Reviews for A Time to Reap
CeciliStargazer chapter 26 . 1/3/2008
Interesting chapter, I wonder exactly what shall happen to the two. I hope you can update very soon, as I love your story!
Stoneage Woman chapter 26 . 1/2/2008
Hey, you updated! For some reason, the alert came to my bulk folder, so I didn't check it until quite late. This was a great chapter, and it's so nice to see the bond between Faramir and Aragorn restored. Update soon!
BlueEyedElf chapter 26 . 1/2/2008
Oh, dear! This doesn't sound good. I hope Aragorn and Faramir know what they are getting into. Hopefully, the spider will not be too much for them to handle by themselves.

I like the whole idea of the village with the spider problem. It's and interesting and unique plot thread.

I'm enjoying the guys' exploits in disguise. They're going to have some fun stories to tell Arwen and Eowyn when they get home.

Sorry I haven't reviewed the last few chapters. Life has been crazy. Even if I miss reviewing a few chapters, I am still reading. I don't see myself abandoning such a good story.
lucidity chapter 26 . 1/2/2008
Very good chapter! I cannot wait to see the men come up against the spider. OOH!
Sarahbarr17 chapter 26 . 1/2/2008
Yay! Aragorn is regaining his kingly powers! And his relationship with Faramir is much improved, too!

I wish them both luck spider-hunting!

I'm glad they're both finished with that wretched harvest!


Sarah x

PS. Happy New Year, Linda! I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and I really appreciate the card that you sent me!
jgmsccc chapter 26 . 1/1/2008
Thanks to you and Raksha for continuing this story. I remain fascinated by the relationship between Aragon and Faramir.
acacia59601 chapter 26 . 1/1/2008
Great chapter, it's nice to see Aragorn out of the fields. He just isn't meant for that sort of work. . . Update soon!
JuliaAurelia chapter 26 . 1/1/2008
This was an excellent chapter! I really enjoyed the comic moments mixed in with the quieter, more dramatic ones. Tasariel continues to shine, and I about cracked up laughing when Beleg told Aragorn that he hoped he was a better healer than he was farm hand. It was nice to see the King and Steward get some thanks from the villagers as well as all that food and even treats for their horses. I think my favorite part was seeing Aragorn healing the villagers and remarking on how a King should help his people. It was wonderful the see him truly back to form as healer, as that is such an important part of his personality that he was shutting himself off from. The next chapter sounds very exciting as Aragorn and Faramir are going to track and kill the spider that has wrought so much havoc on the community.
Merlin's trash can chapter 26 . 1/1/2008
Oh, I am so excited for the next chapter! I cannot wait unil they destroy that spider... this promises to be very exciting!

good job! I could not help but squeal with happiness over the recovery of the woman and child... Aragorn has worked so hard to save them, it woud be a tragedy if one were to die...
Raksha The Demon chapter 26 . 1/1/2008
A new chapter for our New Year - yay!

No sooner do our heroes get extricated from the frying pan, but they insist on going into the fire. Or, speaking of frying pans, give Tasariel one and have her go after the spider.
horsiegurl chapter 25 . 12/22/2007
I hope you update this story soon. I really want to know what happens. If anyone else discovers them, and what they plan to do about the spider.

Siriusly Loopy chapter 25 . 11/24/2007
Again, I like this chapter. I'd like more of Faramir, though. I'm a fan of Faramir.
Larner chapter 25 . 11/23/2007
Ah, at least one of the villagers knows who they are and honors both properly. And both mother and son have survived, and hopefully the father will be eased when he gets over his stupor.


Sorry to be so late in reading and reviewing-the ISP from Mordor has been knocking me offline so frequently I'm getting right sick of it. Today, finally, it's been more stable, and I've been able to start getting caught up again.

Looking forward to the final chapters of this one.
lucidity chapter 25 . 11/22/2007
Hooray! I enjoyed this chapter very much and am looking forward to more soon!
KFF chapter 25 . 11/18/2007
Amazing chapter. Someone has finally worked out who Aragorn and Faramir is, will anyone else? will they still work in the fields? looking forward to reading more.
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