Reviews for A Song In Time of Revolution
tigerlily124 chapter 124 . 9/24
Absolutely brilliant. Way to go Connor!
tigerlily124 chapter 123 . 9/24
Oh, good for Peter. I was SO hoping Hawthorn would beat it. Lucius doesn't surprise me.
tigerlily124 chapter 122 . 9/24
Oh no. I really did like Rufus. Thanks for letting him once again appear to his full potential before the rnd. An encore of sorts.
tigerlily124 chapter 121 . 9/24
Well, let's just take this in and of itself- cliffhanger left alone. This was brilliant. Harry was brilliant and, honestly, so was Snape. I wonder if Snape's sacrifice was enough to overcome an unassailable curse?
tigerlily124 chapter 120 . 9/24
Double damn. I wonder if he fought subconsciously enough to make a poison that COULD be counteracted.
tigerlily124 chapter 119 . 9/24
Damn. Not good. Great chapter!
tigerlily124 chapter 118 . 9/24
And again, something's wrong. Good job!
tigerlily124 chapter 117 . 9/24
This was interesting and I liked it. Still noticing Snape's decline though. Too bad Joseph isn't around. Maybe he could at least warn them.
tigerlily124 chapter 116 . 9/24
I totally love Rufus. He's a visionary. I also like his humor. I hope he survives this intact.
tigerlily124 chapter 115 . 9/24
She's just as mad as the rest and yet I feel sorry for her in a way.
tigerlily124 chapter 114 . 9/24
If Rufus isn't suspicious by now, it's a good thing he's no longer an auror in the field.
tigerlily124 chapter 113 . 9/24
Ugh. Hate them both. Was afraid something was wrong.
tigerlily124 chapter 112 . 9/24
Shit. I really hope he overcomes that control or dies before he does something awful.
tigerlily124 chapter 111 . 9/24
Oh dear. He's gonna lose it when his occlumency collapses.
tigerlily124 chapter 110 . 9/24
Harry did good with Hawthorn. Great chapter!
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