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Star Charter chapter 17 . 4/16
This hasn't been updated in a while, but I wanted to leave a review and say I enjoyed it. Thanks for writing and great job!
XxTurtletracerxX chapter 16 . 9/12/2016
This story was so well done! You made such likeable personalities for the four of them. The story is full of questions that I want to ask. The emotions the characters display aren't over the top, yet they are present. And frankly the whole thing is just very pleasantly paced.
Even if you never update this story I love what you gave us. And if you ever do plan on finishing, even if it's with a new writing style, then of course that would be very cool as well!
Love your work! And keep livin' a happy life!
MimsyTinky chapter 17 . 3/12/2016
I'm still holding out hope that this story will be one day updated again!
lany-chan chapter 17 . 6/15/2015
Brilliant story!
A Neverending Dream of Flight chapter 17 . 2/18/2015
This is really interesting, and a unique take, I enjoyed reading what you have
Sessha's Crazy chapter 17 . 7/7/2014
This is such a wonderful story! I remember reading it when you first started posting it, then I sort of fell out of fanfiction and now I'm back and happy to see there's more to it! But I'm also super disappointed to see it hasn't been updated in four years. Poo! Before I move it to my 'abandoned' file, I figure it's worth asking, will you ever pick this back up? It's got such a fantastic set up with a great developing plot and tons of twists! It not, could you post a summary of what's supposed to happen or something similar? It would be awesome to know where this one was going (though I have my suspicions!)
Guest chapter 17 . 5/10/2014
Damn. I know you promised not to abandon this but it's been quite a while. That's really disappointing.

This is without a doubt the best yyh/HP crossover I've ever read. You capture ever character perfectly and the plot is incredibly interesting. I'd really love to know how it ends.
AKA PsychicGirl chapter 17 . 11/15/2013
So I know in an earlier chapter you said you wouldn't abandon your story, but it's been over two years since your last update. Are you really coming back? I absolutely love this story, but I don't want to get my hopes up.
Saffron Wings chapter 17 . 7/21/2013
Well, I am very disappointed that you've given up on this AMAZING fic but that's not important. :) I just want you to know that I absolutely ADORE this story.
mauralucky7 chapter 17 . 7/16/2013
This is an amazing story. I've read several yyh an hp crossovers, but this is by far the best. I'll hold you to your word that hiatus will eventually be lifted, so I'll continue to wait till then. I really like all of the yyh aspects you incorporate in such as the latest being that uremeshi and kuwabara having trouble with transmogrification. Those poor poor bunnys. At least they weren't cats otherwise kuwabara would be even more horrified. Most crossover have them able to perform magic perfectly so I really enjoy how you make the characters flawed and realistic. Well as realistic enough you can get in this fandom. Great job!
Anna Jaganshi chapter 17 . 6/2/2013
This is such a different take on the YYH/HP crossover! You're taking much deeper and different looks into how the boys interact with the magical world. :) While I haven't read a HUGE amount of this type of crossover, I think I can happily dub this one of my favorites!

Incoming long ass list of tons of things I like that you put into this story (apologies?):

How they get there is awesome! Usually it's a mission that gets them sent there, and while not bad, this is... Neat! A summoning? How cool; I wonder what plans Voldemort has for them... Not to mention, he's summoning demons; how'd Kuwabara get snatched up, too? :0 But then, you mentioned 'messengers,' so there has to be something deeper going on, obviously. Hm...

The blood pact was a nice touch! I was imaging something like what Snape and Narcissa Malfoy did, but this is such a neat and unique concept! I also enjoyed the bonding between Kurama and Lupin. They'd make great conversing buddies, and their talks would be very interesting and thoughtful, I'm sure!

And your descriptions of the translation charm were neat, too! It's not a perfect spell and has issues, and I'm glad you didn't make it the opposite. It's too easy when things work out perfectly, after all!

And (this is going to be a long review...) the wands! The inclusion of the fact that wands can't be given to non-humans was a fact I'd never thought of before... And the wood explanation was wonderful. Olivander... I wonder what type of students would be compatible with Yusuke's demon hair as a core? ;)

Shadow demon Bikou equals awesome and adorable. I would have assumed it would take to Hiei, if anyone, simply because of his... Well, personality, really. So it's fascination with Kurama intrigues me. Fawkes fascination with Hiei, however... The fire thing, maybe? Either way, still adorable.

As is all the Kurama/Hiei cute going on at bedtime. D'aw.

And speculation time! Kurama's feeling cold in chapter 8... I would say Dementors, but then, someone would have seen them and commented, right? So that's not it...
And then boom, it's shadow demons! One of which can change into Karasu... Definitely not good, bro. Plus his weird reactions... Is he maybe somehow already 'under the influence' of Voldemort? Especially after the bite!

The sorting ceremony was fantastic. The banter between the boys and the hat was hilarious, especially Yusuke and Kurama. Kuwabara's reaction to getting cut off was funny, but Hiei's reaction didn't surprise me too much. He's such a turd. Yusuke's reasoning was also fun to read - being with Potter is going to be fun, eh? ;) You got no clue, Yu'!

Draco and Kurama's handshake was also very interesting to read. Sizing up each other, indeed. And for the first time, including the canon as well as fic of him, I like Draco! How you wrote him still portrays his holier-than-thou attitude, but... I'm not sure why, I just don't find myself disliking him near as much with your portrayal of him. I like it. :D

On the other hand, I normally adore Hermione, but in this story she's a bit of a snotty, nosy brat. Though understandably, I suppose, given the circumstances. :')

The constant botching of the language (names and all), even this far in now, still makes me snort. Ah Yusuke, I love it when you don't really give a shit!

The classes and descriptions are all awesome. I'll admit I was hoping for a bit more on Herbology... And then, dear lord, transfiguration! Those poor bunnies! D: When I saw 'blood' that's definitely not what I imagined had happened!

And, finally (I think/hope), Puu! Y'know, I never thought of it until you mentioned the students chortling at his name, but... Puu. Now I'm giggling like a five year old. But anyway! Puu's entrance was great. And hey, he is a magical creature; why CAN'T he fly to England from Japan in a day? He's magical, yo. That's all the explanation I need!

I lied, but I think this it! Mainly just a comment. I can't wait to see what the feisty ladies have to say in, what I can only assume is, their howlers. The boys might not want to open those little bombs at breakfast...

Now that I've probably felt the need to comment on more than what's necessary... I love this (big shock! As I love everything I've read of yours)! I hope, also like the others, you can/want to keep going with this story! You are so good at keeping your facts straight, as well as incorporating your own inclusions. I can only imagine where this could possibly lead!

Best wishes, as always! 3
guest chapter 17 . 3/8/2013
I like this story and wish you would update it.
Trickery-Ismymiddlename chapter 17 . 3/3/2013
Aaaaaawwwwwesome! Write more soon, please!
Me chapter 17 . 10/22/2012
You NEED to update and continue this brilliant fic! I adore reading it. It's got a great plot and I want to know how it ends. Pretty please?
Tambry chapter 8 . 4/16/2012
Ummmm you don't really need to explain why Hiei called Yukina his sister, because she really is his sister. Now if you where explaining why he called her his sister in front of Yusuke and Kuwabara that explanation makes sense. Love the story so far:D!
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