Reviews for Skip a Beat
December Jeffries1 chapter 34 . 12/12
A fantastic AU Rogan tale. I lool forward to reading the sequel.
Guest chapter 34 . 12/12
Ah, such a great story!
merderluvr chapter 34 . 12/7
A perfect fairy tale ending. Thank you so much!
merderluvr chapter 33 . 12/7
I couldn't believe how the girls in the office reacted to finding out about them. Poor Logan really had to work hard to keep the crazies away. Loved their discussion of all the crazies they attract. I also loved their moment in the snow. I cant wait to read what happens next. Thanks!
merderluvr chapter 32 . 12/7
It's cute that Logan wants the whole world to know he's with Rory, but she wants to keep it secret. I'm glad Sue finally knows the truth but she also knows her time with Rory is limited. Loved Finn's path to Yale. Very entertaining!
merderluvr chapter 31 . 12/7
Thanks for making me smile some more today!
merderluvr chapter 30 . 12/7
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the Rogan goodness in this chapter. I loved all the romantic touches he added in the inn. Gotta love that man! I was so scared when he started the conversation regarding Mitchum. I'm hoping Mitchum won't screw up their relationship. Great chapter.
merderluvr chapter 29 . 12/7
I did miss Rogan but I can appreciate that you needed to tie up the loose ends with Jess, Luke and Lorelei. I'm still curious about what Sue gets Rory to confess about her and Logan's relationship. Thanks again!
merderluvr chapter 28 . 12/7
I loved the way you wrote the talk between Lorelei and Rory. I could see it so clearly. You are a very talented writer.
merderluvr chapter 27 . 12/7
Loved the way he kept Sue in suspense! Brilliant! You had me smiling during
the last few chapters. I hope there's not much angstt coming up. Thanks for sharing your talents.
merderluvr chapter 26 . 12/7
The phone call with Honor was precious. I loved how Rory decided to distract him and how it caused him to slip up to Honor. Honor seemed genuinely happy for them. I'm so glad things worked out, but I fear his return to Stars Hallow with her. I hope they are hospitable to Logan. Love this story!
merderluvr chapter 25 . 12/6
Yay. Im glad she followed her heart. Loved him insisting on her wearing the pumps but her insisting on him taking off his shoes and trouser socks. I loved how mushy Logan got about his feelings for Rory and the fact that it wasn't just sex this time. It was much more. They are perfect together! Thanks
merderluvr chapter 21 . 12/6
Way to go Logan.. So glad he put the *itch in her place. I'm glad he sensed Rory's honor and that Rory admitted to Sue that letters were Important to her. I can't wait to see who the intruder is. Finn?
merderluvr chapter 20 . 12/6
Wow. That was definitely a kiss Rory will never forget. I love how Sue got him to open up. Hope Rory sees that Logan is The One.
merderluvr chapter 19 . 12/6
Nicely done. I love confident Logan! It's great to see him stand up to Mitchum and to Jenyl. Thanks!
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