Reviews for Blood and Fire chapter 1 . 1/10/2013
thats funny i know what that kanji symbol means death ,nice story so far
Raberba girl chapter 28 . 10/28/2011
"having a large outdoor dojo in plain view of satellites that could read a newspaper from orbit wasn't entirely bright, but then again Shishio was a known wack job, it was probably an attempt to be boastful…'here I am, and yet you can't touch me.'" I really like that, seems in-character for Shishio.

Ah, I love when fic authors manage to work canon quotes into their stories. _

Yay, Soujirou! "his smile seemingly the last thing to disappear." Just like the Cheshire Cat, I love it!

Hm, it says I've already reviewed this chapter; have you done some re-arranging? OH! Wait, I _did_ already review this chapter! Why did I get an aler-? OH! You edited and re-uploaded, didn't you. I get it now. ; On to chapter 28! (Stupid FFN, not letting us review more than once...)

I like how Kenshin challenged Hiko to get the secret, I think in the manga it was Hiko who offered the challenge, right?

"You get the chance to beat on your baka deshi to your heart's content." Pfff... XD And it's really interesting that Battousai both took a shot at it and then lost.

Defeat Battousai AND the rurouni? Very, very interesting indeed.

"Finally you did something intelligent that also showed you truly are a baka deshi." XD

"Had to beat some weirdo with a broomhead for hair" Yaaaay, Chou!

"where he would spend the next thirteen hours brooding, listening to the Rurouni and the BattĂ´sai squabble." Poor, poor Kenshin.

Good to have you back!
reader chapter 28 . 10/24/2011
Thanks for the update! Nice interaction between Hiko and his 'baka' student.
Toondoon chapter 1 . 10/23/2011
Ooh exciting first chapter! I'll keep reading :)
reader chapter 27 . 10/21/2011
Thanks for the update. Glad you are continuing with this one.
Rising Bashir chapter 27 . 10/20/2011
Well, I'll be damned; I thought you had been deployed and I wouldn't be hearing from you for a looong time.

This story is interesting, in that it came from a franchise I have no real like of, yet you still manage to stuff it to the gills with your brand-name badassery. I like it.
cola-chan chapter 27 . 5/28/2010
yay im finally caught up :) the storyline is really great, i like how u mix modern warfare with the original ways of fighting from the manga, and it mixes well, not forced. plz keep writing i cnt wait for the next chapter :D
WolfishPennings chapter 1 . 4/5/2010
you have a good story going please continue if you enjoy it. I have very much enjoyed reading it. thanks for sharing your creativity.
cola-chan chapter 18 . 3/28/2010
oh good i knew Kenshin couldnt have been dead forever. yay for a happy reuniting :)
cola-chan chapter 17 . 3/28/2010
...O.o...nani? totally didnt expect that to happen, ooh the suspense, must...keep...reading
Raberba girl chapter 27 . 3/23/2010
Hey, don't sweat it; my own updating track record has been pretty bad, so I understand how it is!

Lol, I liked Kenshin (and Saitou) catching the stowaways.

"A part of me...yes. The other relieved." I love when AUs incorporate canon dialogue. _

And I'm glad to see that there will be a sakabatou in this story! (I forgot if you've already included one.)

"Soujiro waved, and tensed before flickering out of view, his smile seemingly the last thing to disappear." Cool phrasing. And I think the Cheshire Cat nod is fitting for Souji-kun.

I'm looking forward to Hiko's appearance!

Good to hear from you again, btw. :)
cola-chan chapter 8 . 3/19/2010
that was good the only thing that is a bit confusing is all the pov's (this goes for chapter 7 too). i still got more to read but keep it up :)
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 18 . 6/15/2009
Omg! Hes alive! XDD thank god.. I was gonna smack you for causing his death! XDD Jk! ..kinda.. They already killed him off in the OVAs damnit. Lol. I didnt fully finish the chapter when I sent you that email thats why. Good luck for your training btw! Wonderful job on this chapter as well! )

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 17 . 6/13/2009
Oh you are most welcome for all the reviews! I adore this story so far! I might take a break from it though, if you dont mind, so I can work on some art and go outside to enjoy the summer air! XD I cant wait to continue read it though! Perhaps I will read some more tonight~! D

Ari chan
RedWingedAngel002 chapter 16 . 6/3/2009
Damn. Why couldnt you continue XD It seems that Misao is back, neh?

Ari chan
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