Reviews for Fever
Penn O'Hara chapter 1 . 6/18/2006
That was riveting, VRT. The cadence of the piece had me reading carefully and slowly so as not to miss a nuance, and then had me speed-reading to discover Michael's fate, only to slow me again as I felt his parents' anguish and helplessness.

Can I say I guessed Tom would ultimately be the key to unlock the problem? Why would he not be?

The relationship and understanding of Sloan with Tom was beautiful and more than I expected from her, but *his* uniqueness and inner beauty was right on the nose.

Kudos to another gem from you, my lady. And so many facets in this one! It was chocker full with a bit of everything! [Is 'chocker' an aussie-ism? I hope you know what I mean. ]
Nemi The Dragon chapter 1 . 6/16/2006
I love your fic. I think it's great.

I read Skein a few years back when I first started reading fanfictions and I think that Skein were some of the best stories that there have ever been written in the Prey universe, so this story was a pleasent surprise... keep up the good work! and I hope you will get more reviews because you definetly deserve it.