Reviews for Best Kept Secret
illuminati7roman chapter 1 . 9/3
Oh gosh this is incredible! I've felt so much emotion through this fic I felt like I was really there! Please update I can't bear to be left on a cliffhanger ! The suspense is killing me xD
mary mustang cullen chapter 128 . 8/31
Ohh i love your history is fantastic , and wonderfull,
Is the best fanfic royai
cheesyteal'c chapter 128 . 8/31
Roy you are in trouble with a capital T. Excellent work moon. Sorry it took so long o get to this luvs hugs and pocky
BubblesBabe chapter 128 . 8/25
Holy fucking shit, this is fabulous. So long but I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. Please Moon, I want some more.
Fandom Exploitation chapter 128 . 8/25
So I think I started reading this originally back in the 2006-07 days and then completely forgot about FMA. Then I rewatched the series and decided to see what fanfiction was out there. I found this again, and I got to enjoy it all over again, and find that you had continued it, and still going till this day. That, my friend, is dedication and I truly salute you.

All I can say is that this is an absolute masterpiece. I don't know how you get all the twist and turns of the story in there, but they work perfectly, and definitely had me caught off guard here and there. All I can say is best of luck for the upcoming chapters and this time I'll be keeping track of this. Off to do some catch up of VHOB which I do believe I read in the past as well. Thanks for being a literary gem!
Pandora's Clock chapter 128 . 8/17
I read this entire story in a single day. Good thing I had time off from work. This is amazing. I mean I'd read a few chapters before, but I couldn't finish it because something always popped up. It's been in the back of my mind for a while now just teasing me. And then you left us with this cliffhanger. One thing I noticed about you was the fact that you always leave us wanting more but give us just enough in a chapter to satisfy. That's a trait of a good writer. I seriously couldn't put down my tablet. I admit that I even read this while on the toilet. Also, I like how you progress in writing skills throughout the story, and I look forward to seeing you progress more in the future.
Guest chapter 128 . 8/5
Wow. I read 128 chapters in 3 days. Which is fast for me. Thank you so much for expressing your version of this wonderful story! Your writing is eloquent and brilliantly executed as well as your OC's are marvelously integrated. Please keep writing and update this story. I feel almost infatuated with your writing! Thanks again!
Guest chapter 128 . 7/26
I normally would use my account but I wanted to write freely. I love how you just "get it". I still struggle with depression and hearing my actions are selfish only makes me want to end it more. I'm getting help, but I still hear that my attempts and my depression even, is selfish. As if I can stop the depression I have. I love that you don't pick sides in your fic and appreciate you tackling these areas that are areas becoming all too common among people. I got the numbers for that hotline. This has made me want to work even harder on hanging on. Thank you. 3
Rukia's Reflection chapter 128 . 7/25
Lol! Sorry its taken so long. Woth the emd of last semester, and taking a summer class, I've been swamped. These last two chapters were great. We got to see even more character development on main characters. And I agree. The characters we wrote are not necessarily is or share our viewpoints. Bravo for having the courage to put something that is against the norm in your fic. Added spice to it.
Novawinsone chapter 128 . 7/11
Okay, I didn't believe the hype that came with this fiction. It's like when you hear about a popular book then read it and see that it wasn't as good as people said. I've been avoiding this fiction like the plague to be honest, but I'm so glad I gave it a chance! The way you write Royai is refreshing. You don't stick strictly to canon which I can appreciate in this especially because it's not canon. You write them in a way that I can view them as a married could. A common flaw people make when writing them together is to write them as if they aren't together while together. If that makes any sense. They also either make Riza strong and Roy the weak one. They bring Roy down to bring Riza up. You balance it. you show their strenghts and weaknesses with each other. You write Riza as a flawed human being. They're so realistic for people who have gone through what they have. I applaud you on this fiction.

Also, the improvement on your writing from the beginning till now was great.
Mkaylanymphy55 chapter 19 . 7/11
maes knew?
a-proud-fangirl chapter 128 . 7/10
This left me hanging, as always! Keep it up! :)
C.A.M.E.O.1 and Only chapter 128 . 7/9
Oh...This can't be good...
Hawkstang chapter 128 . 7/9
Awesome chapter as always.
ninjaJuvia chapter 127 . 7/7
Bruh. I normally don't write reviews...but Bruh. How. This story is so well written I can't even. The part where Riza was like 'what if I cant trust roy either?' I literally said out loud 'noooo don't think like that boo he loves YOUUU' haha talk about embarrasing much XD update mooooe ;4
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