Reviews for Winx Club Cast's Twisted Reality
Guest chapter 6 . 8/28/2013
Could u do one for the teachers?
I would love to read that!
Love it!
Keep on writing
Musa1992 chapter 6 . 3/3/2013
Digit is the only pixie that is like a mini version (in behavior) to their bonded person (Techna). The others could get jealous.
Neon-Night-Light chapter 6 . 6/3/2010
Hahaha do more! Even though its 4 years later...
Teagan chapter 1 . 8/27/2007
totally didnt get that...
Kyoshi7989 chapter 6 . 8/16/2007
This story's hysterical! I seriously couldn't stop laughing!
The All Real Numbers Symbol chapter 6 . 5/4/2007
Hi! Thanks for reviewing my story! The Winx Club Forever And Ever thing, that came from the English intro for the show. you can find it on go to the search box and type in

Winx Club Season 2: English Intro

You should be able to find it. That song is so AWESOME! I think 4kids is holding out on us.

I had some ideas for your Winx Club Twisted reality fic. Here they are.

::Even though the Enchantix rules say that you have to at least save someone, all you really have to do is tap into the power inside you.::

I thought that was ... oh man. Why did everyone else have to risk their life, but not Bloom?

::Even though you've been wearing shoes for pretty much the whole show, now that you have your Enchantix, you can run around barefoot and not hurt yourself.::

::You can tranform to Enchantix and stay warn in a bitterly cold dimension (Omega Dimension) even if your Enchantix is less than half your fairy outfit.::

Well, thats all I again for reviewing!

-The All Real Numbers Symbol
I3 2 chapter 6 . 1/14/2007
how about, the most useless pixie is usually the most confident while the most useful is a scaredy cat/coward.

you notice that they never really go to a class, they never really eat, and they never really sleep.

okay they do, but that's only like every 8 episodes.

something about why kiko doesn't have any of his so called pixie powers that he had in the last episode of the 2nd season in the 3rd season?

if you see your girlfriend turned into a frog beast(or whatever it was) you'll automatically forget about it completely in the next minute and when you find her missing, it's not suspicous at all. (stella's princess ball in the 3rd season)

you can be considered the talented artsy guy even if all of your poems are really corny and your drawings are just outlines/contour lines of things

even if you're supposed to have taken about 2 days to finish cleaning up, you take a break in order to teach your friend royal courtesy, and you accidentally release a monster where you then take even longer to seal back up, you'll be able to finish cleaning up in a matter of minutes(or hours, who really knows the amount of time that passes in the show?). (the newest episode of season 3)

one of the guys needs to be a stalker guy that seemingly has a ton of pictures of the girl that he likes, even though he says that he's not her boyfriend (riven's roomful of musa pictures?)

even though you were supposed to have been reformed, you end up being all evil and * again in your next episode appearance (diaspro in season 2 with that ninja team, the wrong righters? is that their name?, and her appearance in the 3rd season)

days of being kidnapped by a group will not make you crack, but 15 seconds of talking with flora makes you completely change your ways (the wrong righters episode in season 2)

the main character of the show(bloom) will always be the one that the villans will end up targeting. (the witches for her dragonfire, darkar for her dragonfire/she could get him the ultimate power, and baltor is showing some interest in her)

even though you're supposed to have the strongest power in the universe, you're as powerless as everyone else, unless you become evil, where no one can even touch you. so pretty much, you're always stronger when you're evil (season 2 when bloom is turned evil)

and what was with all of their reactions at the end of season 2 when sky said he loved bloom? come on, it's not like they've never heard the word love before _

you can defeat the greatest and most powerful evils of the universe, but you can't even take down a bunch of powerless clone gang members on earth. (obviously from the gangs of gardenia episode)

and I don't know... it's always bothered me how in the show it constantly goes from 2D to 3D graphics all of the time.

why are they all supposed to be "princesses?" does alfea only accept royalty or something?

seeing your king in a catatonic-like state is completely normal, and you think nothing of it (in season 3 when King Radius(under a spell) is slumped in his chair and says that Stella is no longer a princess of solaria)

it's possible for the hip hop girl to have higher grades than the computer genius smart girl (in the 1st season episode where they are tempted to cheat on Wizgiz's test)

you can be considered rude even if you say please when asking a question (timmy and francis in some episode of season 2)

the ditzy blond will come in handy at least once (end of season 2 when she solves the puzzle to get into realix)

I am obviously a pathetic loser that has nothing better to do than pick at flaws in a kiddie show. _

P.S. my name spells "winx club r" if it's hard for anyone to read it.
Stills and Photographs chapter 6 . 9/5/2006
I liked this! Short but sweet. : )



PS: I'm totally trying to read you ad Rogue Scholar's round robin fics, but I'm feeling a little lost. Are you alternating chapters or something? I ish so confuzzled.
zodiacdragonHatori chapter 6 . 8/26/2006
lol, poor poor piff. that was very funny. XD
fascinant chapter 6 . 8/24/2006
Gah! I'm clutching my sides from laughter! That was so funny!

Lysander chapter 6 . 8/24/2006
The pixie who hates leaving the house will know every nook and crannies of every realms the fairies go to, and guide them all through the gauntlet without breaking a sweat.

Geeky fairy and geeky pixie come together usually mean the end of civilization as we know it.

Having a pixie of love bonded with you doesn't make your love life any easier.

Pixies make the best guardian of magical treasure, so far.
Nisa Tunesque chapter 6 . 8/24/2006
Heh, this fic cracks me up. Any chance of getting Dizzy (Discorda) in there somehow?
King Spritzee chapter 3 . 8/16/2006
Me again. Just wanted to say that this story is LOL funny. I'm faving this, and don't worry, I'll have an I dea soon.
kawaiidevil chapter 5 . 7/18/2006
rule of pixies: it is perfectly normal for a pixie to sound like he/she just got blown up by the giant very highpitch-y

yeah,that was lame, oh well x], keep up the awesome work
Zephyra of Breeze chapter 5 . 6/30/2006
Lol! I think you should make a law of death: If you are the main character's BF, don't worry if you die, you can always be brought back to life later. That would be funny!
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