Reviews for So Sayeth the Oracle
PureSakuraMelody chapter 1 . 7/8/2006
Emma gets around to reviewing at last. Tell your friend Mer Girl that she did a great job on the accents for me. But the amazing writing, that's all yours, and something to be proud of for your premier piece in this fandom. You did a very nice job with the characterization, Joey in particular just kind of jumped out of the screen at you. It's nice to see someone delve into the psyche of Ishizu, and come out with something worthwhile. The dialogue flowed well, and the banter was right on par without being overdone. Favorite line: ‘Man, I need to stop hanging ‘round Kaiba; dat sounds like somethin’ he would say.’ That is both so Joey and so Kaiba at the same time, I couldn't resist. Besides, my bias is known. I'd say that I'm looking forward to the next one, but it's already here, signed-sealed-delivered. Just not reviewed, so we all know what I'm off to do.

GreenFiore chapter 1 . 6/10/2006
Absolutely amazing! I love how you portrayed the characters and the plot. Super cute!