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Aiedail256 chapter 38 . 10/7/2013
Wow. This story left me speechless. After it was all over, it took me several minutes to come up with a concise and accurate description of it; I eventually settled on "breathtakingly magnificent." I thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm eager to check out your other work.

Admittedly, my level of emotional investment was pretty darn low at the beginning, but I was gradually pulled deeper and deeper; by the third act my eyes were glued to the screen. Your writing is utterly compelling: dialogue feels natural, battles are heart-pounding (I was particularly impressed with how well the fight between Flare and Tai was written, what with its, ah, "unusual circumstances"), and tears fell from my eyes during the final farewell.

Speaking of which (and here's where the most morbidly spoiler-phobic of readers will want to skip a couple paragraphs), there were a few minutes where I thought you were going to make Flare the Entity, which would've been even more stupefyingly awesome, but what you did do was probably more interesting. Case in point: the consequence that the time stone never actually came from anywhere. Like a subatomic particle in a closed timelike curve (er...look it up), it has no origin or ultimate fate, but travels in an endless cycle, always coming back to the same place in both space AND time. I love it!

Anyway, another minor problem with this story is that I can't buy the idea of Lavos being the Entity's approximately equal-powered rival. In-game, it always seemed pretty clear to me that the Entity was kind of like today's common portrayal of Yahweh (the Judeo-Christo-Islamic god), while Lavos was more like one of the weaker Greek gods. Lavos was an extremely powerful being within the known universe, but the Entity existed outside it altogether. Incidentally, my personal favourite Lavos backstory is the one posited in the Planeswakers fanfic series (not much of it is on this site; Google it): far from being unique, it is but a typical member of a sentient, parasitic species for which travelling to young planets disguised as asteroids and eventually encouraging the development of organisms to live off of is standard operating procedure.

My final small gripe is the spelling mistakes. While not egregious, there are definitely more than I'd like. The most notable examples are the consistent use of an E in Gaspar's name and a second L in Schala's. You also erroneously used "breathe" instead of "breath" at least once, and I seem to recall that the same goes for "suite" vs. "suit."

But, in the immortal words of Yahtzee, "these are the complains of a tiny, irrelevant mouse clinging to the back of a roaring lion with a jet-pack...It’s just damn GOOD." 9/10; favourited; would r- no, WILL read again sometime.
Zane Longsharks chapter 38 . 3/22/2013
This is the best chrono trigger fanfic and one of the best fanfics period that I have ever read. It has all the themes of a classic rescue princess story with a lot of little twist and turns. Flare is definitely a memorable character and coodles for the little coup in the end. Still had me laughing that he taught himself how to fight. I enjoy this tale a great deal. I've just got to say good job. Two thumbs up. 10/10. :]
Max chapter 38 . 5/21/2012
Beautiful. Masterful. Amazing. :)
Mac chapter 35 . 5/20/2012
Wow this story is outrageously good. Its one of the best I've ever read in a long time. Excellent work!
Mac chapter 10 . 5/15/2012
I like the way that Flare and Tai aren't raging unstoppable gary sues. I like how even together they, being novices, still couldn't defeat a master. It keeps the story interesting.
ZaneLongsharkstoolazytologin chapter 3 . 5/15/2012
This was one of my most favorite games ever. :). I'm glad to say that your story does it justice. I'm at chapter four and I'm loving what I'm reading. Good job.
sdkorin chapter 17 . 5/17/2011
And with that said, I must agree with the others. This is something for the ages. Or maybe its for all of us to hold dear to our hearts and hear the beating of the sunset at it brings about the end of another day. Or fair the well in this echoed time and bring forth a new day to which another of these great chapters can bring us a full moon of light and shed the shadows of out evil selves.
Shade the Bat chapter 38 . 3/25/2011
Flare was awesome!

You made a perfect plot, and wrote beautifuly.

Thank you for writing, and dont ever stop!
Ikarus The Mayor chapter 24 . 10/31/2009
I've missed this story. I had to read the last chapter again because I didn't remeber what happened. :P

But, I'm happy to see a new chapter. And now, I'ts great to see that Randall has an important role on the story. Before he was just a Knight seeking revenge and had nothing particularly special about him. At least that's how I felt about him. Now he is the rightfull owner of the Masamune. Like his brother was. I loved the idea of including other Knights besides Cyrus and Frog who wielded the Masamune.

Now Randall is a whole new character to me and I like it. :)

Anyway. Hope you update soon. Keep up the good work!
Kasienda chapter 23 . 3/1/2009
Well, he'd have to be pretty important. If he doesn't save Gina we have no Crono and the future sucks!

But I can see your plans are bigger than that. Can't wait to see where you take this.
Frog-kun chapter 23 . 2/15/2009
Before I go on and on about what I really enjoyed about this story, I'll give some constructive criticism.

While I'm pleased to say that the quality of writing in this story just gets better and better as the story progresses, you still have to watch your spelling, as you sometimes confuse homonyms. (That is, words which sound the same but are spelt differently, such as 'here' and 'hear'; 'seen' and 'scene', etc.) You seem to be pretty reliant on Spellcheck, so I recommend you comb through the story very carefully, as some spelling errors are hard to detect.

As a fanfic, I really love the plot of this and how you've managed to stay quite true to the original storyline. It's obvious you've done your research and I like how you've incorporated Chrono Cross themes in it too, like the Radical Dreamers and the poem at the beginning.

That said, I like this is a fanfic. If I was reading this as an original story, I would rate the plot as average among action stories. Most of what happened was contrived and predictable, but that has definitely perked up in the later chapters so by now I am actually quite hooked, so I don't really know quite what I'm complaining about. Still, it took about 20 chapters for me to feel that way about the story.

You're still reading this? Wow, you must be tenacious.

What I love (as in, really love) about this fanfic in particular is the characterisation. They're all distinct and likable, each with their own motivations and dreams. Flare is a apt hero, strong and likable, someone who you can really root for. He's got his flaws and he's not overly strong.

But the real standout was Xavius. He is a great villain, and he had many layers of mystery over him, so for most of the time I was reading the story, I was reading it because I wanted to know more about Xavius. When I think about him, he is not really too different from a diligent pupil who got carried away. He knows he has weaknesses and wants to rectify them but goes too far and doesn't seem to care about how others will respond. I certainly don't want him to win but still... he is very interesting. I hope you won't make him suddenly turn "good" at the end because that will probably ruin a great villain. (Then again, Magus turned good and he's awesome.)

I'm really looking forward to the next chapter by the way. This story deserves more reviews. I hope this long one will compensate that a bit.
Frog-kun chapter 21 . 2/15/2009
I was just reading this story again and I just stopped to review here because... wow... there was a plot twist! Most of the story up to here was entertaining and somewhat predictable, and while I confess to being addicted to your characters, Xavius in particular, I was quite taken aback by the fact that he is Schala's uncle.


I really like it. I have to keep reading.
Ikarus The Mayor chapter 21 . 11/7/2008
I've been reading your story and i'm loving it.

I like Original Characters, and your characters are very charismatic and fun.

Plus, you came up with a good plot so far. My favorite part is when they get to the end of time for the first time (Reminds me of how cool it was for me to get there when I first played Chrono Trigger).

I don't review much the stuff i read, but i'm reviewing this so you don't give up. You've got talent.

Can't wait to see the end of this story. XD

I'm Sorry if I saind something you don't understand. I'm from Brasil and English is not my first language... :P
Kasienda chapter 18 . 10/15/2007
I absolutely love how you have incorporated Chrono Trigger into the future. So many people just talk about the future as if its here. Like the gang watches movies and goes shopping at ambercrombie or some such nonsense. Your future is filled with Chrono Trigger. It's cool.

I love Paige's response to Wroff being unable to use magic as if it explains everything.
sdkorin chapter 1 . 9/28/2007
Well, it seems neat so far... but can you keep it up? We'll see... oh yes, we'll see!
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