Reviews for Taking Control
Cougar Lova chapter 4 . 4/5
I REALLY REALLY LOVE this chapter. The small action scene scene was nice, and I must commend you for not revealing much about Harry's secret. The ending was a bit bittersweet with Harry's and Jessica's date that ended "tragically". That's really all I can say for now, I'm looking forward to the next chapter though.
Cougar Lova chapter 3 . 4/5
I like the beginning of the chapter. Harry's panther animagus is cool. However, the owl form is just a bit unremarkable.
boASHoks chapter 28 . 3/30
Brilliant. Absolutely amazing!
jwright42572 chapter 28 . 3/8
I just finished your story and loved it all. I hope you finish the sequel to it.
iCanGrammar chapter 8 . 3/5
after reading albus's note about the everlasting confectionary, I immediately thought TWINKIE
Cinek chapter 1 . 3/5
Amazing story.
One of the best I read in here.
Eagle-Eyes chapter 28 . 3/3
A cliffhanger at the end of this story leaves me thinking there is a sequel in the works.

Certainly hope so.

Keep writing as life allows
DaveC chapter 28 . 2/28
Well good story, when the next chapter coming out.
DaveC chapter 7 . 2/24
That Hermione is one hell of a nosy cow, why hasn't Harry given her the cold shoulder for a while or at least embarrass her for a chapter or two.

abhimanyu.blacknight chapter 4 . 2/5
An interesting story idea even though it varies wildly from canon in terms of unfolding of events and the rules of what magic can and cannot do. The author has an impressive eye for detail and clearly a lot of thought and effort was put into the writing. I like Lupin as a character and am happy he is taking a bigger part. Most fics have interesting concepts but divert wildly as far as characters are concerned. THIS ONE however seems to get them right barring a few exceptions that are addressed in the criticisms. Harry at least feels like Harry to me. I liked the interaction with the shopping assistant. It was fun and one you usually don't get to see in most fics. Now onto the criticisms...

Its pretty clear that the author doesn't have a very high opinion of Ron. Ron is immature, socially inept and jealous occasionally in canon but he is also fiercely loyal and supportive. Saying that "Ron was jealous at the best of times" seems to be doing him a disservice in my opinion. Also the fact that Ron and Hermione seem to be playing second fiddle to Ginny irks me just a bit. Favouring a girl he just started connecting with to his best friends of five years seems OOC for Harry to me.

However these are just MY thoughts. This is your story and you can treat the characters however you see fit. You clearly have considerable talent when it comes to storytelling and I can only tell you how I feel as an avid reader, a fan of JKR's world and an audience member.
user51s2r chapter 6 . 2/4
HUGE chapters, very satisfying, ASS KICKING good.

So many good scenes. I enjoyed the owl flying, Hermione losing her mind about it. I think you are portraying Ron and Hermione accurately.
user51s2r chapter 4 . 2/4
I am really enjoying this story so far! Great characters with depth, great plots/side-plots. I like the details you give for him studying/training etc...

You accounted for underage magic, and I thought your explanation of it and of wandless magic was dead on. Simply put, I don't see any holes in your logic or lore. Kickass!
Guest chapter 28 . 1/23
What happens next? Are you going to write more? It doesn't seem finished.
AaronD1 chapter 28 . 1/13
Excellent story. I don't think that Hermione's personality was accurately portrayed, but that is my only critique. It's been shown in the past that she is indeed willing to break rules and follow Harry's lead.
Ebony riddle half-blood prince chapter 4 . 1/8
Thank you for making me want to slam my face against the wall for so much of this chapter !
Seriously though your a brilliant writer.
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