Reviews for To Make You Feel My Love
Autopsy Gremlin chapter 1 . 7/23/2012
Aw :( so sad, I wish the events at the end of HBP that we will not speak of never happened :(
Excellent story I loved it!
skrewtkeeper chapter 1 . 4/7/2008
Ah, this fic pains me! xD

So beautiful, and yet so saddening! Oh, poor them! Poor poor them!

:D I still loved it. :D

breeb381 chapter 1 . 11/24/2006
wow. that was so sad, but so well written! good job
OSUSprinks chapter 1 . 11/13/2006
This was so incredibly sad and wonderful all at the same time. To find out and then have so little time. Argh. Thanks for sharing.
Nonna Minerva chapter 1 . 7/17/2006
Hi, my name is Francesca and I loved your story.

I’d like to translate it for an Italian site http but I need your permission before doing it.

If you agree, I can send you all the reviews the Italian translation gets.

This is my e-mail: .

I’ll wait for an answer before starting with my work.

Please write soon. Francesca alias NonnaMinerva
Mary chapter 1 . 6/28/2006
Aww, that made me cry. thats so depressing! But it was well written, deffinatly well written, i really liked it
AssortedScribbler chapter 1 . 6/19/2006
*Crys* You made me cry! How could he not tell her before? Thanks for a nice fic.

B. Alex Burke chapter 1 . 6/16/2006
WAH! I cried the first time I read this! I don't like the sad stuff about them. Note that's the reason I never go to the Angst section of the ADMM Board. Great job!

Ericca chapter 1 . 6/15/2006
Brilliant; you really captured Minerva and Albus' emotions well. I enjoyed it very much!