Reviews for The Servant: The Aleron Saga
nightdragon0 chapter 82 . 6/19/2007
Everything's all come to the end of another saga. As I've mentioned in previous reviews, I've had mixed feelings about this one (for reasons I'm sure I don't need to repeat), but it certainly managed to keep me reading all the way to the end. Despite Bahamut not showing up much and all.

All the main points seem to be tied up well enough, as well as putting a realistic set of events at the end of the war. Shows just how much trouble it was, and that the war doesn't simply end when the fighting does. Though there may be small bits, like the variation in Maritza's age regression.

I feel that are some small hints leading to FF8, such as the orphanage being run by a 'sorceress', and the return of magic (somewhat). If not for the final too scenes, it would've been an almost perfect conclusion for the characters, even Bahamut.

But the author's notes at the end certainly hint of more interesting things to come.

I though you were pretty much done with the FF7 timeline, but I guess the appearance of Dierge of Cereberus' DeepGround members means there's still more going on in this time. Even if you're using them in an alternate timeline, I guess you just couldn't avoid using them, heh. It's funny that almost everything linked to FF7 seems to bring up more questions at the 'ending', but that's just the way it seems to go.

If you're bringing back the FF7 cast and those for this series, then I'll just say, don't overwork them, if you get my meaning, hahaha. I feel original characters need to move forward in terms of character, more so for the cannon characters. Re-using a whole cast and similar interactions between them, and between villains, tends to wear them out. In my own opinion and experience of course, but it'll be interesting to see what you can bring about.

It's a nice full circle how the Sorceress was once the bringer of death, but goes the round and is now bring life. For better or worse...

I'll say again, great job. And I look forward to the next series.
Kish's Kittie chapter 1 . 6/10/2007
Um... Th is is... Alot of words... Tsukareta...
nightdragon0 chapter 80 . 6/8/2007
Interesting set of chapters. Though with quite a bit more dialogue, but I guess that could be expected when it comes to displaying emotions. Makes it feel quite a lot more anime-like than Final Fantasy though.

It may be just me, but Azure's chapter feels quite Riku - Kingdom Hearts influenced. Likewise with Aerith's 'good' sorceress form reminding me of Rinoa's Angle Wing limit break. Not that either one is bad or anything though!
Ogro chapter 80 . 6/6/2007
Amazing chapter! I loved how you made us feel like "Oh crap, they're screwed" and then you made everything all right. I thought Aerith becoming a Sorceress would have destroyed the world. She almost did. But Im happy Azure and Ragnar saved her. You did Aerith's inner torment greatly. Now, she has power over the Sorceress within her. Unfortunately, it still means the Sorceresses in FF8 are still going to be around, but at least Aerith is safe. That is all that matters for now. Lemme guess, Aerith and Ragnar have a daughter together? lol.

Btw, nice job bringing the feathers around. It shows where they came from. Oh, and I can picture the "Evil Sorceress" perfectly, and even the good one. Its amazing how you can come up with ideas to explain all things in FF games that are never explained. Sorceress wings, Summoner's Horns, Materia, magic, and junctioning are just a few examples. Spectacularly done.

But now, I'm not looking forward to the end! Cause that means your hiatus will start! ; ; Pleease don't make it last like a year. I'm begging you ( Well, do what you need to do in life first. Don't let this story or us reviewers take over your life!
Ogro chapter 79 . 6/5/2007
Good chapter ) Finally, Azure's back. I kinda liked him... before the Jenova cells inside of him made him all corrupted. Very well done Denzel and Marlene finally got what they wanted. Update soon! :D
nightdragon0 chapter 78 . 6/4/2007
Quite a battle!

I feel one of the harder things to get your readers to picture are fast paced action scenes, especially sword fights. I think you've done a good job, though I will admit that I didn't catch everything. On one hand, drag a sword fight too long at people might lose track, but too short and it doesn't look fitting.

But you've really been able to make the change from Bahamut & Wyvern's fight scenes, to this sword fight one. It's good too that Sephiroth doesn't give you the 'feel' of Wyvern when he was fighting Bahamut, and they're 'different' enough.

Speaking of that, I felt it was quite like a 'trance' Ragnar, to put in in Final Fantasy 9 terms.
Ogro chapter 78 . 6/3/2007
AMAZING battle! one of your best in all of the series! Seriously... you're my inspiration for writing now. But I'd never be able to write as well as you (

Can' . .chapter. But don't rush! You probably have stuff to do and i dont want to be one of those annoying reviewers that constantly bother you to update.

Ok. They have to beat Jenova quickly But how will they do it? Ragnar can barely fight anymore and Cloud injured his shoulder. Jenova seems more powerful than i originally thought, just like Sephiroth. Anyway, are we ever going to see Bahamut ever again? I hope so... I want him to have his regular body back, too.

So is Ragnar as strong as he was before the junction, or even weaker? Wow... compared to Sephiroth, the Gauntlet and Ashiah seem like petty annoyances... But they've only got 8 minutes left! D:
nightdragon0 chapter 77 . 6/2/2007
Interesting that Elena gets the last shot. That was pretty unexpected.

I think the last exchange between Cloud and Ragnar was nicely done too. Not him being entirely angry & bitter, not entirely encouraging vocally, but a bit of a mix. Much better in his personality, I feel.
Ogro chapter 77 . 5/30/2007
Hahah, nice one Elena! Ok... hm... hopefully, Ragnar will be able to kill Sephiroth. If not, no one can (

Woohoo! Krystea is finally back! She'll look normal again eventually, right? Oh, and that thing from the mutated Jenova cells... man, i thought it was going to be a second Jenova. That would've been bad. Very bad.

The part where Aleron was trying to escape the cylinder was done really well. I truthfully didnt think Aerith was going to make it.

Yeah I cant wait to see the conclusion!

Oh, and you know what I noticed? You don't do that "To be Continued" thing anymore. At least not in this chapter.
Ogro chapter 76 . 5/29/2007
O wow! I had no idea she wanted to help Krystea! Haha, it just goes back to my original theory that Maritza has something to do with Aleron! Woot! Hopefully it will work, I kinda liked Krystea, and Aerith was happy with her around.

Maybe Krystea will even help them kill Sephiroth! Or... Aerith, Maritza, Krystea, and the Turks will just leave. idk. Heh. Anyway, Maritza just gained some respect points!
nightdragon0 chapter 76 . 5/29/2007
That was a very interesting piece of Maritza's puzzle, I think that it answers many questions. It's interesting too that Aerith was able to hold out somewhat against Aleron, without too many spells flying about. Her character has really improved a lot.

You seem to be doing pretty well wrapping up all the story points, now that it's coming down to the end.
Ogro chapter 75 . 5/28/2007
Oh, looks like they're screwed! Though I am surprised with Aerith. She's holding up against Aleron's attacks, and she hasnt used her magic yet. Alone, Ragnar or Cloud could have defeated her.

Haha, now we all know when the Black Widow was originally made Nicely done.

I still dont see how Aerith is gonna help Krystea... but Im also looking forward to Maritza's secrets!
nightdragon0 chapter 74 . 5/27/2007
It's interesting that Red XI happens to think about his own lifespan, considering the final scene in the game which shows Midgar a few hundred years later. Seems to make a nice link in a way. Hm, does that have anything to do with what might happen to Midgar though?

And Maritza's still at her old schemes apparently.
Ogro chapter 74 . 5/26/2007
Ohh man, what's Maritza planning now? I wanna know whats in that cylinder. And what are Denzel and Marlene going to do when they catch up to Sephiroth? I hope the kid knows what he's doing.

Looking forward to the final battle!
Ogro chapter 73 . 5/19/2007
Wait a minute... Im confused. Is it just Cloud and Ragnar going to fight seph and aleron, or did tifa go with them too? Because before, you said "two warriors" went into the hole, but when denzel and marlene went in, it said there were three people before them. Was it referring to Vincent going in earlier?

Yes! Im so happy Leers is dead. But... he would have stopped the war. Ashiah will not. Thats some more bad news.

Even worse, both armies are suffering from the cold weather. Why does Seph want the NSA to win? Just to cause Cloud more pain?

Thanks for quickly updating! Looking forward to the next one!
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