Reviews for Meg Gets Adopted
KittycatNinja24 chapter 9 . 7/1/2006
Great job Its good see a Story for Meg.. i makes me feel sorry for her.
Spiritofdawolf chapter 1 . 6/30/2006
Even though Meg is probably my least favorite, I felt bad for her in this story. Peter must not be in his right mind. What crawled into his butt and began eating his nerves? Still good none the less. Peter was pretty hostile and out of character but the story is still good none the less.

I am making a story where the Griffins disappear except for Brian and Stewie and Brian is in a coma in the hospital and Stewie goes through various foster families and ultimately ends up with a family that rather violently tries to set him straight. What's worse is he's alone, grieving, with no means of defense, not even any of his inventions. He's in the gutter in other words. No one seems to care. But don't worry. In the late middle A Bright ray of hope cascades down on the poor broken Stewie, when he finally lands with a girl who cares immensely about his Welfare. Things take a turn in a merciful direction for Stewie as the story comes to a close.

This story might be interesting. I'm just finishing up on the first chapter. Though I must say, this may be the saddest Stewie involved Family Guy story ever. Starting out anyways.

Anyways good story. Peter seemed too harsh, but otherwise good story.
The Joe and Gromit Show chapter 3 . 6/25/2006
Well from what I've read so far it's one of the funniest fics Ive ever read! Lets see what happens next
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