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The Queen of Water chapter 38 . 6/16/2012
That was great.
The Queen of Water chapter 1 . 6/16/2012
That was great.
kasmo chapter 38 . 3/6/2011
Fascinating story, and incredibly complex too. I did squick quite a few times in the story since I like tame, platonic stories better, but I suppose I couldn't expect flowers and roses in this era where woman are seen as objects. Not to mention, whenever females are involved, there's always more sexual connotations and whatnot.

But it's sweet how everyone worked together and supported each other. And I'm glad there was a semi-happy ending. It was sort of sad, but at least all the spirits from the past have been freed and Yugi and Yami have been reunited and everyone else too. So they saved and world and managed to come out of it together and safe. That's definitely something.

I liked the presentation, with the four girls being able to tell their story. I especially liked how close Atem and Yuniko and then Yugi and Yami are. I'm so happy they were able to be together again.
kasmo chapter 34 . 3/6/2011
Wow, I've been mixing Yuniko and Yugi and Malik and Malin and everyone else for so long that it's weird to see them all in one era again. But I am glad that the four of them made it back safely home from the dream.

The romances everywhere kept me spinning in circles definitely. I mean, there was Joey, which was really sweet by the way - it's too bad that stupid sir Thomas had to butt in. Almost ruined their friendship, the ass. I am so glad Yuniko didn't actually marry him, though I guess the vampires would have never allowed it anyways. And with Bakura, it's just so sad. And Atem, that relationship is so deep. And it seemed so perfect that Atem would be king and Yuniko queen, like they wouldn't have to marry another. Not that Tea was bad, but the siblings just seemed so close and they loved each other most. I suppose I'm glad everything pretty much stayed no pairing though.
kasmo chapter 21 . 3/6/2011
The vampire angle is certainly interesting, but it does give a plausible opponent and connection to the present. It also shows why, with the Church and all, its history would be considered myth and not known today, as if it could have actually existed in our own world even, without us even knowing.
kasmo chapter 16 . 3/6/2011
The way you slowly draw out the past for us and then connect it to Yami and the others finding out its history at the same time is well done. I can really see Yugi and Malik and the others as their past counterparts instead of thinking of them as OCs at all, yet they're all still unique in their own ways, because they don't have the same personalities as the characters in Yugioh. Expected of course, since they lived differently.
kasmo chapter 4 . 3/6/2011
Very intriguing. The transitions from past to present and back are so interesting to read. Yuniko and all the others' past counterparts fit well into the story.
Kate chapter 38 . 2/7/2011
THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST FAN-FICS I'VE EVER READ! seriously i think your a genious!
sakura angel dark chapter 38 . 9/24/2009
omg aw this story is omg great keep up the great work on your others
nequam-tenshi chapter 38 . 9/23/2009
so the battle princess is least one of them has their freedom.

Wonderful job!
S2Teennnovelist chapter 38 . 9/23/2009
(it wouldn't let me review if i logged in) YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! I WANNA HUYG YOU MUJUS! THIS IS SO WONDERFUL! I'm sad to see this sotry end but it was just so spectacular! I love the tirle! congradulations on completeing this fic!

I know you're pain, its so sad when a story ends it really is, I'm gonna miss this story so much (wipes away tears) It was so incredible!

I loved this. Poor Yugi, looks like him and Yami are back to their normal brotherly love.

Oh my god! that's awesome i love their culture class! I love the scene they did for the Battle Princess. Talk about irony. XD! I love Yugi's costumne. It's like they all stepped back in time one last time.

That;s cool how they had Ken talk about the painting.

I really, like how they went on about the marriage about Ken and about the truth and everything, it was so fantastic.

Now the truth of the battle princess is finally revealed. Thank god! and i love how they questioned all the impossibilties, even when he said it was impossible for Ken to paint the paiting; Yohim Rocks! Nice to know Ryouko and Kyoko still found happiness despie loosing Yuni.

I also like how they cleared up all those "facts" idiots. And why the hell WASN'T Tea and Atem recorded. That explains it. Those damn church officals, they tried to rule the world in the 15th century! Thank god for the black plague, after that chursh lost a shit load of power. Damn Pope, bte he was one of those corrupted rulers, like popr augustine, Hope he's burning in hell.

Loved the uproar when everyone noticed the connection between Yami and Atemu and yami and Yugi's last name.

WAY TO GO GOD! I KNEW IT! HE REINCARNATED THEM SO ATEMU AND YUNIKO COULD BE TOGETHER AGAIN! I knew he wasn;t jerky enough to seperate them completely. so now she had to create her brother's loving heart. She's already done that.

Gotta say i like how you did Ken, i hated his guts but he really did redeem himself. And i'm ecstatic the truth about the battle princess is knonw, bet thatdamn Pope is turning in his grave now! AHHAHAHAHAHHA! whether or no people beelive it is up to them but i think they will...God won't let them forget.

OH. MY. GOD! That was PERFECT! AT LAST YUNI AND YOHIM ARE FREE AND THEY CAN FINALLY REST IN PEACE WITH THE ONES THEY LOVE! THANK YOU! Though i think it would've been better if you added when Yuniko arrived at the gates of heaven she found Atem waiting for her and they embraced after being apart for so long, but this was just as amazing!

that was an exceptional story! I'd so sad to see it end!
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 38 . 9/14/2009
Way to give my hopes up! i thought this WAS the last chap.

anyway, there aren;t any loose ends i can think up except to MAKE SURE you address what happens to Atemu and Uniko, obviously the future has changed a great deal and even though her soul was forced to stay on earth both her and atem were reincarnated as yami and yugi so i'm assuming god withwer realized his mistake and let them have a second chnce or something but anyway, even if Yugi andf Yami and ther reincatnated i wanna know what happens to them and if they end up together or not, other wise i'll die. Asdide form that the only loose ends i can think of is to make sure you address all the kids about what's happened and where tis gonna go from here or if they're just gonna keep going, i espeically look foreward to seeing how the relations between Ryou and Bakura and Yami and Yugi has become since this adventure.

i can't really think of anything else besides those two things. No matter what you do i already know its gonna rock!
nequam-tenshi chapter 37 . 8/16/2009
A good chapter but half way though the story it repeats itself! You might want to fit that!
The Queen of Plot Twists chapter 37 . 8/16/2009
EXCELLENT! GOD was i glad this got posted before ig ot to collage next week! THis is the second to last chapter! SWEET! But so sad! I'm gonna miss seeing this story but it was phenomenal!

Glad to see Malik's back after last chap's episode! Poor MAlik, as if his family trouble's weren't bad enough, at least now everyone knows what's going on. All three of the battle princesses are getting restless.

XDXDXD! Oh yeah no one can resist Yugi's "face"! Good luck! Wow Yugi's good! Really Good! Now they're on their way! Yami's gonna be pissed thoguh taht Yugi went off on his own with his friends, Like hell he's sitting this one out!

Oh SHIT! where is YAMI! Oh no...PLEASE TELL ME CROW DIDN'T KIDNAP HIM (again!) OH HELL NO! I knew it! Crow you bastard!

sucks for Kaiba! but ya know Yugi's only thinking of his safty.

Who the the heck is Yugi's conspiring with? Well whoever Sombra is i hope he's on their side and he can help! Now to take down crow for good!

Oh my god this is so awesome! the final battle will take place where it all began, gotta love the irnoy! Yuniko's back in control, Crow's here, God in the name of all that is good and holy i pray yugi survived! He and Yami can't be seperated again! he can't! God screwed up the first two times, he better not get it wrong this time!


HOW DARE HE KIDANPP BAKURA AND YAMI! AND USE THEM AGAINST YUGI! UGH! HAS HE NO HONOR! And that's a trick question (note the sarcasm in my voice)

Holy shi! that whole part had me on the edge of my seat! God i was freaking out, my heart pounding in my chest and everything!

Oh god! I llved Yugi's transformation! SO AWESOME! The cross sword returns! HAHAHAHAHHAHAH! THIS IS INCREDIBLE!

NO! POOR YAMI! CROWS DON"T YOU DARE TOUCH HIM! I love Yugi and Yuniko together!

HOYL SHIT! Never mess with Yugi's loved one! That was wicked! Malik took off Crow's whole arm! Awesome! Thank god Yami's safe...for now, in Yugi's arms!(settles heat beat before it jumped into my throat again)

YOHIM! WAHOO! She's back! and she's got the cross! Awesome! God i love these girls!

My heart jumped into my throat when the vamps started attacking Malik and the boys! WAY O GO FATHER SCOTS! Never saw him coming but I was so happy he did!

Crow's not mesisng around! HE's insane!

SOMBRA/SHADOW WAS YUNIKO"S FATHER! Well whoever he was I was glad he finally gets to rest in peace.

THEY DID IT! YES CROW IS GONE BACK TO HELL! WHo'd a thought the Devil'd do something good!

Wow, it seems weird they's all go bck with no memory of what happened or what not, but I

m glad they get to return to their normal lives.

The aftermath seemed like a black-stpe like a repeptive flashback and i didn't get the point of it at first: than i realized what had happened: you posted the chapter TWICE in the same chap. When i got to the end and it ended exactly the same i realized what happened. You posted the chater tice right after the other.

XDXDXD oh well we all make mistakes! THAT WAS AMAZING! FINALLY ITS ALLOVER! CROW's gone and vamps can est in peace, and the devil atones for his mistake! It seems sad no one will remember what happened this night they've all grown so much since this adventure began!

Oh my god i can't WAIT for the next chapter! I'm still hoping anf praying Atem and Yuniko end up together in the afterlife...this is an incredible story!1 I'm gonna be so sad to see it end, yet so excited and thrilled none the less.
Estantia chapter 37 . 8/16/2009
I like :D However there is a little bit of constructive crit to give. The battle had awesome description, however it was difficult to tell who was who and where, and especially how the three Yugi's split.

Also, erm, you seem to have repeated the entire chapter by accident...
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