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Jambee chapter 3 . 7/22/2013
This was a great read about how Aang got his airbending tattoos. I had always wondered about what he went through, and wish this could have been in the cartoons. Your writing was really good and I was able to picture the monks and scenes. Would love it if you could write more about his childhood experiences, especially his abilities that set him apart.
catchasnidget chapter 3 . 6/29/2011
This is really good. I like how it was all so secret.
Avatarone3 chapter 3 . 5/22/2008
Very good job! I scanned it, but I loved it! If you haven't seen it, if you type in Avatar: the Last Airbender on , and keep scanning, there's a picure someone did of Aang recieving his tattoos. Your story reminded me of that. Check it out, and try to find my page, write me back and tell me what you think of the picture. Is it almost the same? But great story!

Natalis chapter 3 . 11/16/2007
Very realistic. I haven't had tattoos on myself, but I know who had. And when Aang's tattoo went purple, I was just thinking like-of course it won't going to be bright perfect blue immediately. How come I haven't think about that :P

Anyway I always wonder how did Aang get his all over the body tattoos, and your fic is a good nice explanation for that. I like it!
skywalker05 chapter 3 . 10/21/2007
Good. The only thing I'd like to see is Toph again at the end, wether reacting to the story-was he telling it to her, or simply remembering?-or just saying something. Very interesting and realistic, how Aang was afraid the tatoos had come out purple. I wouldn't've thought of that.
skywalker05 chapter 2 . 10/21/2007
Aw, poor Aang. That's excellent that you did research on a real Japanese process. Nice detail.
skywalker05 chapter 1 . 10/21/2007
Interesting idea to do a fic on. It just seems a little strange to me that Toph, who can't see, cares about his tatooing. I can see Sokka asking the same question and he'd be funny trying to be manly about it. Good prose, though the italics-bold is a bit jarring.
Castoro Chiaro chapter 3 . 3/30/2007
What's funny is the cermony concerning Aang's tattoos was a big question I had about the series. I figured it had to have been very painful, especially since the darn things are all over the place _O . Poor Aang.

What I enjoy about your stories is how closely they follow the show. This one sounded like a real episode, and I could imagine all the events taking place. Well...if they could show Aang being in that much pain without Nick and all the soccer moms going 'OMG THATS NOT APPROPRIATE!1'

Awesome job. 100/10.
Kattebutt chapter 3 . 3/20/2007
WOW... Thats all i can say...WOW! I've always wondered about how Aang got his tattoos and this one is very realistic... If the creaters of Avatar will tell the story about Aangs tattoos it will be pretty much like your story! OH THIS IS JUST SUCH A GOOD STORY! But id like you to continue it.. Maybe let Aang open himself to Katara or Toph.. Or maybe Sokka! Id like to know their reactions when he tells then that he fainted(if it was what he did..) of the pain...Especially Katara...
Invaderk chapter 3 . 1/31/2007
Ooh, I like this story.

It never ceases to amaze me that people never mention the ritual of Aang getting his tattoos. I believe you did it justice; I even had to bite my nails as I read the process (I'm afraid of needles). But anyway, I really liked this and I can't wait for more!
GrEeN-eYeS119 chapter 3 . 12/8/2006
AH UPDATE! fast!

I love this story so much, I always wanted to know how Aang got his arrows and even though I new they were tatoos I never really took in that he actually had to go through the process of getting them. Ah...many...needles.
MormonMaiden chapter 3 . 9/26/2006
Yay! ~new favorite author~ I loved how you described this, even if it cemented why i'm never going to have tats done for me! great job
mental hopsital escapee chapter 1 . 9/11/2006
I LOVE this story.
effie's head chapter 3 . 8/28/2006
For a moment while reading I thought this was the last chapter, and I was so sad. I don't want this story to end! I loved everything about this chapter; Gyatso's kindness, Aang's initial disappointment, and especially Aang showing off to his friends. I must thank you, too-I always wanted to write about this ceremony, but could never quite make it happen. You have really given it life!
taangrules1212 chapter 3 . 8/28/2006
finally you updated! what took u so long? anyways im really looking forward to your next chapter!
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