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layla-xd chapter 4 . 3/19/2010
I really liked this story! In my opinion Sanzo and Gojyo make a beautiful couple - and not just in the typical "fuck and forget" way, if you know what I mean. I really loved how emotional you wrote both of them!

So thanks for writing and sharing )
genPop chapter 4 . 7/30/2007
wow nice
Naraku-sensei chapter 3 . 6/23/2007
It's been almost a year since the first time I read this fic.

I don't know what I was thinking back then. Didn't think much of fanfiction, I guess.

I cried SO HARD. SERIOUSLY. Sanzo's honesty with himself in this one is LOVE. In my previous review, I called it OOC but it is NOT. While reading the part where Sanzo went for a walk, I could so totally imagine him standing there with a slightly sleepy, soft face, staring at a wide-eyed Gojyo with a slightly open mouth.

And I could so symphatize with their feelings. Oh yes. I started howling like a wounded animal when Gojyo left, No! No! Don't leave! Get back there, you dumbass! and there was a wrenching feeling in my stomach.

You made this story so REAL.


~ Riisa (aka Chiori-sama)
missingkitsune chapter 4 . 3/15/2007
i thought this is very good. well done. i like it.
acollectionoffavoritequotes chapter 4 . 8/15/2006
it was really good. And you didn't do too bad on the translation *there were a few words and phrases though* But mostly it gave it more of a unique feel too it, almost surreal.

it was a really good fic and I enjoyed reading it.
Naraku-sensei chapter 4 . 7/12/2006
Wow, fine writing!

Sanzo was a bit OOC in some parts, but not abnormally OOC. Just one thing left to bother me, is 'worm' really a word to describe His Hotness Sanzo-sama with?

Y'know, you should translate your other stories too for us who don't speak french (yet). Gotta thank Befanini for "bugging you to translate it"! :D

Hoping to see more of your fine work,

Befanini chapter 4 . 7/8/2006

Ah….. so perfect…. Merci merci! I am so, so happy with this ending. _

With this part, it is so touching and sweet how Gojyo is the hesitant one, instead of Sanzo like in the earlier parts. Heh. It’s your turn to suffer, BAKA kappa! LOL

When he runs after Sanzo and drops to his knees and wraps his arms around the priest’s waist and begs Sanzo’s forgiveness… *sigh*… I was melting, MELTING, I tell you! XD Especially since now that Gojyo’s understood and ACCEPTED how he really feels, we then get to read how much he understands Sanzo too, which leads us to the happy ending. What I mean is, Gojyo realizes he’s going to have to convince Sanzo of his sincerity this time, because he knows that Sanzo is still so confused whether or not Gojyo is being serious or just playing another game. I love the kappa’s confession:

“The truth… it’s that I really am a fool… a fool who was ready to do anything so that you look at me… a fool, slave of his love for you. Yes Sanzo, I am mad about you, and you’re the only one who can do my happiness or my unhappiness."

I love it because it is what I always imagine too, the “explanation” why the “real” Gojyo is always flirting with and teasing Sanzo. I mentioned before that you posed a very real question, that is how come Gojyo acts that way with Sanzo in the manga and the anime; and the answer you’ve come up with in this fic is exactly the answer I always daydream about too. So thank you! _

And I just LOVE how Sanzo confesses his own feelings:

"I care for you and I want that you stay close to me! And if that isn’t enough, then go to hell! "

LOL Just like how he confesses to Gojyo in my story “Barely Breathing”. Very reluctantly, and angrily, as if it was Gojyo’s fault that Sanzo feels this way. Which in fact is the truth. XD

And when Sanzo mocks Gojyo: "Humph… And I have to tie you to the bed this time to prevent that you flee again? " Take THAT Gojyo! You deserve it after Sanzo went and split his poor fists open the last time… LOL

Such a GREAT story. I enjoyed it SO MUCH. If I have one complaint, it’s that it’s too short. I want more, dammit! LOL

THANK YOU for giving in to my request to translate this beautiful story. When I saw the summary in your profiles page about a stupid Gojyo and a fed-up Sanzo I just knew I had to read it. _ And of course I had to tell everyone to come and read it as well. Mais oui! We need more Sanzo/Gojyo stories like these – sweet and tender and still in character, that shows their softer and more human sides. I hope you write more, and I hope you won’t get tired of translating your wonderful writing and sharing it with the English readers too.

I’m smiling now, see? _ Big big smile. And it’s all thanks to you!
Ohkami alchemist chapter 4 . 7/3/2006
YAY! LOVE! Are you gunna make anymore Gojyo/Sanzo's. Because that would be awesome!
Baka Saru 54 chapter 4 . 7/2/2006

A litlle review to congratulate you !I suppose that it's hard to translate a fic but you have made a good work.

I find that you were right to translate your story because everybody can read this beautiful fic

I have read your story in french and I have liked very much even if I prefer the pairing Sanzo/Goku

Big kiss(_)

P-S: Sorry for my fault of grammary!"chibi eyes"
dreamydreamer chapter 4 . 6/30/2006
Congratulations! *sends confetti in the air*

You did it! _

I'm so glad! I like this story (even if I'm not really a great 535 fan ").

Congrats for all this work!

*keeps sending confetti*
Lady Chaos chapter 3 . 6/29/2006
omg, what a dramatic ending, and so unexpected! keep it up!
Befanini chapter 3 . 6/29/2006
You have them so much in character. Gojyo is so clueless about his own feelings; but then again when you think about it that is just his nature – he’s a born flirt, and he cannot let a pretty thing go by without trying to make a conquest. And who in the world is more beautiful than Sanzo… Apart from this, he is deeply fascinated with the monk’s enigmatic personality, and this also makes him tease and torment Sanzo just to get a reaction from him, because again that is his nature. It is just a tragedy that the soul who had never known love in his life would be so blind when the emotion would finally take root in his heart, making him confused and wonder about “the game” he is “playing”.

As for Sanzo – it is a rare delight to see him portrayed this way – so human, with a depth that “explains” his “bitchiness”… uncertain of himself, unsure; but still acting so arrogant and superior (“egotistical” as you put it) to cover up his confusion about Gojyo. Your Sanzo breaks my heart, he is so vulnerable and introspective, and almost thinking himself not good enough for Gojyo, in a bizarre way. He is in fact so innocent, so “untouched”, that despite being so hungry for a definite confirmation of Gojyo’s signals, he just keeps silent. That just kills me, and makes me want to kill Gojyo. Heh.

And your description of Genjo Sanzo fresh from the shower – the rivulets of water streaking down his torso – OMG. I imagine myself jumping on Sanzo and holding him possessively while screaming at the BAKA kappa: “If you’re still so clueless and are only playing a game, then I’LL JUST TAKE HIM FOR MYSELF!” _

And then I get to the part where Sanzo turns the tables on Gojyo and blows smoke into the kappa’s flabbergasted face, and I just DIED… I could feel every bit of emotion that Sanzo feels from hereon; and I’m cursing Gojyo at the same time for switching off and letting his body take over – Look, damn you, see WHO is in your arms, DROWNING in your embrace, SHATTERED by your kisses! Open your eyes, Sha Gojyo!

But then I read the rest of it – and Gojyo cowers as the reality hits him; and the pain is so bittersweet, and it makes so much sense… Of course… By making it a joke, a game, then Gojyo feels safe… he can pretend it’s all a fantasy, so that when or if rejection comes, - as it has ALWAYS come in his life, as it always WILL - he just shrugs it off; and even when it doesn’t get to that point, he’s never exposed that much of himself that could get hurt to begin with.

Oh how I hurt for Sanzo afterwards… how I want to seize him by the shoulders and shout to his face that THE OPPOSITE IS TRUE! until he begins to understand. “You took my heart, and you don’t even want it.” That line just breaks me. They both break my heart. Two broken souls so afraid of being hurt.

Please finish the epilogue soon, and give me something to smile about? Please? I know this fic is already finished; that it’s been completed way before I ever made my request, but I still hoping so much that there’s a tiny bit of redemption for these two… that they find it in each other after all… Am I a hopeless romantic or what. Jeez. _
dreamydreamer chapter 3 . 6/26/2006
I really like this chapter

I already told you but the description of Sanzô's body O_O

T really like his POV too Sanzô's really cute in your story, especially in this chapter. _~

By the way, I've updated my LJ! You already got some comments! _ They really like your doujin!

See you at the next and final chapter!
dreamydreamer chapter 2 . 6/24/2006
I see that I hadn't review this chapter so here I am!

I know that the next chapters will be there soon but ... I know how it's important to get reviews when you work so much for a fic (that's why I checked if I had reviewed this one... and you know how I am, when I get bored late at night, all I do is review XD) _

Just wanted to say that even if I really don't like reading Gojô/Sanzô fics, I really enjoy your story!

Strangely I like how the characters act with each other (even if I have to say that I would have prefered to see Sanzô and Gokû, yeah I know... I can't help it ").

It's really cute! I especially like how you portrayed Sanzô. I found him so kawaii, as I imagine him (yep! Even when he swears he's cute! XD). I don't have the words to describe it ((especially in English, my vocabulary is really limited without Mr Dictionary that I deeply love, Mr Babel Fish and Mr Google that I adore)) but I like how you did it.

Concerning Gojyo... well... as usual I just want to slap his face once or twice every line _ I always think that people/me are too gentle with him. XD

I don't know why but I DO like to make him suffer in the most painful ways

Me, sadistic? NO! (Really, where did you get this idea?) LOL

By the way... I hope that the next chapter of "marche ou crève will be there soon!

Well... we all know what could happen if it wasn't the case, don't we?

Life is so fragile... you can so easily die... and MY life is so fragile... I could possibly die I guess if you don't update soon... Blackmail? What blackmail?

*innocent chibi eyes*


Ok so now be honest with me... did I look so bored/pathetic to make such a bad review? ç_ç

Yeah? ç_ç

Oh crap...


The pure and innocent Dreamy.
befanini chapter 2 . 6/19/2006
You've raised a very astute question, which is something that most Saiyuki fans take too much for granted: why *does* Gojyo "play that game" so much with Sanzo - meaning, the flirting, the naughty remarks, the little touches and hints and innuendoes?

You were SO right when you told me this is a story about Gojyo being BAKA. Poor guy doesn't even realize the truth... and poor Sanzo, who cannot bring himself to just confront Gojyo and be done with it.

Hope you post the last part soon. I can't wait to see what happens, and why Gojyo is left drinking himself silly at the bar after all.
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