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anon chapter 148 . 3/19/2013
Humanity’s fate should be in the hands of humans

Wonder Woman kicks Batman’s butt every time they fight because that’s what happens when a normal person goes against a super of that caliber with no Kryptonite factor, of course they also have similar tactical mindsets or at least fighting skills and with her superior abilities she obviously has the advantage

Ancient humans were the settlers of Rann, Thanagar, and Krypton, life began on earth, without the White Martians ancient experiments all humanity would like the Kryptonians or Daxamites at the very least

Everyone should be given tech and powers it’s idiotic this isn’t done

God made man Sam Colt made them equal

When you live in a world of such technology and people with four digit IQs why in the nine hells haven’t you solved the world’s problems of poverty and disease the heroes care more about playing Mr. Son of God than actually improving the lives of the people

And Bruce Wayne is EXACTLY the same at best he’s a manipulative a$$hole fascist and at worst a paranoid psychotic a hair’s width away from his enemies
BumbleJay chapter 107 . 3/3/2013
Argh! Your story is so addictive! I really want to know though, does tim make an appearance any tine soon? I love tim.
swartzvald chapter 75 . 2/24/2013
At this point I'm wondering what the next, uh145-75ugh...math, whatever chapters are about since pretty much everybody's dead now.
swartzvald chapter 72 . 2/24/2013
YOU KILLED HAWKGIRL! For a joke! And not even a good joke!
For the sake of wanting to keep reading this I'm going to assume it was the other hawkkgirl. There were two of them right?
MysteryMan27 chapter 147 . 1/29/2013
NICE little inclusion of Kara hearing Lex's cameras and just thinking that they were put in there by Cyborg. I probably never would have noticed that though if I didn't just read the last chapter. Nice to see each of the Titans get a little bit of attention but Raven does bring up a good point about how Kara is dealing with her potential future self. Dare I say that we're going to see a little bit more of her? (Raven, I mean)

Morrigan has been a surprisingly interesting addition to the story. I don't suppose that we'll be seeing any more of The Darkstalkers involved? Whatever you go about it the name of Vincent's angel/demon was awesome and I should have seen Sabbac's attack coming. The guy never learns does he?

One thing I'll complain about was that Roy was awfully quick to just accept the prostitute offer (man, that looks weird on print). I mean, it certainly made me laugh but he's a professional first and foremost and just having him and Eddie just walk out of a dangerous situation doesn't speak well for any of the guys on the team. At least Batman's team is in trouble because they're outgunned.

And now there's Superboy? No way it's Superboy, is it? You're not the type to just bring people back from the dead. (glares at Stephanie)
MysteryMan27 chapter 146 . 1/29/2013
I don't know what the deal is with this guy talking great about Luthor but I think you've got him written well here. He's a guy who just doesn't want anybody to steal his thunder and will resort to any means to prove that he's the only important person around. You can't just save the world in one fell swoop or everybody else would have done that already. It has to be done in tiny steps like Batman and the rest are doing their best to go through. You make it more real by making them make mistakes along the way since, hey, they're only human.

Speaking of Batman I did get a chuckle out of watching him dig into Penguin. Hey, he's probably dead right about the fact that Cobblepot just gets more money every time The Iceberg is destroyed. I would think that Oswald would grow pretty interested in stopping Luthor if only it would give hiim the opportunity to make up for all the humiliations in the past. I would have liked to see Nightwing get some more significant screen time now that he's back but his little bits with Huntress are pretty funny. Likewise I think B.C. gets a bit more time than she deserves but it's clear that you're planning on doing something with her and Batman. Gotta wonder what Catwoman is going to say about that and where is she anyway?
anon chapter 147 . 1/20/2013
Lex Luthor goes out of his way to be a friendly, personable boss to the help, from his janitor to the guy who owns the newsstand near his building to Alfred Pennyworth when he meets Bruce Wayne, Lex is actually a very complex character, he appreciates honest, hard work, since he himself comes from a working-class background (he’s from Metropolis’s Suicide Slums), and he's not lying when he says that he has the ultimate well-being of humanity in mind HE should be the one in charge, but as long as he has that, he does try to make those under him live better lives. Lex has a good understanding of how economics work, so he knows that his financial empire is supported by average joes working blue-collar jobs
anon chapter 147 . 1/20/2013
I have a family f* you and your high and mighty B.S. we little people can’t depend on you at all times, you care more about playing who’s got the bigger cock than actually improving the lives of the people

What about the dozens, hundreds, and thousands they DO and WILL continue to kill

You keep poking a tiger eventually it’s going to bite you

Always assumed torturing the damned was just a job to most demons, as you say god’s servants can also run the gamut from good to bad to somewhere in between, God himself could just a guy trying to do his best

I believe the general rule is do or at least try to do more good than harm

The Authority save more than they kill

The world needs men like Luthor not men like Batman check out Extermination from Boom

A hero teaches the people to take care of themselves

I hate how the heroes act like school bullies I get it when it’s sickos who enjoy killing people, the child molesters, the thugs too stupid to understand anything else, and crime lords even the ones who properly manage the implacable illicit businesses of city life (Illicit businesses are an implacable part of city life all prohibition does is make criminals rich), they’re probably still thieves and killers so keeping them on leashes is probably smart, but when they do it to the likes of Luthor and Maxwell Lord I almost understand doing things like dropping an atom bomb on Gotham to kill Batman

In Kingdom Come The “Newbloods” spent their whole lives in terror of these villains, they see the older generation as ineffective

The "Newbloods" obviously took it too far but as they say they did save lives (some villains do need to be stopped permanently they keep breaking out of prison (Arkham is state of the art the most infamous denizens are just that good at escaping and they WILL kill in the dozens, hundreds, and thousands, some ARE that much of a threat to the people if not the heroes and it just seems sickeningly aristocratic) and butchering innocents the only reason they haven't put down the Joker I can figure is that the DCverse is the type of place someone like the Joker would break out of Hell and probably bring an army of demons to do his bidding) and they had new worse villains like the Slaughter Brigade to deal with, this is probably why the older heroes didn't step in until the "Newbloods" crossed the line, in a dark world heroes can be dark, but after they kill the villains, they have to stop if they still want to fight each other go to the middle of the desert not cities

Don't get me wrong lethal force should be used if and only if all other means are exhausted or unavailable to save lives or stop villains, I certainly don't want them slitting the throats of every single thug they come across (you do that you stop being a hero and become Frank Castle) if only because it could be an undercover cop doing his or her job

Say you’re Harry Truman, do you drop the bombs or do you drown the home islands in the blood of U.S. Marines BATMAN has no answer to that question

Sometimes the greatest good for the greatest number just means the least amount of suffering

Sometimes you have to cut deals with the lesser evil

The villains even ones with godlike power may fear Joker but they are in awe of Lex Luthor

I like to think Lex like Adrian Veidt in Watchmen can go toe to toe with any non-powered hero develop his own fighting style and workout program in addition to being scientific/business/political overall Renaissance man, that his white suit as powerful as his power armor

I also think he should have nanotech that makes him like the Darkness or Spawn, robots like his power armor, Doomsdays and Bizarros that are stronger, smarter, faster, better looking than Supes hordes completely under his thrall

In the comics Mercy is an Amazon as in Wonder Woman can go toe to toe with Supes and she has a partner Hope I like to think they're from the Citizenry space Amazons ruled by Wonder Woman's aunt Astarte with guns as powerful as green lantern ring

As president Luthor eliminated the national debt, brought unemployment to almost zero, it was HIS leadership that got us through two alien invasions and even the heroes admit without it we would have fallen

Only through Lex has there ever been an instance where humanity unites and thrives in the cosmos
Bookwormseeker chapter 146 . 1/7/2013
Nice going so far! I hope you update soon! Thanks and good luck!
R.D chapter 146 . 1/7/2013
Lot of focus here on Batman which is not at all a bad thing. Not sure if he's actually going to get a lot of focus on whatever Luthor is doing but all the stuff about him is just so entertaining (especially if he's just ragging on the poor Penguin). I've said this before but the possibility of a Bruce/Dinah relationship is still pretty interesting since the both of them have gotten towards having the same intentions. They both want to make certain that their families are all right.

Pretty stoked that Stephanie is on her way to see Larfleeze (and Atrocitus presumably). We've already seen her present examples of using Red Lantern powers even without the ring so I'm wondering if she'll do the same thing with the Orange lantern. Also I'm guessing that she'll find the Corps take on these guys to be rather interesting.
Robinegg chapter 146 . 12/5/2012
Wow, I was not expecting so much Batman and Penguin in this chapter but it was AMAZING. The whole thing between the both of them is an almost sibling like relationship (well, except all the emergency rooms :-p) and The Riddler coming in to take stock of it all made it that much better.

So what are you trying to do between Batman and Black Canary? Isn't Bats supposed to be with Catwoman? Gotta say that I did adore the commentary between Huntress and Nightwing about Bruce and Dinah and I know you've always thought those two to be a cute couple.

As for the other stuff. . . the bit with the Green Lanterns was great. Weird seeing that Hal, the former rebel, is now trying to act as the voice of reason for the Corps as Stephanie gets more suspicious. Something tells me that somebody is going to have to explain about Atrocitus and Larfleeze. They are both Lanterns, after all. The Lloyd stuff was quick and painless (I really liked Nigel's brief appearance) and I'll admit that Morrigan intrigues me after all the talk about her.
Donnalk chapter 146 . 11/26/2012
Good story please do not drop this one it is so very interesting
Eltoro chapter 145 . 11/26/2012
I love this story!
I come and check for updates everyday and get excited when there is a new one!
I don't usually review so I hope you can appreciate how much I love this!
Keep the updates coming!
anon chapter 146 . 11/25/2012
Cobblepot is very smart and though not in Batman’s league he is a judo expert

Kind of hoping they’d pull a Stewie and Brian and he wouldn’t tell when it was coming

Not everyone gets a trustfund, when you’re hungry you become a thief or killer if you have to

Only through Luthor has there ever been an instance of mankind uniting and thriving in the cosmos

Life began on earth, ancient humans were the settlers of Krypton, Rann, and Thanagar

Without the White Martians ancient experiments all humanity would be like the Kryptonians or Daxamites at the very least

When you live in a world of such technology and people with four digit IQs why in the nine hells haven't you solved the world's problems of poverty and disease, the "freedom" to starve to death or be slaughtered?

It’s like the heroes care more about playing Mr. Son of God strutting around going who’s got the bigger cock than actually improving the lives of the people

God made man Sam Colt made them equal everyone should be given powers and tech and magic not this sickeningly aristocratic costume B.S.

A hero teaches the people to take care of themselves it’s idiotic everyone isn’t given powers and tech
The Batchild chapter 145 . 11/20/2012
Who is Eddie Blumberg again? The Blue Beetle?

I actually had a real review written for this chapter at one point but I lost it. That's what I get for writing on paper. I don't remember much of what I said, but I know one of the things was that I like Black Canary.

Also that I cringe whenever I read about the Penguin because the guy is just... *shudder* But that may just be the Tim Burton version sticking with me. That's probably it. Maybe I should focus on the LEGO version from now on... He was funny.


I may not have absorbed as much as I should, but I'll at least be ready for the next chapter!
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