. Man, you make want to put in my matrix reloaded dvd and watch it all over again. Newayz, this chapter had some more than interesting plot devoplments. And the action was sururb as well, it was so intertaining to read, I hope that the next chapter comes out soon.

plz update soon.
JadeAlmasy chapter 6 . 8/21/2006
Awesome chapter! I love Bones! he's awesome! Love the begining of this chapter with that dream thingy, then when Sei was fighting Shiro looks like for a sec that it was Squall and Seifer fighting. Cant wait till next chapter to see what Sei and Shiro do about Bones!

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