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nightdragon0 chapter 73 . 5/19/2007
Could the kids really find the entrance Vincent mentioned just by his description? And in the dark & cold too? Maybe Ragnar won't sense them since they're too far away, but he's more likely to do so if they get closer.

It's good to see that Ragnar is at least thinking about what impact him 'disappearing' will have on the army this time. But I guess RedXI is going to have everything thrown on him again.
Ogro chapter 72 . 5/16/2007
Ooh.. JENOVA is creepy. Anyway... *sigh* what does Maritza have planned now? And what are you gonna do to Denzel and Marlene?

Anyway, this chapter wasn't boring. They're all still great!:D Please update soon! (Oh, and Im not looking forward to that hiatus once Aleron saga is over ; ; but at least you're continuing the series
nightdragon0 chapter 72 . 5/16/2007
Yeah, I'd imagine it'll be quite a time co-ordinating a bunch of different character plotlines, not only that, but wrapping them up as well.

One thing that could be interesting is if Bahamut can somehow relate Jenova to the entity from so long ago, if he hasn't already.

Then again, it might've been during the period when he was 'dead', so it might not be possible.
terracannon876 chapter 71 . 4/28/2007
Wow ... I feel like the story's winding down now... Cid T_T

I'm sorry to hear that most of the reviews have been getting negative, but it is kind of expected as this story is much different from the rest of the series. To tell the truth, I had originally read the other series because I was really interested in your take on the Espers (even the OC ones, if there were any. I don't really know much past FF7,8,9,and 10.) However, seeing as how the Espers have died and even Bahamut's gone... T_T

I really like most of your OC's (it's impossible to like every single one of them ... too many *dies*) 3 Zola and Leviathan were *_*

Did you plan to continue the story to another saga if given the time and motivation? O It sounded like you did X_x ...such a long story... XD

At any rate, thanks for this story and the chapter, and I can't wait to read the next one soon 3
Ogro chapter 71 . 4/21/2007
Aww man! You killed off Cid! I never really really liked him much, but you made me respect him a lot in this story. At least you killed off the Juggernaut though :D (It's so important Im looking at it as a character now :P) and um... I hope Sephiroth doesnt come into Vincent and Aleron's fight. They'd kill Vincent /... Hmm... anyway, I really like the character of Mack. It's really good if you can get people to like your OC's. Good job!
nightdragon0 chapter 71 . 4/21/2007
Dramatic stuff definitely. I like the cameo appearance from the Tiny Bronco though.

Was there meant to be something significant about the gun with one shot that Vincient fired? Was it Krystea's original gun?

I wonder why Vincient uses Galian Beast here instead of Chaos, since the latter is supposed to be higher level. But then again, I guess it's cause of space contrains and the fact that game mechanics don't always apply.
Ogro chapter 70 . 4/2/2007
o Aleron is badd news. And I think Aerith, Ragnar, Cloud, and Tifa rushed the marriage, but i guess it's understandable. Bahamut and Terra should have too. Anyway, update soon!
nightdragon0 chapter 70 . 3/31/2007
Maritza certainly is being true to her word about her secret plan. But again, I get the feeling that there's motivation behind it. Then there's the question of what she was so interested in Aleron previously.

It's strange that Sephiroth was devestating the orginial Shinra most of the time, but Aleron seems to be hitting the PPA's side more.
Ogro chapter 69 . 3/29/2007
I really really hope you dont stop this story once the Aleron Saga is done. It is definitely one of the best stories I've ever read, like I said before. It is the perfect combination of action, humor, drama, romance, fantasy, and all that good stuff. You make many things fit and it flows really well. When I first read this story, I didnt think you would be able to pull off all the Final Fantasies on one planet work out. But you did, and it was great. You even got some Kingdom Hearts in there. The only thing i dont like is that FFX will only be a dream of Bahamut ( but it makes sense really. Most of that game is centered on a "dream of the fayth". Also, you always want me reading more. I've been doing little except reading this story (I know, it sounds like I have no life, but I do, i swear). Anyway, if you end this story here, I will be very very upset lol. Hm... so what are Denzel and Marlene trying to do? And Maritza? I wouldnt trust her. I wasnt expecting Sephiroth to get a mate, he seems like a loner too. But whatever works And I hope Aeris/ith is able to get Krystea back. She was an interesting character.
Ogro chapter 54 . 3/26/2007
Wowowowow... I thought i wasnt going to review again till I caught up with what you've most recently written, but now im shocked. I kind of knew Ragnar was a Cetra... I mean, he was talking to the planet. But Bahamut fusing with him, and thinking all the way back to Rydia and her fusion with Unicorn... it made me think about how far this story went. Its a huge history, and it is definitely one of the best stories I have ever read. It is really truly amazing. And when Aerith (ugh.. i hate that name, i agree with you, Aeris is better), started getting her new powers, I knew it had something to do with the Sorceresses in FFVI. You said something about a little bit of that a while back... and I knew it had something to do with that. But anyway, my guess is that they fail in defeating Seph. Cause Adel and the other Sorceresses come anyway. And Bahamut's new fusion with Ragnar.. it is the beginning of SeeD. Memory loss? Increased physical and mental power? And who the hell is Aleron? Someone good? someone bad? If he/she is bad, then... everyone's screwed. And who is Maritza? She keeps getting younger and younger... and for some reason i think it has to do with Aleron. Godd, I cant wait. Ive been reading this endlessly. Its too good. I keep thinking, "Ok, next chapter I'll stop." But then you come up with something like "More Aleron next chapter," or "Bahamut will reveal everything to Ragnar now." Urghh! lol, well anyway... gotta do my homework... it's getting late..
Daughter of Ether chapter 69 . 3/26/2007
while i feel smugly satisfied with that chapter i am also slightly worried, as i have previously noted you have a propensity for tragedy in your fics.

i can just see the moment where 'everyone was blissfully, blissfully happy' being followed in a chapter or two by ragnar dying, aeris unleashing the sorcetrae within and everyone else who i'm emotionally attached to in the fic dying in the sudden holocaust. i mean it is a given, if you plan to run the fic into ff8 in the next saga then that would make aeris hyne ... although i dont know how to explain bahamut being in that research facility, or all the espers being resurected yet. perhaps the shaddows summoned by materia begin to take on thier former lives as the milenia pass

just speculating

~ja ne
nightdragon0 chapter 69 . 3/25/2007
Well, Bahamut has given quite a few talks/lectures back on Etteca, so I'd think he wouldn't have been that nervous. Then again, it's a completely different situation from a lecture theater and a battlefield, plus that was a point where he was down in his life.

I notice the rather interesting reference about the movie in the start to what I assume is the first three books of this series.
Ogro chapter 28 . 3/25/2007
Hah! I knew Hoeng would have something to do with Tseng and Hojo. I'm happy i found that connection, lol. Anyway... um, I was gonna wait to review everything once I finished everything you've written so far, but then I came to the chapter where you find out who Hoeng is. This is an awesome story so far, but i have more to say when I'm done
nightdragon0 chapter 68 . 3/16/2007
Even in these final stages, it's interesting seeing everyone's personal motives coming into a clash...
Myrr chapter 68 . 3/16/2007
Been a while but great as always. Not too much to say, other than I am enjoying it. Favorite line that chapter was by Barret. “I’m gettin’ outta here before anyone else gets let on that pisses me off…” For some reason I could just picture Rufus Shinra slowly waling te ramp and Barret losing all trace of sanity. What is Maritza planning? Oh well, look forward to next chapter, update when you can.
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