Reviews for Strength of a Man
AnnietheHobbit chapter 1 . 8/14/2007
Beautiful piece of work, Endaewen! You really captured Meilan's Maianess here, with her forsight and impending knowledge of Thingol's, Beren's, and Luthien's choices will have on the fate of Doriath. One of my favorite lines was this: He is but a man, and in the view of my husband, who loves his daughter so, lesser, not worthy of her or of any of the Eldar. I suspect he would feel the same about any who sought her hand.

SO true, Thingol would have been just as intolarant of Beren if he had been an elf, or another higher race, because Luthien is his daughter, and no loving father ever thinks any man is good enough for his little girl.