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SailorMars03 chapter 1 . 10/12/2017
I love your story nwn
Zero is a Girl's Name chapter 19 . 8/17/2013
I really enjoyed most of this but wish it could have stayed focused on Minako/Rei and not involved the Eika woman at all. It would have been nice to see how they would have resolved everything without needing a Fizban to fix it all. I also found the Ami/Makoto ending strange. Up until Ch 16 or so, it was fantastic.
Kirathechosenone chapter 19 . 7/12/2013
I love your Story and your OC. So glad you paired up Rinka and Eika in the end!
Urooj chapter 19 . 4/3/2013
This was a pretty amazing story. So why'd you stop writing?
chakeroo chapter 19 . 1/2/2011
great story... :D

*kicks motoki's ass*

*evil laugh* :D
PinaPoe chapter 19 . 12/15/2010
Ok I really enjoyed the majority of your story. It was well paced and a fun read, but the OC came like a Macguffin out of nowhere a random plot device that led to a weird overblown ending orchestrated by The OC. Even the epilogue focused heavily on the OC's I dunno I would like to think that Rei and Minako would have figured things out on their own and it seemed that was where you were heading with it till the OC showed up. At any rate thanks for sharing.
Sayaka Akemi chapter 1 . 8/5/2010
This story was and continues to be Awesome. I love the beginning and the middle portions the most. I love all the fluff and arguments that happened around then.
Hikaru-wa-shiawase-eien-ni chapter 10 . 2/1/2010
Knight of L-samaさん,

It is 乾盃 (かんぱい (kanpai)) used for cheering and ぼんざい (bonzai) is a kind of tree in Japan. I also wanted to say I really do like your story and writing as well! It is very enjoyable and humorous as well! On to the next chapter!

姫宮, 光る (Himemiya, Hikaru)
littleleaf89 chapter 1 . 11/2/2009
Damn, that first chapter got me hooked up. Now I want to read even though I should sleep...
Sokai chapter 1 . 4/21/2009
Hi! _ Sorry to bother you, but I thought I should let you know that, since you've written a PGSM story, there's now an official category for it within the TV shows section, after I'd asked the site to add it yesterday. Now all of us won't have to sift through the mounds of regular Sailormoon fics to read PGSM-universe related stories. _

Have a good one! _
Sokai chapter 19 . 3/17/2009
...What? So, okay. So now, yet again, there's more elements to the fic here, now with Eika, who again, came out of no where, having her own happy ending with this other woman I dunno who it is? And then, convenience, that Ami also gets to go to Holland, and no surprise, they're now a couple.

That's all fine and all, but honestly, here. That whole freaking Makoto and Motoki STILL married and owning everything together like that, despite the mutual consent to consistent adultery is too much. What about when/if Motoki wants to get married with his lover (who's a chick or guy, I don't remember - Doesn't matter, I suppose), or Ami and Makoto wish to be wed, as well? Now they can't, all because of this backwards pride Makoto has in not wishing to file for divorce? For one who's generally honorable and respectable, preferring to maintain her adulterer-like ways is a bit backwards in that regard.

Why not just get the marriage annulled instead? In THAT way, at least, they can ALL just say it never happened, which, basically is what annulments amount to. And then Makoto wouldn't have to carry on with her nonsense of having her pride and being stubborn and not wanting to admit defeat if they'd filed for divorce instead, or w/e, if she doesn't want to have a more blatant "marring" in the public or personal eye or WHATEVER her issue is about this, compared to the minimal/no amount the annulment would grant as the alternative, etc.

But to me, again, if that's what her whole deal is, staying married but gallivanting about the world in other countries with another lover who isn't your husband, yet still legally bound to him, just exacerbates the entire concept, IMO.

But I digress.

*Exhales* Okay, finally, here, and seriously, overall, I again, I say, the story wasn't bad and held great promise. I just think that maybe new ideas started to formulate along the way and alongside the original during the writing process that it just all bumped heads and tried to outshine each element established.

Separately, each are good plot ideas, and would have been great stories on their own. However, once together, they all just competed, as it were, to be on top, so to speak, and didn't mesh well (again, IMO).

Regardless of what I think/feel, it isn't a flame, and you've obviously brought a lot of joy to those who'd read this before me, based upon the grand amount of reviews. So overall, it's a win/win _
Sokai chapter 17 . 3/17/2009
What the heck is this, now? Now this story's just spiraling out into no man's land with these new curve ball additions, here. Now we've got this Eika chick, who's all into Rei's affairs after only knowing her like, twelve hours, and apparently does/doesn't/but doesn't/but maybe kinda doesn't want to get into her freaking pants, while all the while, "Oh, no no! I want love to reign supreme in the land of Hino-chan and Minako!" Meanwhile, you've got Rei completely OOC here, not punching a hole straight through the girl's face (or, at least, verbally) for all of her extremely personal questions and advances, especially coming from one she'd just met. Not even with Usagi and the others, is she ever THAT candid about her personal feelings or life. They practically have to pry her mouth open with a crow bar in order to get her to smile, let alone open up about her emotional feelings, etc, half the time.

And yet, this new chick is getting a billion free passes for her basic sexual harassment.

AND, on top of that, the fic's almost over, apparently, and that whole bit you'd thrown in with Ami/Makoto just up and died and dropped off the face of the planet within this fic (as far as I can tell - Although, it IS nearly 4 am right now, so yeah LoL). Yeah, I was never for it, but since it's in here, it might as well get resolved with the obvious "I love you too, Mako" ending it'll probably get.

Sorry. Not upset with you (I don't even know you lol) or upset at all, even. Just am not fond of reading stories of any nature, really, that start with one set plot idea as its core meat/backbone to the overall composition, then along the way new ideas pop up and get tossed in, that sort of obscure the general flow and understanding/consensus of the overall story. Ends up confusing the hell out of me to make sense of it as a believable story/plot. LoL ~_~

But once again, NO, this is not a flame (I don't do flames, cuz they're not right/fair, obviously), so if you ARE upset now, I am sorry, though, because it wasn't the intent.
Sokai chapter 18 . 3/17/2009
Oh, my God. That's it? That's the solution to the Ami/Makoto/Motoki situation that shouldn't have even existed (in this story, anyway) to begin with? Out of NO where, it turns out, "oh hey, look! MoMo wasn't in love, either, and planned on cheating too, and actually did/got there first! So that makes it all okay between them." Even though it's OBVIOUSLY a.u./ooc stuff on Motoki's part to have him apparently just having gone through the motions and not really be in love with Makoto after all, it STILL doesn't make sense.

Not to mention, this whole weird/bizarre "we don't love each other like that, but we're not gonna get a divorce, gonna apparently stay eternally married to one another AND live together, BUT will have our relationships on the side and basically be like some backwards 'I married my best friend just to see what it was like' couple scenario" bit. AND all that went down a day before Rei and Minako finally hooked up, yet Makoto's miraculously cool, at the concert, and acting like it never even happened. I don't care HOW emotionally strong you are, or apparently never in love with the person who just betrayed you, it's still going to sting and hurt to think about/reflect upon, hypocrite of wanting to commit the same actions, or not.

And as for Rei and Minako, yeah, overall, it was cute how they finally hooked up, but it's like, by the end of it all, this story was just rushed and like "lemme just get it over with." And coupled with that whole out of no where Eika bit (aside from, yes, again, the Mako/Ami thing), it just tainted their eventual coupling at the end here. It wasn't as "aww" nor satisfying as I'd been hoping and your writing set up from the earlier chapters had led me to believe. You know, all the tension and unspoken words, etc. That was what had initially drawn me in, because I knew that, as emotional as that had been from the get, by the end, once it was all out in the open, it would/should've been extra emotional/wonderful.

This, here, again, I say, was cute, yes, but rushed and sort of flat lined. True, a simple "I love you" can/does go a long way, especially for those waiting to hear it for ages from the one they care for/want, but once Rei finally said it and Minako said it back, it was kinda like, "...Yeah? Now, what?"

I don't know. I guess it's just the whole disenchantment from everything else that had gotten thrown into the melting pot that is this story, and again, the hurried feel for wrapping it up for the main characters.

Overall, it wasn't a bad fic, honestly. I simply wish that all that extra elements hadn't been involved or, if it had to be, the story would have been longer to better accommodate the B-story of the fic, etc.
Sokai chapter 11 . 3/16/2009
Bleh. While decently written (in terms of atmosphere, etc), this whole Mako/Ami bit suddenly thrust into the whole mix of a predominantly Rei/Minako love story is a pretty big turn off and "Um...okay, then? Where'd it come from?"

It isn't because I (obviously lol) prefer Makoto with PGSM-version Motoki, no, but mainly because, story/plot wise, it just distracts and greatly takes away from the built up chemistry and prolonging you'd already established b/w one set of girls. Regardless of whether you'd made the other supposedly unrequited love pair two girls, two guys, or heterosexuals, having another coupling thrown into the story with basically the very same dynamic as the main couple of Rei/Minako, as I said, just siphons out all the anticipation, flavor and potential would be "Aw! FINALLY!"'s that'll/that'd occur once you (obviously) finally make the two a couple.

Just saying, not flaming/bashing you, the overall story or your writing prowess, either.

Still, with that being said, I'm gonna carry on to the end to see how it all plays out, mmhm...yep. LoL _'
Sokai chapter 9 . 3/16/2009
"Mako-chan can do SO much better than Motoki!"

Pfft. Hardly, for this version, anyway. He's devoted and adorable and gives her the affection and attention she'd missed out on growing up, while she gives him strength and protection and her own love in her own way.

So, nope. THIS Motoki is perfect for her, I say! Begone, you! LoL _'
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