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Moonlight chapter 26 . 6/10/2007
OMG! Come on, you can't leave us waiting like that! I know you warned me that I will have to wait ! Draco! He really was all alone and even though obviously I have no idea what it feels like when family magic leaves you...I feel as if I know nevertheless..I am even scared for him!...Gosh...I mean he even wrote to Bill for help!1 How desperate must he be?...Bill must realize that too...what will Lucius think when he somehow realizes that Draco was almost abck on Angel flight? ...*takes a deep breath*...please let Bill be in time and somehow able to help Draco! Not only with the alcohol and stuff but especially with his feelings...feeling so losta nd alone...without roots...arg...I am waiting for the next..last?..chapter! Thanks so much for this story here...and your long chapters!:)
Spyrit chapter 26 . 6/9/2007
Aw! Poor Draco! I’d hate to have something as soothing as his signum taken away from me…At least he has the knowledge that he doesn’t need them

Having it removed sounds more painful that a tattoo…I don’t like Lucius, he is evil *crosses arms and pokes tongue out at Lucius*

I hate Lucius even more for turning Draco back to drugs. There is no sense in undoing all that work for the sake of tradition…

Snape was entirely unfair to Sirius with regards to his biographies, yet I would expect nothing less.

I still love Bill and Draco’s relationship! If only…*sighs*

Can’t wait for the next chapter!

Keep up the good work!

Spyrit x

Ps – sorry for this slightly shorter than normal review, I don’t think I’m conscious enough to write properly!
Spyrit chapter 25 . 6/9/2007
As per my previous review, I am deeply sorry for leaving it so late to r&r.

I do love Draco’s mind and the way it works – tis fascinating.

I also love Pomfrey and her fussing, as well as her ‘blackmail’ (I don’t know if you can really call it that…) saying that if Draco has done himself further damage, then she’s keeping him in longer. If I had Draco in a bed, I’d want to keep him there as long as possible…*looks innocent…*

I can see why Draco wouldn’t like his scar, but it does sound as though it’d be rather lickable, and it also gives him and Harry an excuse to take each other’s clothes off to compare scars…*knows that their scars are on the forehead and lower arm, but hey, a girl can dream*

Yay! Ron is alright! I hope he’s going to stay like it as well…but even so…saying a lightning bolt scar would be worse! Gotta love Ron for that remark ;-)

Poor Draco, finally being officially disowned. Tis a shame about his signum…

The reuniting of the Weasley family was great – thoroughly enjoyed it

Am now off to read ch.26 before going to bed

Keep up the good work!

Spyrit x
Spyrit chapter 24 . 6/9/2007
I apologise for not reading your updates sooner - I have been distraced by revision for my A-level exams, but decided that I really need a break and should catch up before it becomes too rude!

I love how Sam is so concerned about Draco - motherly, even, it's lovely. I also like how Laney thinks Draco and Ginny should get married. I'm not a fan of het (in case you haven't noticed...) but I do think that pairing works.

I can just imagine Draco and Sukodu - they go so well together. But quantum physics! Gah! Don't talk to me about physics - tis the bane of my existance atm...although, don’t get me started on string theory, I have had many a discussion with my physics teacher and friends about that and alternate/parallel universes, but it mostly weirds me out hehe

I can certainly think of a few ways Harry could thank Draco for bringing Sirius back from behind the veil... ;-)

I loved how Harry was a little proud of Hermione swearing…could only happen with either Harry or Ron…

Poor Ron! I’m not sure I really want to continue reading to discover his fate…

Poor Draco, being separated from Laney. Tis a pity.

Anyhoo, I'll try not to leave it so long without reading your updates, but I am now off to read ch.25 even though it is 3am in the morning over here - I'm in a noctournal mood!

I'm not sure if I really want to read the next chapter...

Keep up the good work

Spyrit x
Mask chapter 26 . 6/9/2007
I like Earl Grey.
BSGirl chapter 26 . 6/9/2007
Wow, I wan't to know what happened, and what Bill is going to do! Please update soon.
critic chapter 26 . 6/9/2007
Damn you for ending it there. You better update fast.
SpicyDragon24 chapter 26 . 6/8/2007
I LOVE THIS FIC! Wonderfully written, love the Draco genius thing you have going...I just adore it.
Lemola chapter 26 . 6/8/2007
Aww man, what are you doing to poor Draco? Shit, I mean, he's completely out of it, I feel so sorry for him and hope he'll get over most things.

You really got me worried in this chapter. What's Draco going to do? Did he take another vial of Angel Flight or could he resist it? And if he couldn't, is he going to be all 'Draco-Boggart'... *shudders* Don't want to know what he'll do if he's going to be like that. I hope Bill will get there in time. Can't stand to see this Draco go through all this, he didn't deserve it.
echo9821 chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
AH! CLIFFHANGER! stupid draco with his stupid drugs. god the order is slow on the uptake. *rolls eyes*
kasmo chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
Wah! Poor Draco. How horrible. I don't care. I'm totally blaming Bill and the others for Draco's state of mind right now. If they, mostly Bill, Sam and Laney hadn't changed him, and then left him on his own again, he wouldn't have turned back to drugs. Stupid people, abandoning him. And don't say I'm being irrational, because I don't care if I am, and I don't think I am.

Anyways, Ginny is really starting to irk me. Sorry, but I really don't like her when she starts playing prominent roles in fics. Everybody just seems to make her into some sort of Mary Sue, or too perfect and whatnot. Totally irritating.

Sorry if it sounds like I don't I'm being mean, but I just can't stand Draco being hurt, especially here, when he's been through so much. I'm thinking of going back to read "The Code" over again, just because it's happier, and Draco doesn't seem so tortured. Not to mention, if I can't stand this much Ginny now, I don't think I'll make it into the third part. Sorry.

As for mistakes:

"That was the land he had once been heir too." and

"Too make matters worse, although the Order Headquarters was looking a lot cleaner (it had been completely re-furbished over the summer), Mrs. Black’s portrait was still on the wall and this time when she started screaming, the curtain rod fell down."

The two 'too(s)' that you have should actually just be 'to.'

"He was staring at the potions, remembering Bill talking about how when he was sick his mother would feed him soup and read him stores."

Missed the 'i' in 'stories.'

As the vision was fading, he lost the feeling that everything no longer mattered and he was once again over powered by a sense of displacement and emptiness.

'Overpowered' is one word.

“I think that’s point,”

Should be 'I think that's the point,'

"It was hard to bear a grudge when the man comes back tortured and exhausted and trembling time after time."

Watch the tenses. You should mix the past and present. Stick to one. Most likely, you would change 'comes' to 'came' since your fic is in past tense.

What was even more sobering, or at least, more sobering to the Weasley parents, was that they owned the life of their son to the son of their greatest enemy, the man who had nearly killed their daughter.

'Owed' not 'owned.'

“If it’s flaw, we should fix it, but even a flawed system that let’s out a few guilty men is better than a system that can be used to imprison the innocent as well.”

'Flawed' not 'flaw.'

"Was Draco Malfoy planning on joining the Order anytime soon?”

Since this is actual dialogue spoken by someone, Dumbledore in this case, 'was' should actually be 'is' to indicate present tense.

"The Order usually met for breakfast together, not really to discuss business, but just because they genuinely liked each others company."

'Others' should have an apostrophe to indicate possession.
Weis05 chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
Well… quite a strong chapter. Kind of “turning point” or something. Some beautifully harsh contrast you made here – a party when the one who made it actually possible is somewhere away (alone, in pain and falling) and nobody bother to know where and how he is. Unbelievably. Until he is needed to do something for Order again.

He saved Ron' life twice now, by the way.

Bill has a point about Severus at the party too. Constantly scheming headmaster and his faithful Order is just disgustingly charming (or charmingly disgusting?) I don’t like Dumbledore mostly because he does nothing to ease animosity towards Severus and Draco, not only in this fic, but in others too.

Lucius is quite a cutie too. First he neglected his son, lets some inhuman things happen to him and when said son turned out a genius without his knowing he punishes him for his own mistakes? What it was I wonder? Anger? Twisted regret? Revenge? Power play?

I still think that Order people can’t even begin to comprehend Draco and because of their inability they somehow cheapen his doings, push him away from their minds and try to pretend that they have nothing to do with “that Lucius’ boy”. Yes, without aurors and Order Draco couldn’t succeed in complete his plan, but all of it was his scheming. It was his success. Without him students definitely would be dead. When he is “bad Malfoy” it’s much easier to detest him.

I don’t like how Order take Severus’ suffer for granted. It’s so simple to say that somebody has to suffer to atone for his sins. But what if by doing so they become just like those who hurt said somebody? There are many ways to destroy a person – to dismiss his good doings is just one of them.

Anyway – it’s done beautifully. Harsh and honest. Thank you and good luck!

Sorry about language mistakes, by the way. English is not my native language.
Haylia Jones chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
Oh that was so great! and I loved that you included Sirius. Bill is coming, its going to be okay. Now I have a cliff hanger to deal with!
sodesne ON HAITUS chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
. Go save the day Bill! Ah! I need to know what happens!

Thanks for the update, I'm sorry that I didn't reveiw this earlier.

wertyit chapter 26 . 6/7/2007
Cool! This has got to be one of your better chapters yet! :) I was actually half holding my breath and had all these weird emotions in me by half of the chapter. Draco's... 'withdrawal (i think)' actions were good too. It's amazing to see how geniuses go down. For a minute I thought he was going to mark himself too like Van Gogh with the ear, then I remembered that this was Draco.

Lol. I was writing 'Malfoy', then remembered he isn't one. Hm, Lucius' actions and his feelings towards Draco is still unclear to me, which is how it should be, I suppose. I reckon the third part of the trilogy will have many chapters? I mean, your pacing is really good, but to bring Ginny/Draco, Lucius/Draco, Draco/Order, Draco/Bill, Draco/Voldemort, Draco/Harry(?), Draco/Sirius stuffs would be mindboggling if you did it in twenty-seven chapters.

By the way, love the 'Bill- I think I screwed up.' part. That was cool.

Thanks for the read and can't wait for you next chapter.
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