Reviews for Coven of The Rose
noylj chapter 12 . 8/16
From "You Bet Your Life" with Groucho, not the brothers
Kira-Kaminari-san chapter 14 . 7/24
OMG that was absolutely amazing. I couldn't stop laughing couldn't stop reading. this made my week thank you very much for posting this hoping you post some more craziness again
Concolor44 chapter 14 . 5/12
Now THAT was a fun ride! Thanks a lot! Such a collection of massed chaos, I don't believe I've ever seen before. And the plot's main conceit, that pranking trumped killing? Glorious.

Wonderful work! (Though you could do with a copy-editor.)
TLD110166 chapter 12 . 4/8
If you want something funny to read, try the story titled Correspondence on here. The author is emikae.
Squarekiddo chapter 14 . 4/5
You have very linear humour, nothing wrong with that but your story is way to long to support merely this kind of humour, it gets stale, I enjoyed it til like Chapter 5-6 then it was just redundant.
Mizuki Kudara chapter 11 . 12/25/2015
Fucking hilarious chapter , more please ! !
Mizuki Kudara chapter 7 . 12/25/2015
Ohh , star trek teleporter thing !
Mizuki Kudara chapter 2 . 12/25/2015
texan-muggle chapter 14 . 12/15/2015
OK, now that I'm done I can give a full review...

Reading this story made my eyes bleed and gave me a screaming migraine. I have yet to determine whether it was the story or the grammar/spelling/misused/missing words that made my eyes bleed or gave me the screaming migraine (or what miscue was responsible for what percentage of my ailments).

This story reads like a mutant bastard lovechild of Monty Python, Mel Brooks, and Abrahams/Zucker/Zucker (who would carry that child? Carol Cleveland, Anne Bancroft, or Julie Hagerty? No, not Hagerty...way to skinny...maybe Lorna Patterson?)

The story should be quarantined and the author shot...or should that be the author quarantined and the story shot?

At the same time, and this mystifies me beyond my ability to reason, I like it enough to put it in my H/Hr C2. Don't ask...

Meanwhile, if you ever want the grammar/spelling sandblasted (clean-up is definitely insufficient) then we can talk...
phoebuscat chapter 1 . 11/21/2015
No no no... not Vertasium! It's Veritaserum, from veritas truth and serum!
In The Abyss chapter 14 . 11/19/2015
Guest chapter 14 . 10/17/2015
I love you; you love me
We're a happy family
With a great big hug and a kiss from me to you
Won't you say you love me too.

I'd honestly prefer:
Ay Bee Cee Dee Ee Ef Gee, Barney is my enemy
Stick a shotgun up his nose
Pull the trigger, there he goes
Ay Bee Cee Dee Ee Ef Gee, Barney is my enemy
Guest chapter 1 . 8/2/2015
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Foxy Engineer chapter 14 . 6/26/2015
All I have to say is that this was random, amazing and left me scratching my head on more than one occasion.

Thank you for taking the time to write this story.
movielover8210 chapter 11 . 6/15/2015
Great read and by the way what is spurs ?
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