Reviews for The Great Debate
CircadianDance chapter 1 . 5/24/2006
Ah yes, our fandom is a crack pairing, isn't is? xD after seeing the sn vs. ns comm today, this fic just screamed to be read. Honestly, however will us fangirls decide just who is the uke in this relationship?


Wonderful references to CLAMPS manga, they do scream yaoi, don't they? x3 and Sukisho and Gravi are totally awesome as well (Gravitaion took my yaoi-virginity... my first true love -dreamy sigh-). I'm surprised you didn't make a Loveless reference, cause Ritsuka is totally seme, and he's a 12-year-old cat boy with a college student (whee, shotacon x3).

I'm so favoriting.


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