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Man of Constant Sorrow chapter 52 . 6/10

Let me start off by saying I love this story, it is the ONLY Harry Potter fanfiction that has incorporated Oriental/Far East elements and not had me completely annoyed with Harry becoming Naruto.

I read this story when it was published originally way back in the day, chapter by chapter as you uploaded it. I recently reread it, and being older and more mature I have a few observations and opinions I'd like to share.

The first one and you obviously realized it yourself since you have Hermione say it out loud is Kotone seems to cry and bleed quite a lot, to the point of excess. I think you should have included a few more happy moments, a few more moment of joy and bonding of them as a family, a trip to a carnival or something.

You never resolved what became of Petunia and Dudley

and most importantly

My main issue is with the concept that because of her half breed status and her physical differences she would never be accepted by society. That feels so wrong, it sends the wrong message in my opinion. Think of all the differently abled/handicapped, LGBQT, people of different cultures, races etcand what kind of message it sends. The only way you can be happy is if you fit societys definition of perfect/normal? Maybe in the harsh real world there is a sad truth to that, nowadays more than ever, but there are beautiful people pushing for a better world where are differences don't define us, I just wish you had pushed for Harry and Hermione remaking the wizarding world into a place where their daughter would have been happy, being the daughter of Warlord Potter leader of. reat Britain I truly think she wouldn't have been bullied as much as you think, even kids aren't stupid enough to pick on the daughter of a dark Lord slayer.

Idunno I love the story, even if blood is mentioned an inordinate amount and the ending left me with mixed emotions, it is still one of the great stories of hp fanfiction.

I wish you'd return and entertain us some more, regardless thank you for sharing this amazing story with us.
Assume chapter 53 . 6/8
10 years after the last update, I'm glad you still have it posted. I'm not a huge Harry/Hermione fan but that was in the top five stories I've read. I absolutely loved Kotone's character. I loved the use of Necromancy, and the adding Harry's power boost without it coming off as overly godly. I personally don't like Ron's character but you made him likeable, (redeemable), powerful all without it coming off forced. Great job with this one!

Best of luck,

Guest chapter 53 . 6/8
Really liked it after I got past the psycho angst stuff in the first chapters
BLINIX chapter 53 . 3/30
Great story, the only bad thing I have to say is that I wanted more of Hermione in her necromencer form :D.
lazy-kaa chapter 53 . 3/28
My God, I am almost crying. Thank you very much :)
lazy-kaa chapter 52 . 3/28
That is scareful. That is very much scareful... However, it is much emotional. Thanks.
lazy-kaa chapter 44 . 3/28
Yes, DH is sort of sad for Harry/Hermione lovers.
lazy-kaa chapter 38 . 3/28
You are dengerous :) Very interesting magic and phylosophy.
lazy-kaa chapter 21 . 3/27
So strange and emotional to read it. Very complex mind magic :) So, this little kawai girl is soul doctor, or healer.
lazy-kaa chapter 19 . 3/27
To be true, I do not like storries, where Harry takes another name or personality. He is just too much himself to be somebody else. However, the storry goes it's own way and it might be required. Just think how Hermione will look in different face? Anyway, I'am looking forward to read about lost Demon with lot's of Japanese colour. Thank you
lazy-kaa chapter 10 . 3/27
No, no, no confusing. It goes smoothly. Somewhat mistirious, but this is magic world.
lazy-kaa chapter 6 . 3/27
very good intrigue... And some magic as well. At least it is not just paring with meaning no more than a kiss.
lazy-kaa chapter 1 . 3/27
Good start and my favorite paring.
Konoha no Kiiroi Senko chapter 53 . 2/23
This was a fantastic fic. Your characters (both original and not) are interesting, relate-able and not op. I've loved little Kotone so much, the best non canonical ch. I've read about in a while.
Long live Angela Kotone Potter
Csar chapter 9 . 2/22
mp as please m. hi all
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