Reviews for Best Kept Secret
Nuzha chapter 138 . 3/21
That was just incredible! I don't know how you do it but your writing always managed to make me feel what the characters are feeling. Keep up the good work.
Guest chapter 1 . 3/20
I cant find the chapter where roy and lust fight. Which one is it again? xD
SydtheBookworm chapter 138 . 3/18
Hey, I just really wanted to say that I love your story. I've been following it for a while now and it's always my favorite email notification to get for this site. I'm not brave enough to post any of my own writing, but yours is everything I wish mine could be. Thank you for being such an inspiration ~
mixmax300 chapter 138 . 3/14
This chapter was powerful. Riza letting out all her frustration and anger was extremely intense. I'm really glad that Roy is an anchor for her. I really enjoyed this chapter and I can't wait for more! I hope you're doing okay even with a lot of stuff going on in your own life. I'm sure this chapter was your way of letting out that anger and frustration. And I hope you have someone in your life to keep you grounded and focused too. I look forward to more, but take your time! Write on!
Sebine chapter 138 . 3/14
Damn son

Riza needs cuddles
C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only chapter 138 . 3/13
WOW...That is a REEEEAAAAALLLLLLLLY good twist with her tattoo scar...I LOVE it.
Hawkstang chapter 138 . 3/13
Great as always
EmeraldEyes2000 chapter 138 . 3/13
This was an insane chapter; like I reared up at one point and was just all over the place! Please please please give these two a break next chapter! Just something where Roy is cleaning up her wounds and such! Please?!
daydreamer234 chapter 138 . 3/13
This was such a good chapter! I look forward to the next
Elizabeth Hawkeye Mustang chapter 138 . 3/13
I really enjoyed this chapter! It's a love/hate thing for me to see Riza breakdown because it a sad but it shows her human side. Hawkeye is my favorite anime character of all time and I love how you keep her true to her self and not over exaggerate her breakdowns to the point where it's too OOC. I'm looking forward to future chapters :)
InstaBetty chapter 138 . 3/13
love it! so many emotions!
AceOvSpades chapter 138 . 3/13
Beautifully written chapter! I love it so much.
I hope everything works out for you
InstaBetty chapter 137 . 3/7
Ugh, yes! can't wait for more!
Baby-Maraj chapter 137 . 3/6
Riza's thoughts: To get the blood of all seven would be extremely difficult. But she knew what was possible for him to get. Something they all shared.

Me: What do they all sha-... Damn, the philosopher's stone.
Also Me: Why is Hohenheim always the center of things?
EliteGough1998 chapter 137 . 3/3
Just read the whole story and absolutely love it! Please update soon!
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