Reviews for Her, Him and Them
SoulEaterMARLuver chapter 7 . 10/14/2006
I found this fanfiction very sadisfying. It has short sentences that make it seem like the real anime. I really like how you did the pairing-Nisa/Hyde. I think they're good together. Can you please make a squel to this one?Still with the pairings of Nisa/Hyde.(But with a bit less bad laungage please.)And please don't make Eido so stupid but he was really funy in this story-I liked tht!And please make Eido and Kaniki confess they like for making this awesomly written story.
Compulsive Twitch chapter 7 . 7/14/2006
I KNEW IT I KNEW IT! I SO KNEW IT! *jumps up and down* WHO KNEW! WHO KNEW! HAHA! Anyways... the ending was sweet. Well, I really lked that story! It was romanic yet... humorous... it was.. hummanic. ) I can't believe I was the only one that reviewed your story! O So I guess the story was for me? AW! That was nice! *hugs*
Compulsive Twitch chapter 6 . 7/13/2006
HA I KNEW! I KNEW Arria was his brother! Hmm, maybe Cronlin is after Nisa because he likes her? O.o Maybe... Well, good job! I don't feel like giving such a long review now... Umm... update! :)
Compulsive Twitch chapter 5 . 7/4/2006
Hmm, maybe if you turned off the anonymous thinging... maybe you could get more reviews? Well, about the story...

ARRIA AND KIKI! Yay! I soo KNEW she was a mamodo when she in the 2nd chapter. I KNEW! Hey! That's mean to say to blondes! (I have really dark brown hair) “Oh yeah! Who’s da man!” HAHA! FUNNY!

Cronlin is STALKING her? I thought he was trying to kill her (i could understand0 BUT STALK HER? *wide eyes* That's soo weird. Either he has a crush of her, or... he wants to kill her. Why is he stalking her? What did he do in the mamodo world? (Other than Hyde saving her butt)

“Yep! Now Hyde, I’m going to say this once, YOU ARE HURT. YOU NEED MEDICAL TREATMENT. I AM GOING TO BANDAGE YOU UP.” Oh my! Kaniki knows how to heal people? Yay! She is a doctor!


“Nothing, I just feel bad, I think our readers were expecting a huge battle….. I feel so guilty!” Hey! THe longest battle i ever seen was 2 esp. which is probably 5 paragraphs!

Hehe. I likes when she was saying something, while Hyde tried to interupt her.

“No! Ya see, I used to hear this story about a princess, who was kidnapped by the evil wizard. But her knight in shining armor would rescue her! And-” That's ALWAYS true.

“TRUE LOVE CONQUERS ALL!” sinec i have read millions of mushy stories... I have to agree to this!

DIE ARRIA DIE! Hehe! That sounds soo funny! What is Galig so mad about? Is because he is with a mamodo that needs anger mangement clasees? Is it because that mamodo that needs those classes kicked him? Is he mad that he only has what 2 spells? Is he mad- "WILL YOU SHUT UP?"
Compulsive Twitch chapter 4 . 7/2/2006
YAY! I'm back from Alaska! Sorry i didn't review for like... a week! I'M SOO SORRY! I had to go to a cruise, to Alaska! Believe it or not.

OOH IM IN A STORY! YAY! 'sighs and folds arms' I WANT YOU TO GET MORE REVIEWS! , I'll find a way! SOMEHOW... *evil laugh* Jk! Haha!

I liked that story! Hyde is WAYY to embarassed to even LOOK at Nisa! Man, Cronlin sure knows how to ruin a moment! He should be the head of The Moment Ruiners. JUST SAYING. Eido must be a light sleeper! Why Galig stupid? He is evil and should be this mad genius! Oh, and put in that he has an evil laugh. It should be... BWHAHAHAHA! Or WUAHAHAHA! Either or.

This was my FAVORITE part.

“Idiots! You can’t beat me! You’re weak! WEAK YOU HEAR ME! WEAK! YOU’RE-” WHACK! Cronlin fell over, out cold. Hyde was hovering above him. (he kicked him in the head)


QUESTION: Why can't Eido be a moron? WHy is EIdo always the Baka?(idiot in japanese) He seems more of a moron than an idiot.


“That’s Mr. Idiot to you!” ... ITS ! Just saying.

Hyde cracked after he got burned. I would too... but it was scary reading how Hyde got pissed. *shivers*

Eido is now in controll. *sings* Everyone in the Eido carryer please stand up, please stand up. Okay singing is over now.

I BET MY NICKEL ITS NISA SISTER! Or cousin... or friend. Which ever comes first. I GET A NICKEL! I'm going to be 5 CENTS RICHER! YAY! *six flags theme song* Okay, sorry if this review is crazy, but i like writing how the story was reading it over and typing things in here. Its so much fun. Well, I hope this makes up for my Not-here-for-a-week issue. *puts nickel on the table* Im going home with a DIME today!
Compulsive Twitch chapter 3 . 6/20/2006
AW! That was cute... but what was the test? To see if Hyde likes her? Well, please answer that. I liked where he had to hug her to get her to Eido's house! So funny! 3 update or Hyde wont have any more hugs!
Compulsive Twitch chapter 2 . 6/16/2006
Lol pointless arguement! Yet so funny! Must read chapter 3!
Compulsive Twitch chapter 1 . 6/10/2006