Reviews for One family for another
Cutter12 chapter 6 . 4/22/2012
I see from your profile page you are still writing. Though the profile page was written a few years ago, I hope this is still true. It would be nice to see how you will end this story.
ArodLoverus2001 chapter 6 . 6/25/2007
whos sister is she? plz update..
Rinne chapter 6 . 2/8/2007

Your dialogue and characterisation is fantastic (even though I don't completely buy into Don not telling people about Mellie, I can deal with that). Seriously, I'm impressed with the dialogue and the characterisation.

But, and this is a rather big but, your grammar and spelling needs serious work. In this day and age of spellcheckers there really is no excuse for poor spelling (using the wrong word is a different matter). The grammar associated with the speech is wrong, there's frequent use of the wrong 'there', sometimes you don't use capital letters for first names, etc.

I would strongly suggest if you're going to continue writing on this story and any others (I haven't checked out your profile yet, and it seems to have been quite a while since you last updated this) that you get a beta reader. There is nothing like an editor for improving a story. If you'd like to discuss anything with me, or have my beta read what you've posted of this story, I'd be happy to, because it really does have a good basis.

With fantastic dialogue and characterisation, if you improve your grammar and spelling, you'll be a really great author.
TangledPencils chapter 6 . 2/3/2007
Just found your fic and am enjoying it. Were you planning on continuing it? I really hope so, as this is really interesting. Please continue soon.
Isabelle S chapter 5 . 8/9/2006
I was glad to see a new chapter. I was looking forward to it - checking everyday. It was good, well worth the wait. Keep up the good work.
Acquamarina chapter 4 . 7/11/2006
I love this story, keep up updating!
IsabelleS chapter 4 . 7/10/2006
Just a quick line to let you know that I enjoy this story. It's full of surprises. ,:) I love Melie. I also like the way you described Don's observations. I think he would notice details like that.

Keep up the good work!
Cady chapter 4 . 7/10/2006
This was so cute! Really made me laugh!
knightlight86 chapter 3 . 6/24/2006
Very intersting. I can't wait to read more. How in the world did he manage to keep his marriage and relationship a secret for 2 years? Can't wait to see Don's families meet.