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Raksha The Demon chapter 5 . 12/19/2007
Merry kills Angmar and the fell beast accidentally; I love it!

If Sauron were smart, he'd draft a peace treaty p.d.q. But what can you expect of a Dark Lord dumb enough to put all his power into a fickle liddle ring.
Pearl Took chapter 6 . 11/28/2006
This is altogether wonderful, Llinos! I'm glad the MEFAs led me to it :-) I reviewed it there as well.

Absolutely hysterical!
Larner chapter 6 . 11/23/2006
Oh, dear-it's over. And they did get home in time for tea, although Frodo might have done better without it. Now, to get to the wedding!
Larner chapter 2 . 11/23/2006
Oh, I've read it too, now. I tried so vainly to withstand the temptation, you know, but was lost at last.

Orc-baths? At least the orcs got the bath of all baths!
Inkling3 chapter 2 . 11/17/2006
Just started reading this for the MEFAs, but had to stop and tell you that I haven’t laughed so hard over a fanfic since The Bagenders!

I think this is my favorite bit so far:

“Meanwhile Merry and Pippin had climbed surreptitiously off Meneldor and were sitting in Boromir's shield and using it as a see-saw. Sam was going through the Man's pack to see if he had any spare food and Frodo had borrowed the horn from Meneldor and was trying to get a tune out of it.”

The image of this going on while Boromir is talking to Gandalf is just priceless. But really, all of it is just too, too funny!
ziyal chapter 1 . 6/30/2006
What an incredibly funny and entertaining story! I enjoy every line!

Wonderful work!
Sam chapter 6 . 6/25/2006
Lol, and again Gollum jumps Frodo. That poor hobbit. But Sam makes it all better, saving the day and all by growing impatient. This is very entertaining, Eagles at a picnic, Boromir playing soldier, and Freddy! It's like Gollum all over again, except he builds armies.

Loved the story! Are you going to write anymore new stories or update recap? You have a wonderful style of writing. Hugs!
Grey Wonderer chapter 6 . 6/24/2006
Outstanding! I loved Gollum helping with the baking. I also liked Pippin's insistance on killing something big next time. Next time? Uh-oh.

Everything about Boromir made me laugh. That doesn't usually happen but there you have it. I found Boromir very funny.

Glad to know what happened to Freddy and that really big marble. Do I smell a second part to this in which Freddy attacks something?

All in all a much better ending for Frodo this time and for Gollum and Boromir too. Loved it all. Thanks!

Now, if only I can come up with a winning answer for that contest...
shirebound chapter 6 . 6/24/2006
"We're going to Ithilien for a bit," Legolas said, "I couldn't see it very well, but Gimli said it looked the sort of place I might like."

"Yes," Gimli added, "then we're going to see some caves I spotted – sort of glittery and shiny. I'm hoping to find some good glass-making materials so I can make the elf a new pair of spectacles. I may even run to contact lenses."

Oh ho, so that's how the Dwarves made their fortune! Supplying spectacles to the short-sighted Elves of Middle-earth (and later in the Undying Lands, no doubt).

What fun, Llinos! :D
slightlytookish chapter 6 . 6/24/2006
Your Smeagol is my favorite. He has all the best lines (I'm partial to "Makes the cakesies"). This has been a fun story, I'll miss it! :)
Marigold chapter 5 . 6/22/2006
My favourite bit of this chapter, as you know, is this:

"I thought you were enjoying yourselves," Aragorn said patiently, "you liked the dead people – now didn't you?"

"Yes," Pippin conceded, "but they didn't do much. I mean, you just released them from their oath and then they all ran away!"

And I love all of Boromir’s achievements and that Gollum knows who Tom Bombadil is, and Merry and Pippin’s inability to remember the name of Andúril, Flame of the West! The accidental slaying of the Witch-king is wonderful, and I also really like Gorawen’s name for them, “small cousin creatures”!

This is such a great paragraph:

"I am not sure which of the small cousin creatures caused the dropping and the killing," Gorawen explained, "but they seem to have fulfilled an ancient prophesy, eliminated a powerful enemy and earned lasting fame and renown, although they might have just been messing about."
Marigold chapter 4 . 6/22/2006
This just might be my favourite chapter! I love every bit of it, especially with Wormtongue! His decision to change his name is inspired, because you are right, what would folks naturally expect from a character named Grima Wormtongue! This is such a great bit, I can just see him:

"Grima – Grima Wormtongue – and yes, I am a baddie. The name is a bit of a giveaway don't you think?" The man pushed his lank greasy hair back from his pus-soaked eyes, "I was thinking of changing it to something else. Maybe Shiny Larksong, or Bravely Goodheart, you know, just to throw people off a bit. What do you think?"

I am looking forward to the other idea you had for Grima’s choice of good-guy names!

And I love Pippin’s marble! And Boromir and Denethor, and Saruman's lack of interest in the whole thing, and Sauron...everything about it really : )
Marigold chapter 3 . 6/22/2006
Once again this chapter has some great dialogue! Gems like:

"Well Sam," Frodo began gently, "I don't really want you to pick It up, but you are welcome to keep me company."


"Well Sam," Frodo sighed, "it's just you and me then. May the others find a safe road! Strider will look after them. I don't suppose we will see them again."

"Yet we may, Mr Frodo. We may," said Sam. "Besides, you've invited Merry and Pippin to come over for their tea this evening and I've never known them to miss that!"

And as always your Gollum voice is spot on!
Marigold chapter 2 . 6/22/2006
Pippin’s lack of tact while dangling from the talons of a giant eagle is wonderful! And I love that eagles hate to stop and ask for directions. I also especially like Gandalf worrying so about the time.

My favourite lines from this chapter are: “…That, and I was on my way to the Prancing Pony, but it can wait."

"Or we could all go to the Prancing Pony!" Pippin suggested hopefully. "You know, just to get acquainted over a pint or two."

"Aragorn this is Peregrin Took, Peregrin Took, this is Aragorn. How did that need a pint?" Gandalf made the rest of the introductions, "now left or right at the next mountain?"

And as I have told you several times already, and can’t say enough, I think that the dauntless Uruks plunging mindlessly into the River is terrific!
Marigold chapter 1 . 6/22/2006
I am so glad that you have finally sat down and finished this story!

I think that it is very lucky that Tolkien didn't think of this (or if he did he cleverly said nothing)! I am really glad that you thought of it though, and I have laughed and laughed!

There are so many things that I would like to quote and praise but there is just no room. But I would like to mention; the bit about Frodo and Gandalf and the cakes, Farmer Maggot's character, and Sam turning around to find an eagle in the garden, and a poem that could have been written by Tolkien himself! But as you know my favourite bit in this chapter is this:

"Hours of endless entertainment may be obtained from a raw carrot," Merry puffed. "Don't talk – run!"

"And why…why did we need so many squishy tomatoes?" Pippin could feel them oozing into his britches already. "We could have got a firmer variety."

"No – they have… to… squelch!" Merry insisted between pants. His breath was almost spent.

"And I still don't see… the point… of the goat." Pippin generally tolerated Merry's eccentricities – he was half Took after all – but there were times when he pushed it to the limit.

"Pip, you've got to have a goat!" Merry was too exasperated to hyperventilate now, regardless of how out of breath he was from running, "what's the point without a goat?"

I find all of that section brilliantly, incredibly funny!

Thanks for writing this!
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