Reviews for Lost for Words
Mara202 chapter 1 . 5/28/2006
Wow! Yet another brilliant story from you. I've always wondered how, after those horrible words, they made peace with one another again, so it was very interesting to read your take on that. Great fic!
Baliansword chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
Another great story from you. I like how Alexander confessed his feelings for Hephaestion. It is awe inspiring. You know that I love everything you do though.

Hey, it would be great if you sent me the link to the fanzine you've mentioned. Thanks, when you get the chance.

Can't wait to see what you do next!

Queendel chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
A charming and poignant update. I was very disappointed in

Alexander for treating Heph so badly and publicly insulting him so greivously with those damning words "You are Nothing without Me" and threats of execution if he fought again with Craterous.

Alexander did not know the facts, that once again Heph was trying to defend and protect both of their honour, yet he humiliated Heph and privately spoke to Craterous. I still think that Craterous got off lightly for what he did and that Heph accepted Alexander back much too quickly. I knew he loved him, but to my mind, Alexander took his love and devotion forgranted, and did not respect Heph enough.

Also, I think that Alexander should have made it clear, once and for all, that an insult to Heph was an insult to the King, punishable by death. I mean they were lovers, not just King and General, and Alexander should not have allowed his men to disrespect his lover, regardless of Heph's could have been done in a subtle way.

Great update. Looking forward to more fics from you soon.
Lysis chapter 1 . 5/27/2006
A truly beautiful story. I've always wondered about that particular situation with Craterus and how Alexander and Hephaistion ended up making peace with one another afterward. What seemed so realistic, considering who Alexander was and his position in life, was his revealation to Hephaistion about his intense loneliness. I can imagine this might have been quite true. I would think that someone such as he, might have felt that others would consider he would never need such things as the true comfort from inner loneliness of the spirit. Your story brings this out and it is lovely the way Hephaisiton honors it and shows Alexander that his trust will never be displaced. The depth that you show Hephaistion exploring his own importance not just to Alexander, but also to himself is quite revealing. I would imagine he would have been well aware considering the society and culture he was raised in that he was sacrificing his pride to become subordinate to Alexander. Yet, never is there any hint that he resents it or is less than worthy of Alexander's love and loyalty. He must have been a truly gifted man, not only logistically, etc., but one who really did known his own self worth, and knew this was recognized in Alexander. I think Alexander knew what a tremendous gift the Gods had presented him in Hephaistion and in spite of tiffs such as the one you've portaryed, I like to beliveve that without Hephaistion, he would have been only a shell of who he was. I think that both of them truly did encompass the concept that love at its highest level is made with and for the Soul, and your story captures this.

Ah, I love your stories, you are one of my favorite authors. You write with such an elegance and humor at once that it seems so real and I can only think that if Alexander were alive today and reading his fan fiction you would also be one of his favorite authors. Thank you so much.
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