Reviews for Thunderstorms and Sakura Blossoms
hiya168 chapter 42 . 2/3
It took me two days to read this and I have to say I'm so happy I found this! I love this story! I admit that it got a little mundane sometimes with Kagome explaining things to Sesshoumaru but I also now that's how it's supposed to be since he doesn't understand the modern world. I'm so happy you were able to finish this story years ago because I was able to find it now; it brought forth many emotions: sadness (I did tear a couple times), joy (found myself unable to wipe a grin off my face while reading sometimes), and I felt the emotions of the characters clearly. Thank you for this awesome piece of work! I do hate/love that you chose at the end to leave it up to our imaginations what Sesshoumaru's home looks like in the modern world. It's a good way to end your story but also frustrating as hell haha. Thank you once again!
MoonliteNightmare chapter 42 . 7/13/2014
Amazing story you have excellent writing skills
mtnikolle chapter 42 . 6/16/2014
I really enjoy reading this story!
HelleBelle chapter 42 . 1/11/2014
Ok I can breathe now...I'm glad they are together again as a family!
HelleBelle chapter 41 . 1/11/2014
Awe a precious moment of bonding with his son. Well who knew fluffy butt would have a little bundle sunshine, ne? LOL
HelleBelle chapter 40 . 1/11/2014
His going to be a daddy! Yay mini maru minions LOL
HelleBelle chapter 27 . 1/10/2014
Oh how I love to read about fluffy butt teasing our favorite little miko LOL. Might I add that she makes a hell cat seems like a new kitten LOL. Awe young love even when they didn't realize it themselves. Lady Sliq Ice I am hooked to this story in so many ways. At times I don't know when to laugh, cry, blush at something fluffy butt says to Gome, or be irritated like her at some points in this story. All in all I can't stop reading this and probably won't until I finish it by tonight. I give you 20 kudos for this amazing story well done Lady Ice!
lollistomper chapter 42 . 12/30/2013
I love this story. If it never ended I would keep reading probably up until the day I died. Thank you for creating a wonderful and stunning story. You are awesome!
Guest chapter 42 . 9/16/2013
Sad and happy all at once. I enjoyed reading this story a lot!
Guest chapter 42 . 6/13/2013
This was amazing! Wish it had gone a little further into thier lives after but overall well done!
1Twylite chapter 42 . 5/24/2013
OMG! This is one of the best i have ever had... i swear this should be a movie. The thing that i like the most is that you made Sesshomaru funny when he did tell his jokes! I llove this story and i cant wait to read more.
sasuxxnaruxxluverxx chapter 42 . 4/23/2013
Oh my lord! This has to be the bestest, most amazing story I've ever had the pleasure of reading! You did an amazing job on this fic, I couldn't stop reading for the life of me. Please keep up the amazing work, and I hope to read more from you soon!
Terryl chapter 42 . 1/6/2013

Great read! The plot, character development, quality of english, and quality of writing were fantastic. The plot flowed well for most of the story, and there were very few typos. The logic behind the plot was solid, and the character development was done believably.

On the other hand, while I definitely enjoyed the story, I felt like the start was a bit... abrupt. Instead of starting at the battle, I feel like you could have started at the scene where Kagome purified Naraku, or started a chapter or two ahead of the battle with the kidnapping of Rin and Jaken. Essentially, either give the reader feelings for the characters within the story, or dont try to at all.

There were some other parts of the story I feel like were out of character for Kagome in your story, for instance, when she first came back and stormed into the office, attacking Seshomaru. It felt a bit... forced. In previous chapters she was never that angry, and while I understand that she has changed, it still seemed out of character.

Still, it was a great read, with a warm ending that made the entire story very pleasant. Thanks for sharing it!

asiamoore chapter 42 . 12/17/2012
I only read Sess\Kag stories and I really enjoyed this one! I didn't want to stop reading! I liked the last chapter, it was a good way to end everything, what with Sess showing up (thank god!) and joking about being her classmate thru the years. But I would have liked to read about the reunions with Kagome's friends. Still, an amazing job well done!
Vixeria chapter 42 . 11/29/2012
It has been so incredibly LONG since I have read such an amazing story! I'm at a loss for words! I wish I could have read more, like a reunion between all of them, and then I was hoping to see an ending where Inuyasha and the others show up again. I mean, they showed up once in the entire story, but after that, there was no sign of them whatsoever! I'm a little disappointed, but that's ok! I enjoyed reading ths fic! I even got close to tears at some point. It seems like so long ago that Sesshomaru had helped Kagome bury her dead comrades and brought her straight home. I wonder how her life with Sesshomaru will be THIS time around! We've seen her life with Sess as a "youth" in the modern era, in the feudal era, I wonder what it's like now with an ADULT Sesshomaru? I'm a huge fantasizer so my daydreams are going to et the better of me for the next few days!
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