Reviews for Black Eyes
Talia119 chapter 10 . 3/31/2012
I had forgotten how much I liked this story! I just read it again and it is really wonderful. I love your humor. Pink dress and green veil! I shudder!
shine lots chapter 8 . 3/11/2012
I know how Lothiriel feels when she says: "In her opinion his tendency to regard the personal affairs of his family as an ongoing source of amusement was one of his less endearing qualities." Wow, you make me identify with your characters, and you really do capture realistic feelings! True talent! Love it!
shine lots chapter 7 . 3/11/2012
I really like how interested you keep us. After all, this quoted idea ("Next her father would appeal to Éomer's chivalry, the latter would offer to restore her honour by making her his wife and everybody would be satisfied") should be old news to us, as I have expected this to be Imrahil's line of attack since chapter three, yet you still intrigue me with the idea. That's talent!

Oh, and I love Lothiriel's rejoinder.

"I suppose the proper thing for me to have done was to drown," she muttered rebelliously. hahaha. Lol!
shine lots chapter 5 . 3/11/2012
Something I didn't notice before, and which I think is cool, is that many of the quotes seem to be from the last two generations of Gondor's captains - Ecthelion, Throngil etc. I think it shows the close knit upper classes of Gondorian society and also shows the state of the printing press in Gondor at this time. How cool!

And then Eomer coins a particular phrase and says it's by Eomer Eomundsson. Lol!
shine lots chapter 4 . 3/11/2012
I like how you make Eomer and Lothiriel cease hostilities through compulsion to behave politely. I just really, really like that idea. So much. 3 it!

And then, once they've started talking, they begin to interest each other. And the relationship grows form there. Aww. how great!
shine lots chapter 3 . 3/11/2012
I love how you have a great vocabulary and use elaborate words. You choose appropriate words which make your points clear and interesting to read. 3 it!
shine lots chapter 1 . 3/11/2012
This is amazing and hilarious. I like how you characterise Imrahil through his dialogue. He seems astute, and his intentions at all points are consistent with his words. You do this for all main characters really - Lothiriel, Amrothos, Eomer. I like it!
Duchess of Blueberries chapter 10 . 2/9/2012
This story was freaking fantastic! I love your stories! :D
Glory Bee chapter 10 . 10/31/2011
Gosh Lia I cannot believe I did not review this when I read it the first time. Sorry about that. I loved this just as much as I did the first time. Your dialogue is always brilliant and I smiled often throughout their journey to falling in love. :)
Aria Deloncray chapter 10 . 9/21/2011
I first read this years ago and it's still easily my favorite E/L fic. A beautiful and funny love story.
littlemsstrawberry chapter 10 . 9/15/2011
LOVE IT! gosh i read two of your stories in one day
shine lots chapter 2 . 8/3/2011
"That is … I like to pet her," she explained, "She's rather big."

"Pet her!" It looked like she had recovered all her lost ground in one fell swoop.

Hahahaha. OMG. So hilarious!

And your English is amazing! As it is not your native, I find such turn of phrase worth admiring: "she added in an aside to him". How well you speak english.
Kiiimberly chapter 9 . 4/10/2011
Awww :)
Kiiimberly chapter 8 . 4/10/2011
FINALLY. FF stopped being stupid again. I just wanted to say that I'm enjoying this story A LOT. It's hilarious and I love her battle strategies. I love how well you depict Lothiriel in every story, her different personalities just seem perfect :)
Grencle chapter 1 . 1/18/2011
I've read most of your stories and I must say I really love them all! Your plot's always original and the characters you portray completely believable and well... real:-) thanks a lot for this fantastic story it made me laugh and simply made my day a lot better.
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