Reviews for The Phantom of the Opera From the Beginning
Christine Daae DE CHAGNY chapter 31 . 3/13/2010
Please finish- everything else is laid out for you from here!
Angel1256 chapter 2 . 12/16/2009
I have no idea why this beautiful phic isn't overflowing with reviews. After reading, I saw Christine & Erik's relationship in a whole new light. Erik's adoration from so early on... from her childhood... is pure magic. It gives a sense of true love. You have made them soul mates.

I wish you would continue writing. I am mesmerized and dying for more! Please? (
TheArtificialOxford chapter 31 . 12/9/2009
i love your take on the story! please keep it coming!
Wide-Eyed For Pontmercy chapter 1 . 11/18/2008
are you going to finish this? I think its wonderful & Im dying for the rest!
herMUSiCnotesXo chapter 1 . 10/20/2006
OmG, i really like this. I'm adding to my favs. I like how you added Christine and Raoul first meeting, and Christine and her father's last convo. D

Agas Spenjahgra VII chapter 29 . 10/19/2006
Ha ha, that's very funny.
theendofallthings chapter 1 . 10/10/2006
OMG... I read this stry for the 1st time on message boards!
de muziek van de nacht chapter 1 . 10/10/2006
very Swet

I lovee it :)
cookiemonsterks chapter 27 . 10/7/2006
dun dun dun
Cassandra Aisling chapter 1 . 10/5/2006
You posted this one on here too! Yay! That makes me very happy!

Great job!

-C. Aisling
cookiemonsterks chapter 26 . 9/27/2006
Ah, two very nice chapters...
cookiemonsterks chapter 24 . 9/14/2006
Aw, this is it so far? I just got so into it.

There were a few times where the words didn't watch up right, but that was only maybe 5 or 6 times.

I still do like you little version or it, and wish that it be continued!
cookiemonsterks chapter 14 . 9/13/2006
Well, I just started reading this todday, and I already like how you word things. I have the page set to about 4 by 6, so I cannot say how lengthy or short it is, but it has taken me awhile to get this far.

You can exspect another review from me soon. This one is to simply state my progress, so that I do not forget where I last was.
lplplplplpl chapter 19 . 8/22/2006
aw i lovedd it! to cute to sweet!
lplplplplpl chapter 18 . 8/12/2006
please update soon, i have to know what happens! i loved it!
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