Reviews for Harry Potter and the Orb of Slytherin
Azrael38 chapter 3 . 1/13/2013
Ugh. This story is just getting more and more convoluted. I really didn't want to reward this blathering with another review but whatever. I'm taking back my last review. This chapter is really confusing, which is funny because I think you have less flashbacks here than anywhere else. Your characters are off, I don't understand why Harry is so mad constantly, I don't understand the need for them to take orders from some random dude, etc, etc. I could keep going on but I'm going to quit and move on to a better story. Good luck with your future writing.
Azrael38 chapter 2 . 1/13/2013
Your writing style is good, I really enjoy it. But these flashbacks are TERRIBLE! You are bouncing back and forth way too much. You should've limited it to once per chapter or so. It's way too confusing and hard to follow, despite what all your positive reviewers have told you. BTW, take those reviews with a grain of salt. Those people are basically blowing sunshine up your ass. You should've listened to some of your negative reviews. You learn more from those than positive ones.
Azrael38 chapter 1 . 1/13/2013
It's the flashback style, but also the intentionally confusing way that you're doing it. Three flashbacks in one chapter? That's not very good storytelling. Plus it's like you're telling people what's going to happen to Harry. This isn't a very good way of starting a 'novel', if you could call this that.
Penghost chapter 25 . 1/5/2013
I just came across this story some days ago!
I have read more than 1000 FF's by now and yours is among th 10 best!
-very well made plot!
-close on info from canon and the basic idea of canon.
-accurate reflection of the characters (some good and well explained variatons included)
-new characters cleverly incorporated in the tale!
-awesome dialog's with wit and joy!

should haves:
more interactions between HHr
at parts some more details.

I know you made this some years ago but
Thank you for your time.
I'm happy i found this!
And i hope, one day, you make another such great story, mybe with another twist?
Just keep it harmony...
Harmony4life chapter 19 . 9/12/2012
I understand why chapter 18 and 19 were your favorite, and I cannot wait to read the nest chap shortly.
Yeah, definitely not, no killing off the heroine, and ABSOLUTELY NOT HARRY. that would never ever be allowed, that goes against the rule of nature, ain't it?
you resolved everything brilliantly. now, i see why you seemed to focus on how Harry feels about Hermione's eyes! so special, so divine,,,and i was truly impressed by how Harry finally confirmed his entire love for Hermione..

"Because you are the one who has my heart. That will never change. You are the only one who can decide what happens to it and you can do anything with it you like - no one else."

oh god! you just have to come up with those revealing sentence meant for kill, don't you! My heart literally stops for a second there! :) I feel giddy even with my entire being suffused by Harmony goodness!

and the ball, so romantic that the air is filled with melted chocolate and honey!
Love vs. War : Such a battle with foregone conclusion, right! but we love it all the same
LOVE rules always!
thank you, great chappie 3
Harmony4life chapter 18 . 9/12/2012
oh wow! I was naively looking forwards to another second of breathing, the Ministry's Gala besides the foal banquet, when we can enjoy a bit good fluff of our lovely couple...
I have to admit, this is fast. I saw it coming though, the unforgivable curses aimed at the heart plus Harry's predisposition to Dark just begins to surface
brilliant, I know it's time for some healthy angst, which allows true love to outshine all!
Harmony always and 4ever..
up to this point, we all knew how canon HP turned out...The continuation of downfall from book 6 peaking at the nonsensical epilogue, right?
Oh no...if asked, I would say it's Harry&Hermione together!
what's in our heart is important!
Harmony4life chapter 17 . 9/12/2012
yes, I detest Wormtail as well, he's a rat in every sense!
Amor immensus is incredible! sacrificial love is inexorable
Another roller coaster of emotions you bestow on us readers!
Cheers,once more, to the Golden Trio and Harmony!
Harmony4life chapter 16 . 9/12/2012
Thanks Goodness! Finally! Phew...
It was great, marvelous, terrific, mind-blowing!
everything falls into place now! I must say though, I am surprised! I was expecting Harry would realize his feelings and took the initiative, (I mean, yeah, Harry DID act upon with the sweetest kiss ever) under some climatic circumstances somehow. remember, when he thought Hermione was dead in the attack at his hideout...He knew she was the one he loved the most? Haizz, Harry just have to be adorably clueless, right? He simply loved without knowing! that 's why H?G in canon seemed too loud and abrupt and unreasonable to be in character! Never happened as far as I'm concerned.
I guess I can express my sympathy with Hermione here for her erratic behavior in canon 6th year now!
Such a huge relief! :)

" It shattered their friendship into a thousand different pieces, but their kiss picked those various pieces up and constructed something new – and it was far more wonderful and glorious than either of them could have imagined"

I bow to you! Fear of losing friendship forms the most basic complications in attempt at a romantic friendship, and you tackle this neatly with one single priceless sentence! Harry&Hermione equals very special friendship, and transcends the boundary of that friendship to become so much more, the ultimate epitome of destined soulmate...They are perfect for each other...They belong together!
Thank you!...
Harmony4life chapter 12 . 9/12/2012
omg...Harry's gift-Hermione's dress..if only I could see it in real life. Your creation sounds finer than any real magnificent piece of clothing! I can't wait till Harry&Hermione got together.
amazing! Harry seems to be more open than Hermione, a rather new trend in Harmony love story!
Either Hermione acted so well or she has yet to realize the true nature of her deep feelings for Harry!
But, no ! I just remembered. I am pretty sure that she was going to confess when she found him thru the tracking charms had not been for Greyback's attack!so yeah, Bless Hermione Granger, who could give Harry a run for money in being noble. Is there really a necessity to suppress her feelings for Harry ? Oh Hermione, come to Harry, for he needs love so bad, he needs her love so bad!

I am amazed, in fact, to see you put quite an effort in Ron's connection with Harry...I don't think Rowling could ever do that well in canon. Rather, Rowling reserved that special bonding with Harry for Hermione! and I have reason to hope that you would bring out that bond once their love came ripe :)
You write incredibly well, so I really look forwards to the romance between Harry&Hermione, I know it would be absolutely wonderful!

Your Harry is so lovable! I am inclined to regarding Harry Potter as the broken boy who needs Hermione's love. but I see a true HERO in your Harry! His speech is so touching!
I really really admire you...
Harmony4life chapter 13 . 9/12/2012
another brilliant chapter of yours. this is going to be one of the best of the best tale i've ever read!
the song from Harry's heart... I can't imagine how it could be described more beautifully than the way you did, once I got to know how you handle Harry's grief over Sirius 's death!
Harmony4life chapter 11 . 9/12/2012
I canon, love potions don't seem to be taken seriously...I bet the H?G fiasco is induced by illegal magic. if not, it's Rowling who dosed the hero boy with love potion...turns out a complete mess..
The R?Hr will never works. they can be friends, Ron protective like a big brother. Honestly, the way Ron showed animosity towards whoever was romantically interested in Hermione pretty much like how he snarled at those guys who were dating his little sis, Ginny! Nonsense!

I feel sorry for those who can't enjoy your version of 7th book! It is superb!

I love Harry&Hermione more and more each day. There is unfathomable depth to their connection..
The affection they have for each other can be admired from many perspectives: friendship, camaraderie, family, romance and soulmate all summed up to all but LOVE!

They are meant to be together, and never separate ,ever!
Harmony goodness purifies our hearts and beautifies our soul!
Harmony4life chapter 5 . 9/11/2012
i find the flashback type perfect fine, if not rather original and creative and compelling!
Luna Lovegood is normally played down a little. I am glad you five her a chance to shine...besides the hero, no less!
and I am quite touched by how you depict Harry and Dumbledore connection!
another smashing chapter!
Harmony4life chapter 4 . 9/11/2012
this is amazing! you are so talented. I like your writing style, a lot! both action, suspense and emotions rolled into one! Perfect!
Harry is so charismatic, thought I know I have to prepare for a rather dark!Harry, but to without purpose:)
and the first gleam of Harmony goodness allows my heart to calm, finally, after three painstaking chapter!
The Gin-Gin aftermath and Ron seeming to be of more same radar with Harry than Hermione appears to bug me, a little bit, yeah, just a little. because I know you are a confirmed Harmony lover, and you dedicate your brilliant book to Harry&Hermione! That's the reason I seek this fabulous piece of work in the first place
Cheers to Harry and his mission!\
Cheers to Harmony and love!
Thank you!
WhiteElfElder chapter 25 . 8/29/2012
This was well written and I like how you eventually tied everything together to close up any gaps. The flashback style too some getting used to, but it contributed to the story well.
WhiteElfElder chapter 17 . 8/29/2012
Looks like we know what is doing the "amor" is Harry, Hermione, and Ron banding together in love and friendship.
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