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Requiem For A Devil chapter 5 . 7/20/2011
"May all the gods forbid!" Cleitus laughed. "I intend to be on my worst behavior at tonight's feast, for example."


Haha, oh Cleitus.

I love how you give everyone such distinguishable personalities even when there are so many characters to keep track of. The story itself is fabulous too - I love the scenarios you've come up with )
Requiem For A Devil chapter 2 . 7/20/2011
I wasn't going to review so soon, especially since it's been so long since you published this story, but I absolutely had to stop and tell you how amazed I am by your writing. Usually when I read, I read just enough to get the gist of what's happening. But throughout this entire chapter, I've been glued to every single word *_*

I'm sure the rest of the story will be just as amazing if not more, so I'll just be off to read it now.
Eternity Curse chapter 6 . 1/21/2010
love the story :D
Complexly Simple Kiddo chapter 5 . 10/13/2008
Woah. The symbology of the apple scene now, and it's link to the first chapter, I could see clearly as intended, but was I seeing things on the last dialogue, thinking it's a remarkable similarity of Alexander's whole capaign, and how each of his companions took it? The apple thing, too, I have yet to read further but, the way it links to how Hephaestion served at the army, at logistics and such, and Alexander knowing he could go no further without that... Intended or not, I think it's a wonderful thing. On to the next chapter then!

Sorry if I sound a bit dumb in my awe! I really am so happy to read some quality stories at last!
Norrsken chapter 6 . 4/20/2008
Dear Joyee,

This is such a beautiful conclusion to your gallant and spectacular First Meeting story. Euthymius is righht in bursting into tears at the beautiful sight of the dear boys and their beautiful horses.

"Look, he cried, how the sunlight glistens on the steeds' marvelous coats, one cloud-white, the other jet black; how it crowns the boy's heads, one in burnished bronze, and the other in gleaming gold. Such opposites, and yet such parallels. What a beautiful sight it is!"

Well put, lovely imagery. All the best wishes for now, very well done indeed and many thanks for sharing,

/ NorthernLight

BTW, I can see that this tale took some time in the making. Good for me not only to be a slow writer, I'm a slow reader, too, so I was able to read it all in one session. :)
Norrsken chapter 5 . 4/20/2008
Exciting conclusion to the dramatic race. It's good to see Alexander appreciate Hephaestion's bravery and common sense, he is not even cross when he is called a fool ! the forming friendship is endearing. Amyntor doesn't need to defend his son, Alexander does it instantly.

The dialog is fast flowing and natural, one can see how they are becoming more and more comfortable in each other's company. The horses also make friends. The scene when Hephaestion gives Bucephalus his favorite apple is endearing. Alexander giving Pegasus his name is also a good one.

Mieza is soring in the near future. Amyntor must be proud and glad to see his son making such instant success at his very first days in Macedon.

Now looking much forward to Alexander's surprise ride.

/ NorthernLight
Norrsken chapter 4 . 4/20/2008
This is probably one of the most spectacular First Meetings tales that I have ever read. The race is magnificent, two brave and skilled young horsemen racing each other. You give *our* Hephaestion a truly spectacular introduction, and bring us his good character and honesty. He desperately tries and is successful in saving Alexander from the dangerous branch - but no one else understands, and now he is being accused of endangering the Crown Prince's life !

I also feel so warmly for him when he is subjected to the horrors of the Macedonian court intrigues, especially to Olympias' malice. Craterus acts out his own malice amongst the spectators, and one can see future adversities already forming.

These lines are so beautiful, they bring us the Love & Frienship at first sight feeling so beautifully:

"But in the moment when the other had met his gaze, everything else was forgotten. "The honor is mine," Hephaestion had answered quietly, and that common platitude had been transformed by the solemn sincerity in his eyes, his voice – everything about him – into something inexplicably wonderful, something that made Alexander's heart soar."

Eagerly off to next chapter,

/ NorthernLight
Norrsken chapter 3 . 4/20/2008
Lovely chapter. I enjoy your detailed descriptions of the pageantry a lot, horses and all. It's vivid imagery, colors, spectators reactions, so much of it that you feel like actually being threre. :) You gave *our* Hephaestion a superb introduction, letting him be a skilled horseman at the time when Alexander has recently tamed Bucephalus.

These lines are most poignant and stand out against all the pleasanteries:

"Both his parents meant well for him, if not exactly for each other. Occasionally he indulged in a fleeting wish for them to get along. But young as he was, he was no fool, and expected the sun to stop shining first."

A short, but accuarate description of greatly disturbed family realations.

All the best wishes and off to next chapter,

/ NorthernLight
Norrsken chapter 2 . 4/11/2008
Very late R&R on this, I know. I found it when I read your Cydnus tale, but didn't coem tp it until now.

A promising beginning, taking us right in the middle of things, introducing us to the Companions, already forming into the formidable men they will be in the future. Young Alexander is quite endearing, golden and beautiful, made even more so by Olympias' ministrations.

What I like the best is your imagery of him riding Bucephalus, like a young kentaur. I am looking much forward to the horse show and contest, and when Hephaestion appears in next chapter. I suppose it was he who came with the huge basket of apples. The Companions bawdy comments on his beauty tells me this... :)

All the best wishes, / NorthernLight
moon71 chapter 5 . 10/25/2006
From beginning to end this story has been so much fun. I love this happy conclusion - it shows both our favourites in a positive light, each showing particular traits in their characters which will stand them well in the future - Hephaestion's adventurous spirit combines with his willingness to put glory aside to protect Alexander, Alexander showing his love of competition mixed with his sense of fair play... and his eagerness to share victory with his Hephaestion!

Above all I have loved the characterisation all the way through this story. Alexander is a generous, enthusiastic boy who seems perfectly suited to fall in (innocent!) love with Hephaestion, without any sense of envy or malice; Hephaestion, with his love of life and of horses, his good looks (of course)and performance in the show, seems quite perfect as a friend for him, someone he can share his dreams with (just like in "virtues"!) But in this chapter as in all the others, the supporting cast were so excellent too - they're all sympathetic, even Olympias, ready to defend any threat to her son, and poor old Philotas, anxious to have a chance to show off his new status! Philip was great fun and I adored your Amyntor - strong and loving but also sensible, restraining himself from intervening but still giving Hephaestion his support. And Hector and Nicanor were delightful!

There were so many lovely scenes - the moment when frightened Hephaestion draws comfort from his father,clutching at his clothes; the relief Hephaestion feels when Alexander speaks up for him; the building trust between Alexander and Hephaestion; Amyntor and Philip comparing their sons... and of course Alexander and Hephaestion's long awaited moment alone together! I liked the fact Hephaestion's horse didn't yet have a name, that somehow made it more special. I like the way the two boys cautiously get to know each other - the fact that horses are the medium, just as they have been throughout the show, seems quite natural, just as boys today communicate through football or cricket; and of course it is so fitting with the theme of your story.

All in all, your writing and your characterisation is of superior quality, and I hope you will write more like this. In the meantime, as I've said before with Norrsken's lovely stories, I think you should consider writing adventures for children - I could easily see this story making a wonderful novel!
Arlad chapter 6 . 10/14/2006
WOW. This is one of the BEST Alexander stories I have ever read... your writing is so beautiful, your descriptions so good, your tone set so perfectly... You conveyed the insant connection between those two perfectly, managed to fill the story with a sense of immediate action and yet spanning forever, especially with that last paragraph, tracing their destinies, together and to the east. Thank you so much for writing this story, I enjoyed EVERY word of it. It was amazing.


MartyCessna chapter 6 . 10/14/2006
Bravo! Great story! I'm sorry to see it end, but what an ending it was! Thank you so much for writing it, I'll read it again and again, so I hope you never take it off keep writing, you're very talented!
Queendel chapter 6 . 10/14/2006
A wonderful fic filled with excitement and tense anticipation.

And the budding friendship of trust and loyalty between Heph and Alexander was beautiful to behold in its makings.

The interactions between the fathers was also very nice, and it was good to see both Philip and Olympias revised their opinion of Heph and his place in Alexander's life.

As usual, Philotas and Cassander acted like asses, but I applaud Cleitus in his support for the youths.

A great ending or as you said beginning. It would be lovely if you continue this in a sequel.
moon71 chapter 4 . 9/16/2006
Every part of this story has been a treat and this latest installment is as good as all the others. I could just imagine the friendly smile Alexander gives Hephaestion, wanting to make contact with him and reassure him in front of all those adults. This meeting seems so natural - not something immediately romantic, only an interest in one another. Your description of Hephaestion's view of Alexander was particularly lovely - they find their common ground as boys might, through things they love; in this case horses. (Just as boys and men these days communicate similiarly through sport - football, cricket, whichever!) I loved the bickering between Philip and Olympias - I can see in her the need to defend Alexander and stop some boy from Athens stealing his thunder! There's only room for one child prodigy in this town! I think the reaction of the Macedonians was fair - shocked at first, but then supportive. And of course Alexander's companions don't like to be the victims of Amyntor's little joke!

I also like the characterisation in this - Philip is a man with a sharp brain and a good sense of humour; Olympias is already fiercely protective; Amyntor is finding his feet in this new Court and obviously already guesses who his friends are. I thought the conversation between him and Hephaestion when he counsells him gently to let Alexander win was touching and realistic. And I liked Hephaestion's practical response - though I'm sure Alexander would be heartbroken if he could hear of it.

And now Hephaestion is in trouble again! I loved the way you handled the race; it was exciting but also thoughtful. So how is Hephaestion going to explain himself? I'm sure he will, though... and, if I might make a request, I would love to see the two of them on their own for a while - no, not for some girly kissing, just to see what they say to each other! UPDATE SOON!
Fredericka chapter 4 . 9/12/2006
Like Coral, I was a bit concerned about some of the Macedonians reactions to Hephaestion riding in the drill, but upon reflection, I think it makes sense because of their attitude toward Athenians in general. The majority of spectators doubtless would have applauded Hephaestion’s performance. but, the sons of the nobles would have been disgruntled at an Athenian boy being such a superb horseman and, as a further insult, being given a garland signifying the King’s approval. If he’d been a Macedonian, the other boys’ reactions, while envious, would probably have been very different; they’d have cheered.

Not having any basis to criticize his superb equestrian skills, they latched onto the only thing they could think of to sneer at him. Amyntor knew Phillip would be pleased or he’d never have risked his son’s reputation. Olympias would have considered any sort of reaction that stole the limelight from her son a threat so her behaviour, while perhaps a bit over the top doesn’t seem at all out of character.

Hopefully, what she doesn’t know, is that her plan to have her son humiliate the young upstart will backfire – and he’ll become her most powerful, and invincible, rival. Or, does he? We’ll have to wait for Chapter 4 to find out.
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