Reviews for It’s All Relative on the Hellmouth
Millie072 chapter 18 . 5/26/2020
Being one of the "manipulative fans" one realizes Dumbledore has his assets. He destroyed all the acceptance of his scheming with one sentence. "I knew I was condemning you to 10 hard and lonely years." He knew how Harry was being treated by the Dursleys and did nothing, possibly even encouraging he abuse. Though JKR didn't use the word abuse, it was written in skillful deception. Sorry, raising Harry "like a lamb to the slaughter" denies all the good he did do. Dumbledore is nearly as much a villain as Voldemort.
Millie072 chapter 14 . 5/26/2020
Mourir is a question mark. A conversation between him & Angel could be interesting, but I's rather he meet Spike. Spike for all his bloodthirsty ways is well educated, and would likely spend time chatting before attempting to kill him. Mourir is philosophical. If it were safe, he & Harry could talk for hours. Mourir might have some excellent insight between light & dark. He would probably enjoy Xander's taunting of Angel. In fact he'd likely relish it. Please don't kill him off.
AvidReader2425 chapter 14 . 5/11/2020
Thanks for another chapter,,,
AvidReader2425 chapter 12 . 5/11/2020
I wonder if any of them will learn more of his past
AvidReader2425 chapter 11 . 5/11/2020
I admit, I didn’t see that wizard coming up
AvidReader2425 chapter 10 . 5/11/2020
Thanks for another chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 9 . 5/11/2020
A rather heart wrenching chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 8 . 5/11/2020
Definitely an emotionally heavy chapter, thanks for another enjoyable chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 7 . 5/11/2020
Thanks for another enjoyable chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 5 . 5/11/2020
AvidReader2425 chapter 4 . 5/11/2020
Definitely a rather fun chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 3 . 5/11/2020
Definitely another excellent chapter
AvidReader2425 chapter 1 . 5/11/2020
Looking forward to how the story develops
diabolicArbitor chapter 21 . 5/9/2020
Excellent story. Flows well and made Buffy and Harry seem to be a cute couple, even with the problems they will face in a long distance relationship.
RevDorothyL chapter 21 . 2/29/2020
Very satisfying, but also very BtVS-appropriate with the not-so-neat-ending-that's-not-really-an-ending-but-the-end-of-a-beginning, leaving Buffy and Harry and their family of blood and choice working it out together and apart, but making the effort to find ways to grow closer together in spite of all.
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