Reviews for Best Kept Secret
Rinoaebastel chapter 136 . 9/16
Interesting... Now the "prince" is colaborating xDDDD
And Roy is jealous LMAO xDDDDDDDDDDDDD 3 Love him. Love them. Love all you do here
Rinoaebastel chapter 135 . 9/15
This was the invasion of the flower shirts XDDDD
It was fun to read this pool scene like this LOL
Shijaeger chapter 6 . 9/12
a handsome
Fan chapter 138 . 9/12
Please keep going with this story :, ( I check all the time for a new chapter sniff sniff
Rinoaebastel chapter 134 . 9/10
WOHOOOOo the end 3

Anyway, lool...tension between Havoc and Rebecca? Hummmm And... lol these two women are nuts and lovely. Probably they could explode the world together XD xD

PS: I like how Riza is gloating over the fact she pisses every homunculi on her way LMAO
Rinoaebastel chapter 133 . 9/9
... God... this chapter was so agonic torture... I don't know why but gosh... first I was happy that Roy was there, that they seeked each other comfort and then... god... I'm glad she tried to reveal what she did, but they I like they understood her too. These two complex beings... God...Still It's GOSHH love it despite my stomach is curled with angst xD

Awesome ;3
Rinoaebastel chapter 132 . 9/8

I wasn't expecting this to happen...Not here... Wtf... Okay WTF you Homunculi? That punishment is so... God lord... And this chapter started creepy with Pride, and then now I understand the blasted mocking... bastards. You really made them assholes of doom that need to... Gosh...

Poor least Knox tried to aliviate some of her mental distress but... god...
Rinoaebastel chapter 131 . 9/7
Okay... I wasn't expecting this from Bradley but it's a nice lovely with sense twist XDD

And... lol the blackmail gang... is awesome...and worked xD Now I wonder what will happen.
Rinoaebastel chapter 130 . 9/5
God... I was going to say that I liked the respect she showed to Elena, but the at the end of the chapter... god... I assume, we do anything we have to do to protect and save the ones we love...

Another thing, I got curious about the flashbacks. Heh Like nightmares :(
Rinoaebastel chapter 129 . 9/5
Are you sure Riza that was the first time you smell like farm animal? :P So that confirms she didn't had a roll on the hay with Roy xDDD? LOL serius matters...

I wonder...what the homunculos are plotting? Do they know Riza is with Elena and it was in purpose? Mmmmm I wonder why because they made Envy impersonate her and sent her in so secrecy. Now I'm glad everyone in the inner circle knows about her tags.

So what it was... Separate them? Kill Mustang? Kill her? Have a fun with PrinceTerrorist and play bomberman?

PS: Put a cow in your life and be licked with happyness!
Rinoaebastel chapter 127 . 9/5
*Is shocked*
WHY the Hell ? God... Why Elena has a tatto and... considering how Riza reacts... Not god...
Rinoaebastel chapter 126 . 9/5
Wait... what? Did I lost something to her losing her weddign rings? I mean... they were good, right?
Rinoaebastel chapter 125 . 9/5
Heh...Smart way to chase away Homunculus. You know, you could make a secret propaganda as their masterplan which consist in everyone starting kissing until all of them die LMAO

Rinoaebastel chapter 124 . 9/5
You know I liked Bradley to be...Good. I wonder what you will do with him...

I need to add... Poor Fuery! He is a softy marshmellow in a volcanic curry D:
Rinoaebastel chapter 123 . 9/5
I dont' like her mother... I don't like her father... Gosh...
It's sickening to see how just a tool she was...
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