Reviews for Taking Control
Ducky1776 chapter 28 . 7/7
What a great fic! I look forward to more of your works.
ASKreader chapter 28 . 7/6
One of the more interesting ideas in HP fan fiction. With a primary focus developing Harry, in an extraordinary imagining of his potential as a person and as a wizard, the author gets us well over halfway into a wonderful story.

After investing over half a million words into the project, the author seems to have lost interest. Just 6 chapters into the sequel, the updates ceased.

A check of Matt's profile shows a new website hosting the story, but there are the same number of chapters (six) as here on . He says the story will not be abandoned, but it's been over 3 years since the last chapter update. Best wishes for Matt and the completion of his story.
Guest chapter 3 . 6/29
That was one of the most hilarious conversations between Harry and Remus I have ever read!
DrangySmallfoot chapter 2 . 6/26
I'm glad I found this fic (in a Community for exellently done HP-fics by the way - and it is truely worthy of that title). I like fics where Harry has powers and is more indipendent - but they are always rushed and without convincing behaviour. This story on the opposite does both amazingly (although I have only read the first 2 chapters as of now). People are in character (with the obvious changes to Harry's character of course). I also liked the way how Harry came to changing his mind - it was a convincing point in life to do so and with a convincing line of thinking.
Saissa chapter 28 . 6/26
Great story! Bit of an abrupt ending - but I guess that is what sequels are for!

Loved the Ron and Hermione bashing. Am so glad to see Ron finally growing up - but Hermione is clearly a lost cause. She can never let go of her obsession with authority!

As for McGonaghall. She too betrayed Harry. Noone seems to know what it really means to keep secrets these days - except for Remus Ginny of course!

And lastly - Dumbles himself is rapidly becoming a dark lord while he uses spells to keep harry - his weapon - untrained and pliable - the perfect victim! I also note that the word HORCRUX was never mentioned. Dumbles is still keeping those a secret!
munin295 chapter 28 . 6/14

A well-written story concentrating on Harry's relationships without forgetting the upcoming war. Harry gets some help after OotP which effectively makes him a Smart!Harry: learning techniques most adults can't do, beating Hermione at learning things in class, etc. Harry gets into a few fights with Death Eaters, but the vast majority of the story is Harry (and at times others), thinking through how he feels about other people and what they think of their actions.

There is some Ron/Hermione/Dumbledore bashing, but this Harry argues about their behavior rather than throwing tantrums. The fact that Ron actually seems to have started listening to Harry's objections by the end of the story presents the possibility that Hermione might come around in the seventh year story. Dumbledore doesn't get enough resistance to his plans though (Harry plays along with him as the smart path to reach his goals) so not sure if he'll come around.

This is a brand new story rather than an alternate HBP - Draco isn't trying to fix a cabinet, nobody is trying to figure out who the HBP is, etc. The Ministry and the politics of Magical Britain play effectively zero part in this story. It's just training, fighting, and relationships.

I have only two criticisms: (1) The story, especially the relationship discussions, could probably have been edited down. The story is twice the length of OotP in word count and could have been tightened up overall to improve the pacing. (2) For those who prefer only to read complete stories, note that "Taking Control" only covers Harry's sixth year and ends on a bit of a cliffhanger plot-wise, while the continuation ("Free Life") has at this time been effectively abandoned after six chapters (the author might get back to it but hasn't posted anything on it in years).
TheOtakuFangirl chapter 3 . 5/21
THANK YOU SO MUCH! its not often a fanfic has such long chapters, its much more satisfying.
CHRIS K. E chapter 19 . 5/11
Whoa fake a smile awesome fic can't stop reading. Well I have to say that ur fic is one of the best I read. I'll tell u my opinion frankly that the reason ur fic is not being appreciated by people is that you have typed chapters damn long. If u had typed it in at least 50 chapters ure fic would be reaching the skies. Well anyway I haven't completed the fic I'm near #19 and I only one complain that this fic potrays hermione as a b****. Jessica was simply awesome and I think that fawkes doesn't really have any other powers to heal someone other than tears. In chapter 18 I think u should have showed that Cho's mum should have been a healer and Harry should have asked her for a favour. And seriously Ginny a lioness that just doesn't fell right. Some fics do portray as Ginny having a Lioness patronus and I hate then. So anyways congrats on an amazing fic. Over and out
cbpeebs chapter 1 . 5/8
Well must say I surprised that this is your first fanfict you have a very polished style many newbies can not make their story line flow they jump which is very disconcerting and makes them hard to read look forward to finishing this story, thanks for writing it.
KitkatMoon chapter 28 . 4/29
amazing story
Epeefencer chapter 24 . 4/22
Not that I mind, but you really are showing Hermione in a bad light. She's such an arse in this story, lol, taking her character faults to the extreme.
AstorHoffersonIII chapter 28 . 4/22
This is quite possibly the most amazing FanFic I have ever read. The whole way it felt to read was like I was reading an alternate draft of HBP that Jo had come up with. I am sad that this is its end, yet I feel that the way you finished it was perfect.
noblocks chapter 28 . 4/15
rbear1231 chapter 1 . 4/11
best non time travel fic ive read
Blazeb79 chapter 28 . 4/6
Great story
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