Reviews for Taking Control
Cougar Lova chapter 27 . 4/22
Good chapter. Can't wait to see what happens with Harry and Albus. Again, what's going to happen between Harry and the Griffin?
Cougar Lova chapter 26 . 4/22
What an impressive rescue. To backtrack though, I just understood the meaning of your take on the Fidelius Charm and how it's much different from what we know from the actual books. If the client of a Fidelius Charm could be their own secret keeper, then why couldn't Harry's parents be their own secret keeper. So I understand that you making Harry his own secret keeper, you have added your own spin on it, so I get it. However, what will Harry do about the griffin now that his wards are up?
Cougar Lova chapter 24 . 4/21
Nice. I must say I like what you did with the exhibition duel with BHA and IHA. Believe it or not I, had the same exact idea, but I would have rewarded the BHA with house points. I also must say I'm getting curious as to what's gonna happen with Hermione's spying.
Cougar Lova chapter 23 . 4/21
Great chapter. Hermione is so annoying spying on Harry like that. I love the action scene at Diagon Alley, real epic. Finally, Harry and Remus's mindspeak was also pretty fun. I can't wait to see what's going to happen next.
Cougar Lova chapter 22 . 4/20
I love this one. First of all, the Quidditch game was interesting, but I gotta say this whole relationship thing is just too fluffy. Harry is supposed to be independent for crying out loud. Well, long story short, I can't wait for the next one.
laserthrasher1 chapter 16 . 4/20
Darn, I was hoping that snape would curse him and Dumbledore would then proceed to hex the #$% out of snape
Cougar Lova chapter 21 . 4/19
Love it. Most of all, I love Remus's show of loyalty. I also love the action in the HA classes. Keep them coming.
Cougar Lova chapter 19 . 4/19
Too much fluff. Too much romance. However, I love the fact that you didn't reveal Harry's secret to Remus.
Cougar Lova chapter 18 . 4/17
Great chapter. I think I had an idea that you were going to use the Phoenix Tears to heal Harry's Devil's Fire wound. But I'm still really glad you did.
Cougar Lova chapter 17 . 4/17
I don't know how I feel about Remus being brought into the secret. But otherwise, good chapter, love the action scene.
Cougar Lova chapter 15 . 4/15
This one was just a bit too mushy. But otherwise kudos.
Cougar Lova chapter 13 . 4/13
Finally Ginny transforms.
Cougar Lova chapter 10 . 4/8
Whew, a very complicated and nervous chapter, lol. Hopefully, this Ron and Harry conflict will be resolved.
Cougar Lova chapter 9 . 4/7
Nice Chapter. Love the action scene. I still don't think that Harry should be revealing so much though. But Great Chapter
Cougar Lova chapter 8 . 4/7
Great chapter. I must commend you on not allowing Harry to reveal his secrets to everyone. The Yule Ball is a nice touch. But most of all, I wouldn't mind reading about Rosie as Harry's cougar.
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