Reviews for The Eyes of the Beast
Shaman Psyker chapter 1 . 1/12/2011
yllom21 chapter 14 . 7/6/2008
Wow! I loved this! Not enough is written about Nanaki, and I think you did a wonderful job with him. Well done, and well written! i really enjoyed reading it.
sckry chapter 14 . 4/24/2008
This is a wonderful fic. I absolutly love reading about Red and You've captured him so well. 'Revival of the Lost' was brillient as it really felt that they had their own culture, and I enjoyed how Red half remembered his instincts and reacted to his kin.

I look forward to reading more.
Pied Flycatcher chapter 14 . 4/18/2008
I like this, it really shows what effect Shinra had on the world. Good job. :)

One tiny nitpick: 'The mouth of the cave had glowed faintly even then, shone with the rippling waves of light...' I think this would sound better if it was 'shining' rather than 'shone'. Otherwise it's a run-on sentence.
miamijuggler chapter 13 . 4/12/2008

These are awesome. I've never really thought about how to bring Red XI to life in a story, really. Really well, written, all of them.

I especially liked the one about the kitten rescue.

The only constructive criticism I can give you is that there are a few spelling mistakes that I noticed, but I can't remember exactly where they are now. So it might just be worth it to read through once or twice a fix those.

Other than that, great fic, and I really enjoyed reading it !
Rinas chapter 13 . 2/16/2008
Nanaki is an awesome char, and this chap was especially great!
Mr. Ite chapter 13 . 1/19/2008
Wonderful as always. I like the exposing of the neck, very apt for a lupine culture.

Although I must admit, I would have liked to see more than just jubilation from Nanaki at the end. In the game he struck me as fiercely loyal to the party (Cloud in particular) but finding his kin would surely mean the crossing between the world he knows and the future we will inevitably see him in. Since the tribe doesn't seem to take too kindly to humans, I would imagine more anxiety from a beast who exceeds in putting two and two together.

However, it was still gorgeously written and this is still leaps and bounds ahead of the crowd - both for Nanaki fics and FFVII fics in general. Well done.
RockBane chapter 13 . 1/18/2008
Good for Nanaki.
Pied Flycatcher chapter 13 . 1/18/2008
Cool, very nice. The pack leader talks oddly, but I liked how you added the different gestures they used when they met - exposing the throat, like wolves. Nanaki's feelings at the end were nicely conveyed. Good job! :) Did you mean for Cid to say Highwing, by the way? His airship is the Highwind. XD
WildDayDreamer chapter 12 . 1/10/2008
I say!

Good job!

I like how you put a little moral after every single and different story. Its a real fun read, and it tingles my soul when You leave each story with a meaningful note.



I appreciate your skill and wish to read more. :P
kris brian munday chapter 1 . 10/27/2007
yay! go nanaki! :D

cool story!

this site is great-i can step back into that world i loved so much in the game and read all these great stories about my favorite characters!

nice one :)
Neophyte Ronin chapter 2 . 9/18/2007
I remember that Black and also the Red Chocobos in Final Fantasy Tactics were ruthless fracking man-eaters. And the yellow ones healed their buddies. If you didn't have them on your side, forget it. The game sometimes threw some evil curveballs if you couldn't match some of those monsters...

Grammar/Spelling/Punctuation: No issues.

Style: This sounded a lot like the narration for a nature show shot in the wilderness. I could just see the footage of Red getting scars from one evil black raptor right now, and this goes into another category's high rating, too.

Flow/Pace/Structure: On certain occasions, like near the end-the silent conversation between Choke and Red-you could have done differently. Honestly, the flow in certain parts of the manuscript seems lacking. It's still on solid ground of course (the middle with the recollection is quite stunning!).

Plot: Cloud rides a Black Choke out onto Highwind (presumably for Chocobo Racing at the Gold Saucer, something that ultimately made my eyes bleed out after watching my brothers do it constantly across several weeks). Meanwhile, Red silently observes and recollects his past dealings with those lovable raptors. Being a vignette about a being who retains several feral qualities, it is natural for him to ponder the good times of fragging those lovable critters for his tribe's honor. If only Cloud knew where the feathers of that Barrette came from...! Cool.

Characterization: Okay... while no real conversation exists for the most part, Red is captured nigh perfectly-and a side that few ever expound upon.

Canon Consistency: Offering insight into his more feral nature pretty much ensures that you got some part of his character right.

Originality: I doubt anyone has ever written on this subject. Hell, I never knew anyone who'd make chocobos subject to being cannon fodder on a nature show. Bravo, this one's a perfect score.

Does it fit into being nominated at Genesis Awards for Best Short Fic (see my profile for a link)? Yes, because it's short and a story, among the good ones. I don't what other category exists to put this story into, so yes, it stands a fair shake at the title.

Nice work. I'm pulling for you.
Pied Flycatcher chapter 11 . 7/27/2007
I liked this very much. It seems realistic for people to be wary of Nanaki - not like in the game where Cloud and co can go into random houses with no problems! :P I think you meant that Nanaki sat on his haunches, not hunches btw. But otherwise this is very well-written. :)
Pied Flycatcher chapter 10 . 6/19/2007
Very interesting. I like the connection you portray between them. I always see Red as a person, not just a beast, despite his appearance, but it was cool the way you handled this. Very good description as well.

I'm sure I've seen this before somewhere... Did you post it elsewhere at some point?
XIII Dragon chapter 10 . 6/18/2007
That was unexpected and... interesting. Yes, that's the word for it, it was interesting. Nicely done though. Keep up the good work
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