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FadedPhantom chapter 47 . 9/25/2014
Fantastic story, I loved it! The Sora/Kairi fluff made me so happy hahaha and all your OCs were awesome! Thank you for writing this, I enjoyed the ride :)
TiffyJiffy chapter 18 . 8/11/2014
The funny thing is "I carry your heart" actually DID become a song. And it's beautiful. Good song for a good chapter from a great story.
waiting-for-you443 chapter 1 . 12/28/2013
This is one of those stories that I read, really like, then forget to favorite. Therefore, weeks to a month later I'll want to re-read it, but I can't find it. So I just scoured this website for an hour looking for this story. That's how much I enjoyed it the first time. :)
passerby XD chapter 8 . 9/25/2013
Dammit... You're Riku is too freaking accurate, it brings tears to my eyes
(fangirl mode)
PS. You're sky-high awesome!
WritersProse chapter 4 . 9/3/2013
While reading this up to Chapter Eight on my cellphone, for some reason my reviews hadn't managed to go through. It kept on giving me an error message, so I'm going to try and recollect my thoughts in the best manner that I could.

I was very happy that in this chapter you had introduced a bit of plot-junction into the proceedings. While I'm not the biggest fan of Xaldin and thought he was a 'strange choice' to be the one who reintroduces Sora to the whole Organization business, it did take me by surprise and made me ponder just what was going to happen next.

... I wish I could recollect what I was going to say, because my initial reviews were much more thought-provoking. But whatev.
WritersProse chapter 3 . 9/2/2013
The conversation between Sora and her mom had a lot of heart to it and I liked that scene a lot. I liked how you played it off as though she were going to be 'upset', but she was actually just super thrilled that the two of them were finally together. That was so cute!

I'm wondering if the whole thing about Sora feeling insecure when Kairi is around other guys is coming to come into play later. I know this guy was a jerk, but would he feel weird about another guy he 'didn't know' who didn't have schemes on her? I think that would be an interesting angle to explore. Guys can get really insecure when it comes to that kind of stuff, especially at that age.

Lots of teen drama going on. I look forward to a little bit of plot development, as your author's note had hinted. Suppose I'll have to rush into Chapter Four to find out.

Oh! I need to find at least a couple of things to 'critique' at the end of each chapter as well. Otherwise, this is just going to turn into an overwhelming wall of praise... I'll ummm... come up with some stuff next chapter. xD
WritersProse chapter 2 . 9/2/2013
There isn't too much I can say in this chapter that hasn't been said previously. Not a whole lot of new information, but what has been introduced is adorable and very moving. I loved the little levitating trick that you did with Sora. It reminded me of that very special moment where he said "I flew, just wait until I tell Kairi!" I don't remember if he ever did or not...

I keep on forgetting that Kairi is one of the princess's of heart. Strange. Maybe it is because her role has been drastically downplayed in the later games, or at least I think so. I don't even remember her being mentioned much in Dream Drop Distance.

I'm hoping that Chapter 3 will be a little bit meatier. I'll be getting to that right now!
WritersProse chapter 1 . 9/2/2013
So far this story is very well-written for a fan-fiction. There is a depth to the characters that isn't typically something associated with this sort of writing. It feels like you're not only taking the characters from the game and writing them very 'truthfully', but you are also adding extra layers and wrinkles to them as well.

I'm glad that Sora and Kairi are getting a lot of focus. There aren't a lot of authors who even give them the time of day (SoraxRiku is incredibly popular), so it's great to see someone actually explore their relationship in a way that makes sense. The kiss at the end was extremely adorable, and I can't wait to see what happens next.

I hope Kairi joins them on whatever adventure is ahead and proves herself more than worthy to be a part of the team. I can always hope. :)

You did a great thing reintroducing Sora's mother, though I would have liked a little more time dedicated to her. Maybe we will get that in future chapters, but it was nice that there was some acknowledgement to her. After all, they had been separated for so long. What would a mother do when their (presumed) only child goes missing for so long.

That could be a whole fan-fiction in and of itself.

Anyways, great use of the characters and setting. Looking forward to reading the remaining chapters.
Guest chapter 47 . 8/9/2013
I love this story! The plot is amazing, the characters you made up are great and I couldn't stop reading. You should write more kingdom hearts fanfictions! Well done! :)
Sookdeo chapter 37 . 6/7/2013
Prince Chikee. That's his name
Sookdeo chapter 35 . 6/7/2013
I've been reading this story for the passed two weeks. I'm really into it. At first I thought it was jus another Sora and Kairi love story that would be quick and mushy. But this handle more depth than I bargained for. I like it! I hope this story isn't discountined, or you've stopped writing for it. I hope there is an ending to this and I won't be left hanging on what happens.
Ilessthan3KH chapter 2 . 5/22/2013
dawww! so cute and well written! :D
Redog10 chapter 47 . 4/10/2013
Again the only thing that really bothered me about your fic was the level of innocence that was portrayed, other than that it was well written and the plot was pretty good, personally I would have preferred that there was no sequel and instead you gave closure, but I digress beggers cant be choosers, anyways not sure if I am going to read the sequel but anyways good job for the most part.
Redog10 chapter 27 . 4/9/2013
Chances are im going to review your story twice once now and once when im either done or can no longer stand your story. Look the level of innocence in your story is killing me because nothing in life or the game is a cut and dry innocent as your story. Even the game makes subtle references that kids wont get but older people will... but I digress because chances are I will finish reading this because its just interesting enough to keep my attention and its reasonably well written.
Lunar'sWolf chapter 5 . 3/22/2013
Ah! I always wondered if destroying that moon heart would release their hearts back to them! Love the story, congrats on so much feedback! I shall now read on!
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