Reviews for The Resistance of Azkaban
Atheist god chapter 22 . 2/18
Really good job!
Guest chapter 12 . 9/15/2016
Im dying to know who his most loyal is. Has harry smashed Pansy?
Guest chapter 6 . 9/15/2016
This reminds me of Agame la kill.
VortexWithAnEnd chapter 22 . 9/2/2016
This was absolutely breathtaking. Not an inch of detail was spared and I could picture every scenario in my mind as if I were watching a film.I was never bored and I spent several hours reading this without much of a break.I have no words which can clearly express my enjoyment of this. Excellent work! :)
The Wayland Smith chapter 2 . 6/11/2016
Ah, now I've looked at your profile page I realise why I thought your writing style was familiar. As always you tell a ripping yarn.
The Wayland Smith chapter 1 . 6/10/2016
Good opening, a very nice little twist of expectations. The exposition is nicely scattered throughout and not simply done in one massive info dump.

Whilst this is the pot calling the kettle black I think that (although your descriptions are lovely) there are perhaps a few too many adverbs throughout. Some of the actions, such as Harry knocking the aurors off their feet actually seem more dramatic without adding that he did it with 'considerable ease', that Harry continues to act calmly and without any sign of duress shows this.
lovingfanfiction chapter 22 . 4/14/2016
Sorry I'm unable to log in at the moment but thats my screen name!

Wow this was fantastic! It was so intricate, in-depth, and realistic! I found and read through it all today- my school work definitely suffered! I enjoyed your writing style and attention to detail, especially in the action scenes! Not many people can write action/fighting scenes well! Can't wait to read some more of your work!
Jimbocous chapter 21 . 2/20/2016
Nicely done. Thanks for a great (re)read!
Dumby95 chapter 22 . 1/20/2016
What a great story! I really enjoyed it thanx you for the writting :) :)
liquefry chapter 5 . 12/2/2015
I'm enjoying this story but one thing is really bugging me. You write well, and the storyline is engaging so far, but you don't seem to know how to use apostrophes . Plurals don't need one. For example "You better alert the Auror's on those floors" - should be aurors. You use an apostrophe to indicate possession "the auror's wand" our in connections with missing letters (don't, its etc). If in doubt, you probably don't need one!

I know this is 10 years too late but I hope that you've gone on to do a lot more writing. You clearly have talent!
Guest chapter 22 . 11/30/2015
Hear! Hear! Great work.
FromageFondue chapter 22 . 8/26/2015
5/5. Nothing more is needed to be said.
MoltenCheese chapter 16 . 8/25/2015
Damn, if this isn't one of the most gripping stories I've read in a long time. Absolutely amazing battle sequence. Loved almost every part of it. Great job!
MoltenCheese chapter 15 . 8/25/2015
Wow... Just, wow... Amazing job. Again, wow...
FromageFondue chapter 6 . 8/25/2015
Great battle scene. Very enjoyable story so far. Awesome job. Will continue tomorrow.
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