Reviews for Season 8 Redo
wprincessannw chapter 8 . 4/19
I love this story - it took me awhile to adjust to the script like writing but now I picture the scenes perfectly in my head. It's replaced the actually show's season 8 and is truly much better because it's let the characters grow. I've read this story multiple times and the only negative thing I have to say is that the story is left at such an uneasy spot.
blueangel.candice chapter 42 . 4/8
very good would love to know what happens next
Manic Penguin chapter 25 . 3/15
Hyde needs to change the gems in the necklace he gave Jackie for Christmas. He thought they'd be born three weeks into January, but they were born in December.
msstock87 chapter 42 . 3/14
I know it's been a long time since you updated this, but I wanted to let you know, I LOVED it. I was so sad when I got to the last chapter, knowing it was over. You did such a great job!
Manic Penguin chapter 15 . 3/12
Okay, my inner geek is showing here, but when Eric says to Mitch that 'ten thousand light years wouldn't be enough time without you'... he's being an idiot. Light years is a measure of distance, not time. 10 trillion KM or 6 trillion miles, to be super-geeky.
Manic Penguin chapter 42 . 3/10
This story is SO much better than the crap the show gave us the last season and a half. It sucks that you haven't updated in so long, though. Hopefully you'll post another chapter/episode soon.
Guest chapter 42 . 11/24/2014
I've only read through this series maybe 5 times now. But I still love it so much every time. And a little flame of hope burns eternal in my heart of hearts that someday I'll read more chapters of their lives.
bklyangel chapter 2 . 10/8/2014
So Ive been re-watching the show because it's on Netflix and it made me nostalgic for this fic.
Jaycie Victory chapter 31 . 8/29/2014
I had a smile on my face basically the last five minutes of reading this. I love how you write Kelso. And I love you got him together with Brooke. I really liked their dynamic. But I also loved the much needed drama of this episode. It added depth and introduced a new flavour to the mix.
Jaycie Victory chapter 28 . 8/28/2014
Another funny, sweet episode that could have come straight from the show - if they'd done the last season better. You must put so much time into these... Oh - and Shirtless Hyde Tally: 9 :D
Jaycie Victory chapter 26 . 8/27/2014
Shirtless Hyde Tally: 8 and a very enjoyable ep.
Jaycie Victory chapter 25 . 8/25/2014
I'm not crying... I'm not... I'm totally crying.
Jaycie Victory chapter 22 . 8/24/2014
:D :D :D

Again, absolutely hilarious. And pregnant Jackie is adorable! Lovely episode. PS Shirtless Hyde Tally: 5! Actually, let's be honest: not only shirtless but wet in a towel?! We're going to have to count that as 3 points. So, Shirtless Hyde Tally: 7. Call me crazy, but I'm beginning to suspect fan service... for which we all thank you.
Jaycie Victory chapter 20 . 8/24/2014
The end credits scene... :'-D Actually crying with laughter... Wow! Twins! Gosh, Jackie's gonna be huge!
Jaycie Victory chapter 17 . 8/24/2014
I am in love with this episode. It addressed so many wrongs of season 8 in the best possible way. Adored the Jackie/Donna scenes. Their friendship at its best. Loved that the gang all came together to help Jackie, especially considering how crappy they were about her graduation in season 7. Jackie and Hyde as partners in crime again. Kelso flying into the leaves.. Funny, smart and sweet. You rock. :)

PS at first I thought, hmmm, not sure I buy Laurie as Homecoming Queen... unless of course all the guys she slept with voted for her... oh, wait! Now it makes perfect sense ;)
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