Reviews for Mistress of Death TWO
NovaIceWolf chapter 10 . 3/6/2017
I loved your stories they where captivating but also deadly. What I love about it most is the yin yang. It shows that their is such things as having to much or to little of one or the other and that it can be deadly if taken out of control. Keep up the great work love it.
Guest chapter 10 . 1/5/2015
christonni chapter 3 . 8/1/2014
shit just got real...DUN DUN DUNNNNNNNNN!
Guest chapter 10 . 8/27/2013
Continue plz
Guest chapter 10 . 7/12/2012
Ehhh... The ending was ok but not your best
sakurakina chapter 10 . 1/15/2012
I very much loved these vice. I am not one for reading such dark tics but these had me mesmerized from the very beginning and I just couldn't stop reading. Great job. : )
Melmelx3 chapter 7 . 11/4/2011
loved your story but kagome forgave sess too easy. i almost finished ur story. i left of somewhere in ch 7 cause i wanted kagome to ditch sess in my mind hehe :] but anyways hood job!
PiePiePiePiePie chapter 10 . 8/12/2011
i wont flame or nothing but...i think the first i dont know what i should call it... i guess the first part was better. but all in all i still enjoyed reading this. great job
vixen delavix chapter 10 . 6/22/2011
look this is the first time a read a fanfiction like this and by far yuo are4 thew best writer . You gave me new perspective. i love this fanfiction and it could be considered my favorite your awsome

Otaku Pokey chapter 10 . 7/20/2010
u know i never did understand that but wat do u mean flame?

i liked it
Kaiko chapter 10 . 5/3/2010
What? omg wow i love ur stories but that sucked im not gonna flame u cause i kno good writer but the 1st story was better than this one. this sucked and it was to back and forth. it just felt like u were being lazy
Seluna Maru chapter 2 . 5/2/2010
Im srry to say this but sessy deserved it. i hope u have more stories like this cause after im done with this im reading the others for sure PEOPLE THESE ARE A MUST READ!
Seluna Maru chapter 1 . 5/2/2010
well well well what do yah know. there is a sequeal oh happy day yay
sarah chapter 10 . 4/20/2010
this was a good story.
Rising Phoenix-82 chapter 10 . 4/10/2010
I was mesmerized by this story, actually I read them both and they sounded like you could do more and I promise I will be your number one fan. You did a great job with both, and I liked that you put your on characters into too. It gave the story a more vivid point...
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