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Guest chapter 76 . 10/16
In this particular chapter, Padme is even more disgusting than usual in this fic, and that is definitely saying something.

Because Mon Mothma was RIGHT. Vader HAS killed people, including the loved ones of members of the Alliance. Not only that, he KIDNAPPED LEIA AND HAD HER TORTURED. You know, Leia? Padme's OWN DAUGHTER?

But no; screw the Rebels with loved ones killed by Vader. Screw Leia, who's done more for the Alliance in this fic than the rest of her family. Padme cares more about the evil version of her husband from another dimension. Why? Because he's hot, and she's horny.

My God. Padme is a Star Wars version of Bella Swan in this story. I thought it was bad enough when she was comforting Anakin after he committed genocide in Episode II, but this? This is much worse. Padme is asking the Rebel Alliance, who's been fighting Vader for over 20 years, to trust him. She has the nerve to get pissy when they refuse to trust him, again, for good reason. What makes it even worse is that she and Anakin have NOT been fighting the Empire for over 20 years, but have been screwing around on Tatooine all this time, because they're selfish cowards.

Padme has NO RIGHT to tell the Alliance how to treat Vader. She has NO RIGHT to whine about the Alliance's decision to try Vader. She ABANDONED the galaxy twenty years ago to go play soccer mom to Anakin and their kids. She only wants to help Vader because he looks like her husband. Your version of Padme is a selfish, cowardly, whiny idiot. She sickens me.

By the way, why isn't Leia speaking up and telling her mother off? After all, she was the one who was kidnapped and imprisoned by Vader. She was the one who decided to go fight for the Alliance while the rest of her family hid like the selfish cowards they were. She was the one whose adopted planet was nearly blown up. She should NOT be agreeing with Padme on this issue. Hell, in canon, Luke had to work hard to convince her that Vader still had any good in him, because she suffered way more at Vader's hands than Luke did. And mind you, Luke was only saying that Vader could be redeemed; he wasn't thinking that Vader should be allowed in the Alliance and trusted completely. If you hadn't completely torn out Leia's spine and removed her personality, she would be furious at the very idea, and she would SHOW that she was furious.
Guest chapter 73 . 8/21
So let me see if I can get things straight from what I've read so far:

1. Leia and Luke traveling back in time didn't do ANYTHING, because Palpatine still took over the Galaxy.
2. In your fic, Anakin, Padme, and Obi-Wan are whiny, selfish cowards who abandoned the Galaxy for 20 years to go off and live a happy-sappy family life on Tatooine.
3. In your fic, Luke and Leia are pathetic, childish, useless loads whose parents still treat them like children.
4. In your fic, Boba Fett is a sick pervert, since he's hitting on Mara Jade when she's 17.
5. In your fic, Darth Vader (the one from the other universe) is a weepy loser who's had all of his canon menace and evil taken away.
6. In your fic, Padme is a two-timing whore who loves to lead Darth Vader on, under the guise of "helping him".
7. In your fic, Darth Vader wants to rape this universe's version of Padme.

You know, I never thought anyone could make Anakin, Padme, and the prequels!Jedi even more horrible people than they were in canon, but I was wrong. And unlike canon, the characters from the original trilogy don't make up for the awfulness of the prequel characters. So I'll stick to Lucas's version of Star Wars, thank you very much. You can keep this disgusting AU to yourself.
NinjaGirl1117 chapter 86 . 7/10
This story is amazing! I know life gets in the way, but I would love it if you would finish this incredible story. I hope you find inspiriation from these review to finish! Your writing talent never ceases to amaze me. I sometimes forget I am reading fan fiction and not a published book. You are so very talented never forget that.
-May the force be with you
AmazingGraceless chapter 66 . 5/21
I'm kinda squicked with Mara right now. She's seventeen at this time!
masterjay chapter 1 . 4/9
Dear QueenNaberrie,

Please finish this story as soon as you can! This story is amazing and so is "Chance for Atonement". I would very much like to know what happens next, since Anakin Skywalker was always my favorite character.
The Lost Fox chapter 86 . 4/7
Don't give this up! Please post more!i
AnthonyR89 chapter 36 . 2/25
still an interesting read, though the absence of Ashoka is rather glaring to me, despite the knowledge that this story was started before the Clone Wars show started. also noticed the absence of Winter from eu, though. she was more or less Leia's sister and chief aide in the books.
AnthonyR89 chapter 17 . 2/24
and more angst. i h ate angst.
AnthonyR89 chapter 11 . 2/24
so, this chapter is rather irritating...
AnthonyR89 chapter 2 . 2/24
interesting so far, even if i do have to ignore quite a few plot holes to enjoy it. though that mainly comes with the territory when it comes to time travel stories. especially when it's deliberate.
RangerJacksonPotter123 chapter 86 . 2/13
OMG! Holy Hera! This is so amazing! Please update again when possible I want to know if they find the two youngest skywalkers and rescue Anakin! Oh this is the best alternate dimension and alternate time travel story ever!
Yarshi 64 chapter 86 . 1/31
Dear, Author
Please continue this I'm waiting as patiently as possible please try to finish please I just can't wait to find out what happens next!

Sincerely, Yarshi64
Anonymous person chapter 86 . 1/15
I know I said this before but I hope you continue this soon I'm just dieing to find out what happens next! I really hope you finish this really is amazing please continue.

Anonymous person chapter 86 . 1/12
Hope you finish this it's really great I laughed and sometimes almost cried this is genuinly great please continue it please.
Guest chapter 1 . 1/8
Obi, you are wonderful.
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