Reviews for Adrift in a World
bookgirl113 chapter 24 . 11/29
I'm so sad you didn't continue this further. This is one of the most detailed and interesting fanfics I've read in ages! You took a semi-known premise and then made it entirely your own, which is hard to do. At the very least, kudos for that, although I'm still left hanging desperate for a conclusion (or at least a scene where the Potters realizes he's Harry).
Guestapo chapter 23 . 11/28
Yeesh, Harry's just getting shat on from beginning to end. Maybe have at least one or two satisfying conclusions?
AJ Granger chapter 24 . 11/15
Very cool story. One critique, why is it in a protracted war where Voldemort was never defeated, that everyone is alive except Harry, and poor Neville is the only one in St Mungos? I always find it strange to think that others wouldn't have died in the fighting irregardless of whether Harry or Neville of that universe temporarily stopped the war. It seems to be a popular belief though among writers that it works that way.

You write well, and the story is interesting. I'm looking forward to school starting. I'm curious if Madam Pomfrey got Harry eating properly, and I want to see him around others in this world like Luna and Hermione.
srinkel2 chapter 1 . 11/15
I found your story and it looked interesting so I thought I would try it. I think that it was very good. I am okay with where you stopped at too. I hope that you are continuing to write. Do you have anything books for sale?
Guest chapter 2 . 10/29
I avoided this fic because I thought I wouldn't like it. That was so a mistake. This fic is amazing!
SapphireTheFourth chapter 24 . 9/29
Good Story, Shame you aren't continuing, really
Like i said, GREAT story
IloveHeat chapter 24 . 5/20
I loved this story. Thank you. I will imagine Sirius and Harry fixing all the problems with a happy ending they deserve
Kynie chapter 13 . 5/1
antagonism is fun and all when it serve a purpose and he doesn't do it all the time ! Harry should remember that having friends can help a great deal, or at least allies.
Kynie chapter 12 . 5/1
It's kind of annoying how they call him a dark wizard... which is not really true and they just watch him saving a little girl life so even if he was, he still wouldn't be a bad person.
Kynie chapter 10 . 5/1
How is Harry real name replaced by Chris in his memory ? I need an explanation !

And how come his identity or at least his importance in his own universe is not questioned ?
Kynie chapter 6 . 5/1
I get that this world Order want answers from Harry and I understand why Harry don't want to reveal everything. A bit misguided on both part perhaps but it's human nature. Particularly when it comes to Peter Petigrow, he clearly lied to Dumbledore and I hope it doesn't come back to bite him.

I don't think James and Lily could ever be his parents, relationship speaking, but with time maybe they could develop something like close uncle/aunt and nephew. Well, first the Potters has to know he's their son. But I can see Harry, Holly and Rose acting like siblings in no time. They're the only ones he can have a relationship without projecting the one he had with those in his universe.

I wonder what makes Severus and the Marauders civil to one another. Did Lily and Severus forgave each other ? How did that happen ?

I really like your story.
Guest chapter 17 . 3/4
I am so lost right now so I've decided to spare myself a headache and just stop midway this chapter. One minute Harry is this independent battle worn guy who's magically talented, the next he is this unskilled submissive little boy who basically everyone jerks around. Sorry
Uchiha Aimee chapter 24 . 2/11
That was a pretty interesting read. I do admit your right about it not really getting to the point. I was a little disappointed about how Harry's relationships remained stagnant. But I would definitely not mind reading more.
Guest chapter 24 . 1/19
If only you continued!
Calypto chapter 18 . 1/9
I'm starting to get a feel that peter is gonna have a bigger role to play than a imagination isnt so wild to have a scabbers thats more competent than Dumbledore. sadly i cant continue reading a scabbers who is so efficient.
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