Reviews for To Be with You
Red-Angel9 chapter 3 . 11/10
Claude is not that popular not many of the background characters are sadly as he is adorable
KayRed369 chapter 6 . 11/9
Have Kai tell Tyson there is food in the middle of a fence then release meat eating pigs that eat him alive
anthane chapter 35 . 10/31/2014
Great story as usual
anthane chapter 12 . 10/31/2014
Tala and Bryan are bad influence on kai
anthane chapter 11 . 10/31/2014
I think Kai spend too much time with tala,Bryan and Ian.
Guest chapter 1 . 4/25/2013
here he goes again! LOL. Tyson is a jerk again, but to be honest I always imagine him being the annoying friend\brother who really doesn't. Know when to but out ( this also might have to deal with the fact that I haven't seen this show in YEARS lol; for some reason I just felt the need to read a story involving this anime & here i 'm) please forgive the errors that might be in my message I'm sending this through my cell. Haha the things that we can do w/ technologly is crazy & sometimes scary! I've blabbed for too long I'm really looking forward too reading more chapters of this story cause it really does seem very interesting already ; )
MetteMor chapter 35 . 3/24/2013
i look forward to more fluff from you. keep writing. 3
andysanime chapter 35 . 8/27/2010
Good job on this! It was really funny, Tyson is always the bad guy XD.
A Neverending Dream of Flight chapter 35 . 8/22/2009
haha everyone figured out about claude and hiro. its about time, now they don't have to hide ;) is this the final chapter? please continue, there's so many things you could do with this. i love your story, the personalities of every character are so great
KuramaTao chapter 35 . 2/25/2009
I really enjoyed reading this fic, i love the Tyson bashing. I think the couples are great and i cnt wait to see the reaction when they find out about Kai and Miguel
DarkBombayAngel chapter 35 . 2/16/2009
I love it. It's really good. It's so funny and cute!
Taijiya Mizu chapter 35 . 1/10/2009
I was saving on reading this one for a rainy day that I had nothing to interfere with me reading it...and it was well worth the wait!

I just have to know, it doesn't say that it is complete...but you haven't updated it since '07. I was just wondering if you were going to, or if the fic is actually complete...cause I love it so!

Anyways, still good fic!

Ja Ne
SherryBird chapter 35 . 12/13/2008
This is so good! The Hiro/Claude story is great and so is your Tala/King!
storm05 chapter 35 . 9/23/2008
lol that was unexpected but in a good way. loved the scene of Hiro and Claude in shock whilst the others are drilling them with questions... pure gold!

only one word to say now... update! can't wait for the next chapter.
Marsuss chapter 1 . 3/16/2008
its really nice!

XD Tyson an evil twin thats funny!
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