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cherrishish chapter 135 . 9/26
woohoo... finally got caught up with this :D I like your interpetation go the Prince of Dawn and Princess of Dusk games! I used them in my fics too, tho completely differently. Such a shame that there is nothing about them in English.
Coffeegirl chapter 135 . 9/24
This chapter was a great break. It was like a nice filler episode that the series would hav. Dark? Part of me is looking forward to it but i also dread it. I'm super excited for vhob though. My boyfriend and I read that together.

As for people getting sick of you. As if! I'd like to see you updating like 5 stories a week.
cherrishish chapter 127 . 9/23
Elena is from Aerugo like Claudio not Creta. besides that's to the west not the south.
cherrishish chapter 102 . 9/21
okay how did Havoc take a walk? he is paralysed!
Hawkstang chapter 135 . 9/19
I'm surprised that she didn't decide to throw the flowers at his face. Awesome work ;)
MomoxDerpy chapter 135 . 9/19
I'm so happy every time there is a new Chapter of this Fanfic :D Seriously, R&R are literally doing it everywhere, lol. I guess it's the horniest couple I ever met on this site xD
LopezV97 chapter 135 . 9/18
Hilarious chapter, my friend. Kept me laughing at the perfect moments. XD
cheesyteal'c chapter 135 . 9/18
Yes, you need all kinds of therapy after being at the armstrongs. And he fell...really Olivier? You threw him around like a rag doll. And do you have something against Hawaiian shirts? Luvs and hugs
waddiwasiwitch chapter 135 . 9/18
This is perfection! I'm a little disturbed by Arminstrong's exhibition though. Ha ha!
skele-gro chapter 135 . 9/17
thanks for the chapter; i had a good laugh!
C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only chapter 135 . 9/17
GOD, this was HILARIOUS!...I couldn't stop laughing!...I had a run-in with a "summer" Armstrong cosplayer a few years ago at a convention so...The flashbacks I had...
Girlfromcoffeesh chapter 134 . 9/4
I'm the girl who noticed you liked fanfic and started talking to you for a bit. I just wanted to say thank you so so much for what you did yesterday! For those reading this author was at a restaurant/coffee shop type place. I just happened to notice she like thius site and I asked her name so i could read later. Later my mom and I were short money because mom forgot to bring her wallet with her card, and she saw we were having troble, approached and swiped her card to help. We offered her teh money we had but woundn't take it.

I also read this story and loved it even thou I don't know Fullmetal that well. I want to watch adn read it now then I'll read more.

Once again, thank you so much!
Rukia's Reflection chapter 134 . 8/29
Sorry it took me so long, but these last three chapters were excellent!
daydreamer234 chapter 134 . 8/26
Great chapter!
I love your stories and can't wait for the next chapter. I look forward for the (hopefully soon) new update!
Hugs and Kisses, your loyal reader,
LittleMissHugALot chapter 134 . 8/22
This is enchanting and i love it. Update soon.
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