Reviews for A Soul Anew:The Prophesy of Cataclysm
Iavas chapter 4 . 5/29/2000
yo, what happens? i gotta know, or else suspense will kill me. Now, you don't want to go and murder a poor innocent girl, do yOU/
Saturn chapter 4 . 5/29/2000
hey i love this fanfic! Relena is so brave and cool, please write the next chapter soon!
The Jackal chapter 4 . 5/29/2000
Hello! Wonderful fic! They're kind of short though, could you make them a little longer? I don't mind the wait. Really!
Natalia Miller chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
::People cheering::WRITE MORE! WRITE MORE!
AznPnay chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
I'm gonna go crazy, what happens next. Besides that, nice story. Now hurry up and get the next part out. Well,...(hehez. I had ice cream. don't mind me).
Di-chan chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
*Turns SD and looks up at Raven-sama with BIG, kowai-ly (eerily) KAWAII eyes* Pwetty pwetty pwease wite more for your woyal fans? *Pulls out a bunch of Chinese fans that princesses and royal people use* *Giggles and hands them to Raven*
tiger chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
Kristin chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
This story is looking very good so far! Kepp it up Raven!

Summer Breeze chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
Great cliffhanger please write more you post really fast love it as always see ya!
Yardat sama chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
Very nice cliffhanger! Keep going!
Beleghothwen chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH! MORE! HURRY! Cliffhangers are soooo emotionally taxing! I love this! Keep writing!
Jadet chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
You must have a thing for cliffhangers! :P It was great once again, and I really wanna read the next chapter! fab job, keep it up! .~
Baby chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
This is so cool
The Twit chapter 4 . 5/28/2000
Nice cliffhanger!
Trunks chapter 3 . 5/27/2000
Hurry and write another part
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