Reviews for Adrift in a World
MattKennedy chapter 13 . 11/18
Devious Harry! Finally. :D
MattKennedy chapter 11 . 11/18
So even if he was found out, it's kinda annoying how easily Harry gave in an has answered questions. And he has magic! He should have just oblivated them or demanded an oath of silence from them.
MattKennedy chapter 7 . 11/18
Loving the story so far, but am rather annoyed/put off by Harry's reference to him committing murder. Killing in self-defense or defense of others IS NOT murder.
Blake Grey chapter 24 . 10/31
you know if there wasn't a hope of Harry able to get home and Sirius didn't need his godson... I would dump Harry in a fucking volcano as a massive FUCK YOU DUMBLEDORE YOU MANIPULATIVE GOAT FUCKING BASTARD! In fact fuck it. I'd nuke Britain at this point kill all the worthless fuckers. Now if you will excuse me I am going to vent this in a story I never thought I'd write after growing out of my Dumbles bashing stage. Speaking of though Harry better fucking kill Albus and Snape for this. Moody to. There are somethings that are acceptable in a war but dooming a rescue mission and someone who is practically volunteering to help you? Just to test a theory? That deserves hours of fucking torture.
Guest chapter 24 . 10/8
Gasp! Not one, but two whole new chapters?! I searched this story, with the intention of re-reading it, (as I have done several times since I found it 8 years ago) to see that it has been updated. I feel the same way now as I did the first time I read. Easily my favorite fanfic. Easily. I'll take whatever small or large chapters you're willing to give us. And if you decided to rewrite it as a '2.0' version, I'll eagerly read that as well. You have a gift. Even if you don't ever finish this story. I've enjoyed being able to read it.
tanzar81 chapter 4 . 10/7
It brought me to tears when he blamed James.
grg213 chapter 23 . 9/23
This is where I quit reading most fics like this you make the mc stronger in every way to canon but still make them weaklings compared to everyone else.
Rainy-Round chapter 24 . 9/9
Please update!
Hab chapter 23 . 9/6
Completely moronic breakout plan. No tension leading up to it. No meaningful ending once all is said and done. Even the action was lackluster and only really involved one side mowing down canon fodder. You really like to disappoint your readers...
Hasunohana88 chapter 24 . 9/6
So great ! What will happen now ?
Ciel Moony chapter 24 . 9/3
Guest chapter 21 . 8/19
Snape is such a double-crossing bastard.
carick of hunter moon chapter 24 . 8/5
I like those who have Favs: 4,630 & Follows: 5,081 - this story would like to see and updated why becuse it very well written story
jackalopian chapter 24 . 8/4
Well, wow. This has been a fun ride. What an interesting world you've come up with! I really enjoy how you've kept the tension between Chris/Jack and the new universe group realistic. Plus I wasn't expecting old Sirius to show up from the veil. Nice, since usually veil stories telegraph their intentions a mile away. This one didn't, I'm constantly on my toes since I have no clue where your mind is going. I also like that Chris is gaining Peter's trust (well sort of since I don't really know, see previous sentence). Also the idea of him being labeled a "dark" wizard is a really good issue to bring up. Both the order and Voldemort seem to assume that he must have been on the evil side in order to be dark. Really? Wow, but it makes sense in an idealized sort of way. But He isn't dark.

One of my favorite parts was Harry/Chris leading Snape and Mcgonagall through his mind. It was weird, and good.

In any case, I've enjoyed reading this. Thank you for writing it and sharing it with us!
Jiggaly-Ribbs chapter 24 . 7/12
GAAHHHHH! I love it. It's so good and I really love Shape and Harry's relationship from the first dimension. And hate Dumbaldore and Shape and now Moody from this one. You really know how to make a girl hate someone. The Muraders are bugging me to but that's just because they don't know anything. Anyway this is an awesome story and I wish that you update.
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