Reviews for The Abstract Hell of Memory
Ater Astrum chapter 12 . 2/11/2010
omg...i don't know what to say. like i totally loved it yet was totally confused, but at the same time i understood perfectly. O_O...does that make sense to you? anyway i loved this story. in my eyes it will always be one of a kind. _
FenceDaTanks chapter 12 . 1/19/2010
That was sort of a sad ending :(
FenceDaTanks chapter 4 . 1/19/2010
Wow, Xigbar is one forceful man xD I feel sorry of poor little Roxas there XD
FenceDaTanks chapter 3 . 1/19/2010
Although it was a bit too graphical for teens I still love it!

You typed the scene in an abstract's like some of sort of beautiful rape scene? gosh, I don't just left me happy and envious of your vocabulary and writing skills.
FenceDaTanks chapter 1 . 1/19/2010

I'm so happy that a great author like you wrote a story about these two xD

it's so beautiful...I feel like I'm going to cry in joy :,)
GraceMeWithOblivion chapter 12 . 11/18/2009
Short, sweet and to the point. :D

I wanted to see if they had any XigbarxRoxas pairings and BOOM! there's your fic. So I naturally had to read it (and I'm happy I did!) Yays! Awesome job.

Shadow of Intent chapter 1 . 11/7/2009
thats fucked up, but hot.
Suicide In A Bottle chapter 12 . 6/26/2009
Wow. O.O the only thing I can say is that you completely rule! That and I really do feel bad for them and I wish they could've have been happy.
Yukinojo14 chapter 12 . 4/3/2008
this story is pretty graphic, you should probanly change the rateing to M so you don't get in trouble. Besides that, it's not to bad.
de yaten chapter 12 . 3/9/2008
All I can say is that this was one of the best fics I've read in quite some time. It had be absolutely hooked and it was just so *different* from anything else on here. It had tiny little shifts and turns that kept it going without completely altering the tone of the piece. It's very, very well written. Great job! :D
Johnnycake chapter 12 . 12/31/2007
Love. This. Pairing. D:
Esinahs chapter 12 . 10/14/2007
this was a great story good job
Jaggery chapter 12 . 7/15/2007
Wow! That was very...different. Which is a good thing.

The first few chapters scarred me a little...enough to keep me reading. (The shortness helped with that too. I do like shortness. :D) But the later chapters lessened the negative impact.

I don't think I'll be able to look at Xigbar the same way again, though.

Is that a bad thing or a good thing? X)

Anyway, thank you for the good read.
Angelus Eros Weiss chapter 12 . 11/29/2006
Oh yes! That rocks! Such a deep story... you're so awesome man. XD
yaoi-is-wowie21 chapter 12 . 9/13/2006
This fic is like, OMGWTFWOAH. It's completely different from anything I've read thusfar, and it makes me so happy. I ADORE this. Xigbar/Roxas is such an unusual pairing, and at first I wasn't going to read it. Good thing I changed my mind (because honestly, I love the unusual pairings xD). This was effing brilliant. They way you wrote every one of them was brilliant, the way you described every little detail was brilliant.

*dances* Awesome work.
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