Reviews for Dynasty
Reaper74Kill chapter 45 . 6/28
I came looking for copper and I found gold
G4dgetJunior chapter 22 . 6/12
Favourite, Fanfic, ever. I will say it a million times if i have to. THIS IS AWESOME
XXxxxadisxxxXX chapter 24 . 10/8/2021
This feels abnormally fast for the timeframe set up for this relationship. Hell, every single one that has been in this so far has either felt rushed or as a bastardized version of love. I thought it was for some kind of power dynamic at first, but then the story outright tells me it's for love while essentially giving me no reason for it at all.

They talked a couple of times, kissed, and now he wants to marry her. What I honestly don't understand is why this one in particular. There was a large handful of them that were all essentially the same except for their names and one detail that summed up their entire character.

At first, I thought it was because she was the only one that talked to him like a normal person, but then multiple of the others did as well, on top of the story practically spoonfeeding the whole narrative that absolutely no one knows anything about him making that point mute.

Then, I thought it was because whole farmer background, but then why not the chick from the dinner date? They've both done the same thing, they both already have love interests, and they both seem like the exact same character with a different name. Afterward, this point was thrown out again even harder when Luke reacted to some people talking about it and his interactions with Leia.

Overall, I like the story and drama, but the romance, and characters in it, is definitely not its strong point. I've got nothing else to say here...

Ndndbdneke chapter 45 . 9/22/2021
This is great!
DebaterMax chapter 42 . 9/2/2021
You misspelled Malastare
DebaterMax chapter 31 . 9/2/2021
So why mind probe? They do blood tests for medi chorlians
DebaterMax chapter 28 . 9/2/2021
So this is a somewhat large plot hole. All notable planets have a defence force. For a grand moffs capital to have a single ISS seems off like a lot off. They only had 2 due to Luke. In the x wing novels (2nd book) there was a single victory plus support guarding a fairly unimportant system after Endor when mass defections occurred. Thought I’d point it out but you two are godly at writing
DebaterMax chapter 26 . 9/2/2021
Poor traitors thinking they could get Palpy a grandson out of his favor
DebaterMax chapter 12 . 9/2/2021
Plot is super good one of the best ever in SW AU Vader is great

Looking up at Skywalker's face he realized that this last was true. Small grammar error here

Would love to see a remaster with more canon charcters and more up to date lore about Biggs dad etc
battybiologist chapter 45 . 8/19/2021
hoo boy, did this drag on towards the end. great start though.
rimera1701 chapter 1 . 4/22/2021
Don't listen to the haters, Valerie, this has been, and always shall be, my favorite story.
Guest chapter 45 . 3/7/2021
This is so good.
Guest chapter 45 . 2/18/2021
incredible story.
Guest chapter 1 . 2/16/2021
Okay. This was AMAZING. I love it!
doRodrigo chapter 45 . 12/29/2020
I loved the story. I must say that it was one of the most original stories I've read here. Keep up the great work
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