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lovestuck93 chapter 3 . 8/21/2011
You had me laughing to the point of my shoulder hurting me again! It was THAT GOOD! :D
ChermaineisAwesome chapter 14 . 7/28/2008
I'm pretty sure I told you this in Bang Theory a few days ago, but no matter! I'll tell you again.

I Love You.

I read Bang Theory a long while ago, but I never came around to reading this, which was stupid of me because I'm now in love. With a fanfic. That may be kind of weird but so am I.

I know it's been a long time since you updated this, but I just wanted you to know that I love it. And you. That's all.
Wolfsong.a la belle etoile chapter 14 . 4/21/2007
plz continue!
jommyandluke4ever chapter 14 . 4/9/2007
i love this story and you have to PMS
kegofglory chapter 14 . 9/17/2006
I love this story! Perfect ending for that chapter, so cute. I hope you update soon.
foxyroxystar chapter 14 . 9/3/2006
This story rox! I swear I was almost wetting myself the netire way through! You rock. xx
SymptomaticCase chapter 14 . 8/8/2006
It's good to see you got over your writing hurdle... :D

It was a great chapter and I have ot thank you writing style once again. It's got to a point where I'll be flicking through channels on cable and I'll end up on Vh1 laughing my ass off bacuse of something in this fic. People are starting to worry about me!

So thanks again and keep em coming!
NotAContrivance chapter 14 . 8/7/2006
I dunno why, but I'm reviewing. Well, actually I do know why. It's 'cause your story's awesome. But that's the obvious reason... And for some bizarre reason I feel like reviewing. Which is weird, since I'm normally lazy about it.

Anyways, where to begin? First of all, thanks for the little thanks at the beginning. And you are so right about Life With Derek... ;) So much cuteness. For instance, the elevator bit. That was cute and innuendo-y and marvelous. Have I mentioned I love the peppering of pop-culture references? 'Cause I do. It's sweet.

Oh, and I know the Gilmore Girls episode too! That's... There's the Rub. And it rocked. That was a good episode. 'Cause Jess was in it. I always liked the second season best... Rambling again, I'm afraid... But Tommy and Kwest acting it out would be hilarious. Lmao, "Pick Up the Pieces" just came on. You know, I laughed hysterically the first time I ever heard the song. And I'm pretty sure it was before I'd ever watched an IS ep before too. 'Cause I read those first few IS one-shots of Misha's, and I was all, oh, this is cool. So I typed in Instant Star and found the website and it had the songs on it and all... And so I read about it, and it sounded radical. And it was, man. Lol. Hm, wonder which song I downloaded first... Maybe it was, hmm... I think it was "It Could Be You". 'Cause I remember really liking the clippy-bit of it. Still one of my faves. I used to just randomly burst out into singing it all the time. I tend to burst out into song when I'm bored. And of course no one notices or even says anything. I mean, don't you think it'd be weird seeing your friend leaning against a wall, singing what is blatantly a love song... to no one? Hm, I have strange friends...

Anyways, where was I? Oh, right, reviewage. Oh, and that bit about the child thing where Jude tricked him... THAT was High-larious. Really. With the hyphen and everything. Oh, and I actually laughed OUT LOUD at 3ish-2ish in the morning at Kat's beautiful exclamation about the Speeds eating babies. That, my friend, was pure genius.

And, aw, the Jommy cuteness. And I never use the word Jommy... Whatever happened to people making up creative shipper names, anyways? They did that for Gilmore Girls. But yeah, I used that word just for you. So feel special, lol. Oh, and I love how she pulls away to watch Making the Band. You know, I remember the very first Making the Band. It was on ABC, during those times when boybands were God. Ah, I miss the '90s! Anyways, yes... It was, gr, what was the... Oh! It was O-Town! Completely lame name for a boyband, though. I mean, New Kids... that's pun-cute. *Nsync... cute little musical pun name, despite the annoying asterisk. Backstreet... Well, it like came from the letters of their names, didn't it? But O-Town, come on, that is such a pointless name! And then there was sort of a girl band show on WB, I think... And the band was called Eden's Crush. Another strange name, but at least it's cuter. And yeah, strange rant number two is up.

Aww... Cute banter about Tommy being a slave driver. Lol, and great bit about Americans hogging the drama. ;) Love the album title suggestions. Hehe. And the Alanis comment. "Hands Clean". Good stuff. Makes me wanna listen... I like You Can Play These Songs with Chords myself.

Aww, and DisneyWally is so cute. Aww. Poor dear. And being hung by his hair... That poor boy. Man, kids really are cruel.

Ah, now we get to the end. And lemme tell you, how awesome was that? I don't know, but it's off the awesomeness scale. Because it's so awesome it broke the scale. That was so cute... and aww. So Jude, too. ;) Lol on the Michael Seater thing... Actually, though, he's 19, so it could work. Hehe. But aww, he'd wait forever. Sorry if this took forever, but I've been sneezing like a fiend lately. I think I got a cold in Guatemala. Which is ridiculous, as I was maybe in the clinic for an hour and already got sick from that. Ick. Anyways, it was lovely, and it was glorious, and it was brilliant. Hilarious as always. I applaud you a la the corny way Tommy was applauding Jude. Keep up the phenomenal work!
Latisha C chapter 14 . 8/3/2006
Wow, I'm actually speechless. Speechless because for one this will not be my trademark long review. And it's because I could not focus on particular points in the chapter to comment on. I actually loved everything equally. I enjoyed hearing Jude's commentary and the flashback and even the Kelly Ripa commentary. I too am curious as to whether Quincey will ever remarry...on the show that is. Fanfiction wise, I'm not worried because most writers on here will marry him off to Jude or some other character just because they can.

Anyway, sorry for the rambling. I'm just finally getting some relief after coming off of a freaking four day heatwave here in NYC. The heat index actually reached temperatures of 115 degrees if you can believe that. Also I actually saw some of The World Series of Pop Culture and am pleased to say I got most of the answers correct. And today I got to watch I Love The 80's Strikes Back.

So yeah, I hope this reaches you in good health and don't worry about the time it takes to update. I'm so hooked on this story that I'm willing to wait however long it may take for you to crank out another one of your brilliant chapters.

Rachym20 chapter 14 . 8/3/2006
aww there conversation about marrige is so cute!I love it espessialy the gilmore girls bit!post more VERY soon!
glockbell chapter 14 . 8/2/2006
Another reason to watch Life with Derek: it has IS actors! You get to see divorce lawyer Don as the dorky dad, and Lizzy was the little songwriter girl. Gotta love those crazy Canucks.

I too hope the girl isn't Tommy's, mainly because I don't want him to be the kind of man who has ignored his daughter all this time.

Heehee. Tommy and Kwest watch Gilmore Girls the way Luke watches movies with the Gilmores (at the beginning, before the girly skit).

I want a Tommy bubble.

Fun chapter. I'm sorry that I'll probably have to wait a while for the next, as I'll be going on vacation, but I'm okay with that because it's Disney. My parents already took us to Disneyland over Spring Break, and now we're going to Disney World in Florida. That's BOTH in the same year! (My 26-year-old brother and I are so spoiled, it's not even funny.) I'm totally with Wally on the Disney love. Although I'm not as stupid, so I wouldn't hang by my hair, but he's still adorable.
Duddley111 chapter 14 . 8/1/2006
glockbell chapter 13 . 8/1/2006
I love your story! I think you're hilarious and I especially like the bombardment of pop culture. I never thought my recent Kevin Smith infatuation could be crossed with my longer-standing Instant Star obsession, but you managed and Jay and Silent Bob reference, which had me sqealing. And I always read your author's notes because they're often as entertaining and full of humor as the story itself.

I'm totally with you on going for the character and not the actor. I've never met Tim, but know Tommy. Honestly, I don't find Tim attractive, but Tommy the character is written as a hot man, therefore I find him to be really hot. It makes sense in my mind. As for Johnny Depp being weird, have you actually taken a look at Sparrow? They're both a little weird for my tastes.

I loved the section when Jude and Tommy were telling each other really corny jokes at the dance hall. So-called "bad" jokes crack me up for some reason (reference snowman joke in profile). I am now going to use the one about what is in the middle of nowhere. An H! That's hilarious! (I'm honestly not being sarcastic-just lame.)

I agree with Judeh05 about Tommy outside the bus recording "White Lines." I thought he looked like a gerbil, but I was just happy that they were finally acting like Canada has a winter season, since the first season just got some mildly cold rain. As for the season two finale, I like to pretend it didn't happen, because despite my personal displeasure, the episode itself was full of poor writing and inconsistencies. It was just bad all-around.

You know, it may be weird, but there's just something about a man driving a manual car that gets me excited. Just reading about Tom down-shifting is kind of hot.

What exactly was Tommy going to say when Jude made it a break-up? Was that his intention? Because nothing he's done since has given that impression, but he's never said that she misunderstood him.

I can't believe he's actually related to the filthy man. Apparently I'm as judgmental as Jude, and I'm okay with that. I totally feel her on the awkwardness of when you're with someone who then enthusiastically greets someone you don't even know. I'm glad there's someone out there who's as gorgeous as Tom and a bigger skeese. I just saw Failure to Launch, and I found it ridiculously resembled ALL other romantic comedies. Maybe I'm just jilted and bitter about all the many movies about two beautiful people who fall in love, have a falling out, then wind up back together again.

Dude, I don't think he was kidding about the bugs in the ice cream. Gross.

"they should be eating strained prunes or whatever" Seriously.

Jamie was a really weak door, before he became the man next door. Sorry, I just felt compelled to reference that terrible but hilarious line.

But Jude's just a little bit torturous anyway, given the way she forced Quincy to eat the ice cream.

With all the anal jokes she cracks, I'm surprised he hasn't said anything about her taking it up the butt yet.

The fact that Tommy would try to have sex with a car for a dare is possibly worse than if it wasn't. Masturbation should not be a public affair.

So Quincy likes Dr. Quinn? Whatever floats his boat.

Unfortunately, I don't have time to read the most recent chapter because my dad gets upset when I'm still up as he gets ready to go to work. I look forward to reading more in the future.
MelMel8215 chapter 14 . 7/31/2006
Aw...this chapter was so cute. I love it. My Fav part was...

“Do you think you’ll ever get married again?” I asked absently, playing with the soft fabric of the blanket across my legs.

“Yes.” He told me, a little clearer than he had been but his eyes still remained shut.

“Who?” I asked.

Is there something the matter with me?

Do I really wanna know?

It’s probably Portia.

Or Kelly Ripa. “Oh, she’s a pretty blonde.” He said softly, the words cascading past his lips as he continued without my prompting.

That’s one for Kelly.

“I love her. I think I always have. But she isn’t ready yet. I’m still waiting.” He murmured. God, since when is he so cognizant in a semi-conscious state? Whatever.

I bit on my bottom lip, wondering if I should probe further as the blanket shifted against my shins again.

“How long would you wait?” I asked. This is merely for curiosity’s sake and for me to gauge how long I should wait for Michael Seater to come around. Honestly.

“Forever.” He mumbled before a snore resounded through his body as it expelled itself lazily into the air.

Good to know.

Good. To. Know."

That was adorable. I can't wait till next Chapter. Looking forward too it.
afamiliarsmile chapter 14 . 7/30/2006
uhh JT's new song, they play bits of it all the time on MTV after a shows ended and i almost died because i started dancing to it, and i'm not a fan of JT's .i actually always kinda thought Lance was gay, and the guy who plays Derek in Like With Derek is hot, but i hae another obbsession besides Tim Rozon,Matt Cohen, and Tyler Kyte now. I went to see John Tucker Must Die yesterday, and know Jesse Metcalf has taken my number 3 spot, bumping Tyler down to number 4, but hey, Jesse looks really hot in a thong!lol

Very,very nice . not stalkerish at all! i could totally see that. Tommy has to be straight! he must!lol. thanks. i liked the movie, i thought it was funny. i've never seen the wedding planner, i've seen wedding crashers(i only brought this up because it had wedding in ) very funny movie. why thank you! i probably would'nt either, if that actually happened, would probably save a peice of the cone, and like frame it saying "part of the ice cream cone i shared with Tommy(Tim) when we kissed" lol. i share the obbsession and i'm sure tons of other people do too.

I liked Jude(Alexz') hair when it was light red, my hair has red in it, but it's mostly brown, but at one point it was like the same color, and then it faded and i was pissed, but then i was fine because then her hair was

Hate me if you want, but i never really watched Grey's Anatomy either,lol. i'd like to watch it, but i never really checked to see when it was on, and my Aunt had part of it recorded and i wanted to watch it, but she was like "No you can't! it's the second to the last episode! you won't understand whats going on!" so that got rid of that

that was an odd video(JT's vid) but then again i couldn't bring myself to watch the whole thing, because like i stated earlier, i'm not a fan.

Haha, the gilmore girls thing, where Kwest and Tommy are acting it out(i think that's what they're doing) hilarious! i was laughing so hard i fell off my chair!lol

I like Aubrey, she's my favorite from making hte band, then it's

oww, i feel bad for wally, hanging on monkey bars by your hair, is just ouch.

Tommy you better be thihnking about Jude saying you'll wait for her forever! if you're thinking about Jessica Simpson i'll slpa you! but hse is pretty blonde, adn she just got divorced from Nick(very sad for me, i liked them together!) lol. i have no idea where that came from!

and this is by far the longest reveiw i have ever typed!lol.

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