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envyofclouds chapter 10 . 1/23/2016
For starters, your story is simply amazing. It's so different (in a good way, of course!) Most Ryella stories are always so childish and innocent yet this one is way more dark and complex. I've always liked the idea of Ryan being more than what he seems and the way how you portray him is nice for a change.

Not to mention, the way how your write the other characters is great too! Especially when it comes to Gabriella and Troy's "perfect" relationship. I always felt like those two were too simple in terms of couples. They are perfect-but there's no flare that makes them special and that's what I liked about this story. How you addressed this problem of theirs.

Lastly, the plot itself is extremely interesting. I read this story straight through until I finished it and I don't regret it at all. I love where it's going and I'm excited to see more only...when will you update? It's been a long time, but hopefully you haven't given up on this story yet.

Just remember you still have fans who are patiently waiting for another update. And if you do choose to never update than I understand as well. Just maybe give a chapter of closure somehow? Anyway I look forward to hearing from this story later!

Thank you for contributin such an interesting story to the Ryella shippers! (: chapter 5 . 6/21/2014
-reads the 'cue stars wars theme song'- Ironically I was currently listening to it! And it started just a few seconds after that line! Oh my gawd! -ROFL-
Snow Lily RandomMuch chapter 10 . 8/9/2013
What a fantasic job you have done so far with this story. The plot and the story developement are going quite nicely, if I must say. I am a bit taken aback at how you decided to portray Ryan's character, however, though not in a bad way. It's refreshing to see him appear a little manipulative for once rather than the sweet, innocent type. I wish that you would please update soon, as I would appreciate it immensely. Once again, great job.
Ms. Emma Whitlock chapter 10 . 1/31/2009
PLZ PLZ PLZ UPDATE SOON! I really love this story and you haven't updated in a really long time! :'(

- Em
cheaterinpink chapter 10 . 11/20/2008
lol. lol. lol.

It was a huge progress. But, hey, we need the Ryella. I'm too tired now to give a long review, cause it's like midnight now, so um, let's just say I liked it a lot, huh? xD. It was really interesting, and it's SO good to finally see that Troy can actually lie decently to his mother. -rolls eyes- Troy is SO stupid. He so deserves watching Gabriella and Ryan dance. His reaction will render me into fits of uncontrollable laughter, cross my heart. :D Keep up the awesome work! Now, I have to go to bed. -YAWNS- ;)

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 9 . 11/19/2008
Good chapter. :D

Definitely more complicated now. Sharpay and Zeke are on thin ice now; whatever happens to them is now in the hands of fate. Deal them a good card, Big D. ;) Whatever was up between Taylor and Chad was upsetting. They're so sweet together, and Chad's cluelessness is cute. xD. It was a smooth thing to bring in Ryan and Gabriella's new move into a real relationship via a car drive. I liked how they sang together, completely free and harbouring zilch inhibitions while in each other's company. It's so different from that relationship between the two step-siblings. Nice contrast. xD.

Well, the forgotten phone call caused a bit of a mix-up. Okay, I lied. A BIG mix-up. I don't know how mad Gabriella is going to be with Troy. Oh oh. I don't get why Troy's such a pathetic wimp. ;) He should've just called Gabriella back immediately after his mom discovered he lied, saying he needed to tell her something. Bleh. Stupid Troy.

Sharpay's pitiful. It mustn't be easy for her, and I bet that self-evaluative part of her is annoying. ;) I liked this chapter; keep up the good work. :D

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 8 . 11/19/2008
Troy is in some major shit.

How he can be so stupid is beyond me. Okay, so he kills his father (not really, but...) and then he gets caught by his mother, after he promises to pick up Gabriella. He's a horrible liar. A three-eyed pig could do better. -rolls eyes- I'm seriously getting annoyed at Troy.

Ryan has so many sides. He's good and sweet and nice sometimes, and then he goes into his cold and silent mode and then he changes back into his previous one. Guess the acting abilities help him a lot. xD.

Sharpay and Zeke are so funny. "I don't know what the hell you're thinking, but you of all people should know that the green mat is for the strawberry cheesecake!" He's so damn particular. -rolls eyes- Well, chefs are usually very nitty-gritty. The random conversation between them is so cute. It's really like a couple banter, cause we all fight over small things. Zeke admitting that he got a girl pregnant had to be a big shock for Sharpay. WHAM! Ouch, that's gotta hurt.

There wasn't much action between Gabriella and Ryan in this chapter, in my opinion, but I hope it comes soon. :D Keep up the good work!

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 7 . 11/19/2008
Conflict. xD.

It's so weird that Ryan would be so cold towards Gabriella, but you obviously have a reason for it. :D At least Gabriella isn't the kind of girl to be intimidated. :D I think I would be really irritated if some guy I was assigned to teach mocked me. Yes, actually, I would. Ryan's kind of an ingrate, and it's not Gabriella's fault she didn't know Ryan was such a genius.

Troy is just stupid in this chapter, I have to admit. I can only love Troyella so much. But see, that's because of Gabriella. Troy's, like, disposable. xD. Troy is way stupid in this update. Seriously, he's never disobeyed his father before? With the exception of the cheerleader thing before? God, he's so naive. Even more than Ryan. xD.

Wow. Ryan is really determined to make Gabriella his. I don't really know what spurred him on; maybe it's his hatred for Troy or maybe it's really him liking her, just that he doesn't know for real yet. xD. Poor Troy. Well, he's dumb. Not much I can defend for that.

I think the Zekepay kiss was cute. It was definitely impulsive, but so is Sharpay, so it totally fits. Especially since she wasn't the one to break them up. God, reinstilled feelings. ;) Good work! I don't mind that the Zekepay kiss came before the Ryella one. Maybe the Ryella one will be more special. xD.

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 6 . 11/19/2008
Blink. Blink. Blink.


I've got so many things to say for this chapter. So many new developments, on both friendship and lover levels. :D Haha, Ryan is getting dirty thoughts with Gabriella. It's endearing really, how he hates Troy yet loves Gabriella, who is so closely knit with Troy that it's sometime's... disgusting, especially with the love bite. Bleh.

This was hilarious: "I've got a real treat for you, today."

A thick stack of notes plunged paper-first into the table space in front of him.

I find it cute that Ryan thinks that the thick stack of papers is intriguing. You don't find that in a modern guy nowadays. xD. Well, anyways, it got really steamy between Ryan and Gabriella for a while there. At first, it seemed like he was going to kiss Gabriella right then and there, and maybe even lead to something more intimate, and I was like: NO NO NO NO NO! YOU CAN'T HAVE RYAN AND GABRIELLA HAVE SEX NOW! THEY'RE IN A FREAKING LIBRARY! AND IT'S MOVING TOO INSANELY FAST! But then, you didn't sped things up by miles, so that was good. There's a bit of progress in their relationship now and that's good, seeing as this is already the sixth chapter. :D

Ah, yes. The step up in Sharpay and Zeke's friendship after the courtship failed. I think they still go well together, and for the first time, you brought out some of Zeke's character. I never really expected Zeke to be quiet, nor to be the kind to go driving every once in a while. It's cute; Zeke is so awesome. There's like a new sub-story now, because Zeke won't tell Sharpay why he broke up with her, and it's presumably juicy, so now I'm biting my nails waiting for the answer. xD.

The conversation between Gabriella and Martha was opening, really. Now, Gabriella has to pretend to like Ryan more than she actually does. It's going to be so cool, to see how Gabriella handles this new complication, and how the Ryella will turn out. I've got a pretty good sense of how the story will go from here; Ryan will be stirred on by her new interest in him and Gabriella will find herself falling unwillingly and unwittingly into his love. But then, there's Troy, and then maybe Ryan will find out and be hurt and never trust her again and then Gabriella will be confused and then hurt and then Troy will get hurt and then it will turn into a whole hurtfest. xD. But, don't worry. I don't mind these kinds of plots. But your idea of where the story should go is probably a lot different and more complicated, cause, you know, we all love drama. xD. Just hope you make it different. :D I can't wait to read the next chapter; apparently Ryan and Gabriella's relationship is going to the next level. xD.

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 5 . 11/19/2008

Okay, as a sidenote: You should only have Ryan and Gabriella have sex when they're really close. I don't think spontaneous sex would work out well for them, seeing as Gabriella's typically level-headed, and Ryan really only wants to do this audition thing with Gabriella to get back at Sharpay. BUT, everything can change in a matter of chapters. xD. Anyways...

I seriously feel the pain. xD. Lol, cheesy. It was supposed tocome out more witty, but it's hard to sound good online. ;) Anyways, Sharpay must feel bad. She's starting to miss Ryan, and hella I can understand. My bro went away for a couple of days and even though I love him like poop (literally), I missed him. I've got sentimental issues. xD. I think Versace isn't half-bad; at least she's kind and understanding. I mean, they just got to her house, and then suddenly Sharpay wants to go home. Wow. Anyways, Ryan and Gabriella were just awesome in this chapter. :D I thought it was realistic for Gabriella to slip up in Chemistry, but it still felt weird with me for some reason. Anyways, when Gabriella and Ryan sang, it was just so cool! Like how you said, their voices coming together in sweet harmony, unlike hers and Troy's where it's separate. xD. I feel so disgustingly disloyal to my usual shipping, but hey, I'm open-minded. ;) Ryan is so devious in this chapter, and his manipulative side has definitely come out. Can't wait to see what he does in the next few chapters! :D A few favourite parts of this chapter:

~ He'd show Troy Bolton. He'd show the world.

He- Ryan Evans, was a force to be reckoned with.

(cue star wars theme song) ~

(His mind is so uber cute!)

~ Her friend giggled. "I honestly don't know if I go for the cake, or for the boy himself!"

Sharpay gave an offended, playful squeak and lightly hit her friend on the shoulder, but nonetheless, couldn't surpress the faint, blushing smile that covered her face. ~

Man, that was funny in a cute way. xD. Keep up the awesome work! :D

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 4 . 11/19/2008
Ryan is just so sad in this chapter. I suppose this chapter served to bring out his more angsty character, what with him being separated from Sharpay. I like how you highlighted that he's made another friend, which just adds to his adorkable attitude. :D Kelsi and him make really good friends, that's for sure. I also like that Ryan can remember the lyrics to all the songs he has heard; it's like a small conpensation for not being good at chemistry. xD. It's good that you didn't let him get close to Martha. I think that while Ryan deserves to get more friends, it's really realistic to show that we can't all get friends immediately. I kind of saw the theme of disappointment in this chapter, seeing as just after Ryan makes new friends, he realises really how cruel the world is and watched everyone scrutinise him. It's really sad, but Ryan's a strong guy; he'll get over it. And, yes! You didn't make Gabriella perfect; I always imagined her to be good at math but hey, it's your story. :D

Oh, yes! I'm got a recommendation of a good Ryella story for you! It's... oh wait. Crap. That was your story. xD. Sorry! ;)

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 3 . 11/19/2008
Lol lol lol!

I'm so caught between the two pairs of lovers now. Gabriella really is in a sticky situation, though she might not realise it yet. Troy and Gabriella, the sweet admired funny adorable couple? Or Ryan and Gabriella, the cute, maybe sexy and passionate couple? I honestly would go for Ryan over Troy, even though I love Troyella, just because you made Troy oh so silly. A girl can only take so much silliness. ;) Troy was a tad bit annoying in this chapter, but maybe that's what you intended. :D Troy's seriously more naive than Ryan in my opinion, and though he's totally sweet to Gabriella, the whole 'open arms and let you run into them' action put me off. Troy is way too childishly perfect. xD. Did that make sense? I liked Ryan - sophisticated and cute. He's so dramatic, especially with the affrontation at being assigned a tutor. He didn't even know there were tutors in East High. xD. I love this line: "Remember how you threw your shoe at him because you caught us kissing in the kitchen that one time?" God, that was beyond funny. :D

Keep up the good work. XD.

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 2 . 11/19/2008
Ryan is so cute.

Freaking adorable really. How he handles the friendship thing. Usually, I'd cringe at this kinds of things, just because it so cringe-magnetic, but somehow it worked for his character. I can understand Ryan's background, how he never really made friends by himself because Sharpay did all the work for him, thus this new friend-making thing is hard. It just clicks for his character; even though you said that Ryan would be manipulative, he still seems to adorkably (my word. no steal. xD.) innocent. Seriously, he can be so naive sometimes, but underneath that dependant exterior, he really has a multi-dimensional personality, which is really rich and filling compared to what's shown in the movies. Did you watch HSM3? It was cool, wasn't it? xD. I don't dislike Troy, but I kind of dislike Zac Efron. xD. And I don't know why either. I think Troy is just too perfect, and it irks me that he's the main MAIN character in the show. For some reason though, I can't accept Troy with any other girl than Gabriella. Weird. xD. Good job! I love Sharpay! In her cold glory. ;)

Amanda Bridget
cheaterinpink chapter 1 . 11/19/2008

I loved this first chapter. It's not delving into the whole Ryella story yet, and that excites me so much! Seriously, I like the kind of stories where people don't dive into the main theme so quickly; they give some background, the relationship with others, etc... Like yours! Unfortunately, I can't say the same about mine. :P I love the kind of relationship Ryan has with Sharpay; they're step-siblings, and though he hates her, he does well to cover up that emotion. He doesn't actually seem to hate her though, what with the thoughts presented in this fic. I like how you wrote this fic; so cool, sweet and funny. 'It's just bread.' 'No! It's not just bread! It's diet bread!' Hilarious. The kind of funny, light sibling banter anyone would expect. ;) Keep up the good work!

Oh, I just realised you're from Singapore. Me too. xD. You go to NUS? I live in NTU at the moment. xD.
Twilight-Muffins chapter 10 . 11/1/2008
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